For many spectacular real and virtual Webcam, a variety of effects and filters like flames as well as cartoon eyes, users are recommended to think about the very strong feature pack and ease of use suggested ManyCam that deserves at least a try now!

Among many great features offered by ManyCam, one is allowing the user to use his/her iPhone to share content on PC. Basically, the user’s iPhone becomes the source and he/she gets to share content present on the cellphone with the rest of the participants using ManyCam. This is a great opportunity offered to individuals who want to spare themselves from the burden of carrying a PC everywhere around. Let’s take a look into how you can use your iPhone with ManyCam to share content with your friends and colleagues.

The first step to start using ManyCam is downloading the software application and installing it on your computer. Regardless if you have a paid subscription or want to use the free version, the download will be the same. Later on, within the program, you’ll have to activate your subscription to access all designated features. ManyCam allows you apply effects to your webcam images. Maybe the most special ones are those which lets you change the background and put you in the middle of the ocean or any other animation. It’s really funny and you can use it with your usual IM client: Put on a hat, make your eyelashes grow or put you funny big eyes. ManyCam Virtual Webcam allows you to use your Webcam with multiple programs at the same time. Broadcast your Webcam video simultaneously on MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Skype, AIM, PalTalk, and CamFrog. ManyCam also lets you to add cool live computer generated special effects and graphics to your video. Regarded as one of the best webcam software available for free, ManyCam allows you to create video effects from your webcam with several features like the ability to change backgrounds, add face masks, and enable picture-in-picture mode while you’re sharing your screen or live-streaming.

Step 1: Download & Log-In

The first step requires visiting the Google or App store to download ManyCam. Once the download is complete, launch the application on both your iPhone and PC.

Once ManyCam has downloaded on your phone, it will take you through several steps to set it up, such as choosing either the front or rear camera for streaming and entering the code on your computer. Therefore, be careful throughout the process.
Next, log-In from both your PC and iPhone so that the cell phone device could be connected to ManyCam.

Step 2: Select Video Source

Now that you have logged-In, open ManyCam on your PC and click the ‘+’ sign at the bottom to add a video source.

Upon clicking the ‘+’ sign, ManyCam will offer several options for video source, select ManyCam Mobile.
You can click inside the video screen as well and choose ManyCam Mobile from there.

Next, ManyCam will automatically detect and offer you to select the device to stream from. Select your iPhone as shown in the image above. If your iPhone fails to show up, try connecting or restarting the app again, even though it is fairly uncommon.
Additionally, as soon as you select your iPhone as a video source on your desktop, a notification will pop-up, which will ask for your permission to allow connection, click Allow.

Your iPhone will connect and start live streaming instantly on ManyCam.

Step 3: Selecting camera on your iPhone

Click inside the video screen or click the ‘+’ sign at the bottom on your phone. You will be presented a list of sources to use for live streaming including the front and rear camera. Based on your preferences, select the camera you would like to use for a live streaming session.

Step 4: Adjust audio & video settings

Another crucial step in setting-up your iPhone with ManyCam involves adjusting the audio & video settings. Make sure that you test the microphone and speaker volume in addition to testing the connection and video quality.
You can adjust the video quality as well by heading over to the video section and making sure that it is 1024×576. You can choose even better quality if the standard video quality does not suffice.

Step 5: Logging-Out

Once you are done with the live broadcasting and want to log-out, head over to the ‘Settings’ of ManyCam on your desktop. Visit the Account section and click Logout. Return to the main screen, click, and navigate to the bottom of the list and select ‘Clear’. You have now successfully removed your iPhone as a video source from ManyCam.

When it comes to live broadcast, ManyCam caters to the needs of almost every user. Be it an individual or a business, the compatibility of ManyCam wins over everyone. And when it is used as a team with Webex, the whole experience is top-notch in all aspects.

What is Webex?

Webex is an online platform that allows users to connect and virtually meet other people without ever having to leave their home or office. Webex offers its users to conduct meetings both via a computer and a separate phone line. In addition to that, Webex is also available for download on cellphone devices and runs perfectly on Android and iOS. Not only that, as a great addition, it also supports Siri. One standout feature of Webex is that it is compatible with smartwatches such as the Apple Watch. If you are using Webex, you are sure not to miss any meeting regardless of how busy your schedule is.

Can I use ManyCam With Webex?

ManyCam can be easily integrated with Webex by following a series of simple steps. So let’s jump into the solution without any further ado.

Step 1: Log-In

The first step of using ManyCam with Webex is to log-in to both ManyCam and Webex. Launch the applications, enter your login credentials and click Next.

Step 2: Setting a Preset

Once you have signed into both ManyCam and Webex, you will need to set up a Preset in ManyCam. ManyCam allows its users to share content with the participates through different options. Setting up a Preset is both simple and easy. All you have to do is to simply navigate to the Preset section and choose a Preset option of their choice. Next, select Desktop and All displays for the application to stream the content or the app running on your desktop.

Step 3: Start a Meeting

After you have logged-in to your Webex account, select Host a Meeting and then click on Schedule a Meeting. If there is an Advanced Scheduler page present, click Quick Scheduler. Next, select a Meeting Type and then enter Meeting Topic. Type in the meeting password and click Enter to confirm the password.

Now specify the Time, Date and Duration. Enter the email addresses of the participants you would like to invite. Click the Start button if you want to start with the meeting now or click Schedule Meeting if you want it to be held at a particular date.

Step 4: Audio & Video Setup (Webex)

Webex allows its users to change and test both sound and video settings at QuickStart/Product Roadmap Overview screen or by visiting the Preferences section. After making the changes, the user can test the audio and video connection to make sure everything is fine.

Step 5: Share Content

Once the meeting has started, navigate to Settings and locate the Camera section. Simply choose ManyCam Virtual Webcam. Now click Start Meeting again to invite participants to this meeting.

Using Manycam In The Vipkid Classroom

Select the Preset on ManyCam, which contains the content you want to share and then click Trans to share the content on Webex.

Price Comparison


For Individuals


  • $29/Year or $69 Lifetime


  • $59/Year or $119 Lifetime


  • $79/Year or $149 Lifetime

For Businesses

Enterprise 3

  • $119/Year or $298 Lifetime

Enterprise 5

  • $189/Year or $475 Lifetime

Enterprise 10

  • $279/Year or $798 Lifetime


Using Manycam


  • 30-day free trial


Using Manycam With Vipkid Teacher Elly Video

  • $13.50 per host/month


  • $17.95 per host/month


Use Manycam On Omegle

  • $26.95 per host/month

Using Manycam With Skype


Manycam Online

  • Contact Webex for flexible subscription plans
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