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May 28th, 2017
Userphone Discord
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  1. --avatar [user] - show someone's avatar
  2. --ping - checks the bot's latency
  3. --choose <item> <item> ... - make a decision
  4. --dog - shows a random dog
  5. --fidgetspinner [type] - spins a fidget spinner
  6. --gold - [description requires Discord Gold]
  7. --nitro - [description requires Discord Nitro]
  8. --quote <messageId> OR <@user> <quote> - grabs or creates a quote
  9. --report <something to report> - reports something
  10. --roll <dice> - rolls dice
  11. --spoilers <text> - hides spoiler text
  12. Phones:
  13. --speakerphone - chat with random users all over Discord!
  14. --scramblephone - chat with random users, but scrambled!
  15. --userphone - chat with users and see who you're chatting with!
  16. --brainpower
  17. --cheer
  18. --duel
  19. --fakeping
  20. --numberone

Userphone Discord Server

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We also do userphone sometimes and other yggdrasil stuff. Join Share Click to copy! 27 members Votes: 0 Vote for this server. Discord Street is not affiliated, associated, or endorsed with/by Discord. Discord Servers userphone Discord servers tagged with userphone. Tags similar to userphone. Offensive (362) toxicity (26) self-roles (698) dank-memer (2939) enjoy (143) entertainment (1262) drugs (301) autism (272) anigame (353) poketwo (440) vc (3038) drama (396) Bumped recently. I'm adding features all the time, give suggestions at our support Discord! It's as simple as typing.userphone and you'll be connected to a random user who's in a different channel! User Reviews 4.7 /5. Based on 3 reviews. No reviews here yet!

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