App developer Jeremy Provost discovered that Apple has given Zoom access to a private iPad camera API. With that, the meeting app is the only one, except by Apple’s FaceTime, being able to use the camera during iPad Split View multitasking.

However, one app does have that access: Zoom. An app developer discovered Apple gave Zoom access to the iPad multitasking camera that no other third-party video conferencing app has. Is this unfair to the other apps? Zoom Has iPad Multitasking Camera Acc. I wish I knew about this sooner. I have a regular commitment as secretary to a social club. Zoom mobile app Zoom desktop client (PC, Mac, or Linux) Zoom provides a pop-up notification when there is a new mandatory or optional update within 24 hours of logging in.

With this feature only available on the Zoom app, it gives an advantage to the app among the others, since the user can use the Split View multitasking to access Twitter, a notes app, etc.

As Provost explains in his blog post, when he first discovered Zoom could take advantage of the Split View feature, he started to search for the process for other developers being able to do the same.

We asked Zoom and to our surprise, they gave us the answer, and in the process revealed an apparently private process, available only to those deemed worthy by Apple.

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To receive access to some API, Apple must give an “entitlement,” which is a right or privilege that grants an executable particular capabilities. Apple explains:

“For example, an app needs the HomeKit Entitlement — along with explicit user consent — to access a user’s home automation network. An app stores its entitlements as key-value pairs embedded in the code signature of its binary executable.


While Apple provides public documentation and a process for requesting access to entitlements, for example, Provost discovered that there isn’t a public process for requesting this specific API.

As we’ve been informed, it is called Unfortunately, unlike with CarPlay there is no public process for requesting this entitlement. In fact, its existence is not even documented by Apple publicly. Go ahead and Google it, you’ll only turn up the Zoom Developer Forum.

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While it’s still unknown why Apple only gave this particular feature for the Zoom app — as the company says, it treats every developer the same, on Thursday, App Store VP testified in Epic trial as emails revealed special API access for Hulu and other devs:

One email shows there was an internal question about why Hulu was able to switch between App Store billing and Hulu billing. As it turns out, Hulu is part of a “set of whitelisted developers” with access to the subscription cancel/refund API. The company had initially given Hulu access to this API to support upgrade and downgrade plan changes before this was natively built-in to the App Store.

On the other hand, in the ‘Spring Loaded’ event in April, Apple announced a feature called Center Stage, exclusively available on the M1 iPad Pro, and will let all videoconference apps be able to take advantage of it if their developers choose to.

With the Center Stage feature, the Ultra-Wide front camera will be able to track the user in a conference and position him in the center of the frame. As for now, if you use an iPad in landscape mode, you’ll probably not look good in front of the camera.

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Everyone is using ZOOM!

And while most people are using Zoom on their PC or Mac computer, you can download the free app for your iPad or iPhone and use it there. And sometimes that’s even better because both the iPad and iPhone have built-in microphones, speakers, and cameras so you don’t have to go through any setup to join a meeting.

Here are 7 tips for using Zoom on your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Giving your permission – the first time you open the Zoom app on your iPhone or iPad, the app will request permission to access your microphone and camera. If you need to change those settings, you can go to the Settings app and scroll all the way down to the Zoom item (probably at the bottom) where you can elect to give permission to certain items or not.
  2. Always mute your microphone, always turn off video – while this might sound counter-intuitive, I always recommend that you join meetings with your microphone and camera turned off. That way, you’re not distracting everyone with background noise and can simply un-mute yourself when it’s time to speak. When you’re in the Zoom app, tap Settings, then “Meetings” and turn the switches ON for “Always Mute My Microphone” and “Always Turn Off My Video.” You should also turn on “Always Show Meeting Controls.”
  3. Safe Driving Mode – kind of a hidden feature on the iPhone, you can quickly go into “Safe Driving Mode” by swiping to the right on the screen. This immediately turns off your microphone and camera and gives you a big button to press when you’re ready to talk.
  4. Know when folks join and leave your meeting – if everyone is muted, how do you know when someone joins or leaves your meeting? Just tap the “More” button and go to “Meeting Settings” and turn on “Play Chime for Enter/Exit.” Zoom will then play a short chime when someone enters a meeting and another sound when someone leaves.
  5. Pick how you listen to a meeting – while the iPad and iPhone do have built-in microphones and speakers, you might want to use some wired or wireless earbuds to cut out extraneous noise. If you use a wired set of earbuds, the iPad or iPhone will use those when you plug them in. If you have a wireless set of earbuds or AirPods you can tap the little speaker icon to tell the iPhone you want to use those instead.
  6. You have two cameras to work with – by default when you join a meeting the front-facing, selfie camera turns on but you can tap the button to switch to the back camera. This is helpful when you want to show attendees a document or other object on your desk.
  7. Sharing is Caring! Both the iPad and iPhone have several options for sharing information including photos, files from cloud-based storage systems, and even a “whiteboard” (iPad only).

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Thanks for watching! If you have any questions please let me know by leaving a comment or reach out to me directly!

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