One can use the UPS Invoice template to list all items to be shipped, shipping details, the associated costs, etc. The form serves as a request for payment for items exported with UPS. In order to keep track of your financial records, make sure you have copies of each invoice.

  • A commercial invoice form is used for all shipments containing non-documents. The commercial invoice is the primary document used for importation control, valuation, and duty determination. This document identifies the products being shipped. The form should include: Complete name and address information for both shipper and consignee.
  • Items that are required on your commercial invoice include: Name and address of shipper (seller) as shown on the address label, including a contact person and telephone number. Name and address of consignee (ship to), including destination country and postal code, as shown on the address label.

UPS Reference Number – Step by Step Guide for Adobe PDF and MS Word Formats

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Step 1 – Download the form in any of the following formats – Commercial Invoice PDF (Adobe) or Microsoft Word (.doc).

Ups Customs Invoice

Step 2 – Fill this box (From) with details such as value added tax number, name, address, and the shipper’s phone number. The shipper’s UPS waybill number, UPS shipment ID and date, and the invoice number should also be provided. Also provide the relevant details for the “Term of Sale” and “purchase order number” fields. Afterwards, indicate if you are exporting these items for repair, for sale, as a gift among other reasons.

Step 3 – For the Ship to and Sold To tables, provide the recipient’s and buyer’s value added tax numbers and contact details respectively.

Step 4 – On the following table, provide the details such as the quantity of each indicated item in the shipment and its corresponding units of measurement such as ounces and boxes. There are also blank fields for good description and good’s part number. The Harmonized Code row should cover the tariff code that will be used by the UPS customs to sort the goods. Also indicate the country of origin. The three last rows are for providing the value of every unit, total values, and the currency used.


Step 5 – The bottom part of the form will require you to determine the sum of adding the cost of the goods and freight or insurance costs. The total number and weight of packages should also be indicated. Before signing the form, you may also add any special comments.

UPS Invoice Number – Step by Step Guide in Microsoft Excel Format

Step 1 – Download the XLS format of the form here. Another term is UPS Pro Forma Invoice.

Step 2 – The top portion of the UPS customs form should be indicated with the shipper’s name and address. If necessary, provide the reference number and first class international shipping number of the shipper. Also indicate the buyer’s name and address. The Ship To address should be filled if the buyer has a different address where the goods should be sent.

Step 3 – Next, indicate where the goods have originated. Also provides the details of any discount. Also indicate the terms of sale. If the freight charges are covered by the shipper, you may select FOB destination.

Step 4 – The Freight field is where you will indicate the cost of transport from the place of origin to the border and the cost from the border to the destination. It is important to indicate whether the cost was already settled or yet to be collected. The right section will require the name of the custom charges’ payer.

Ups Customs InvoiceUps Customs Invoice

Step 5 – In order to relax tariffs on goods shipped between countries under NAFTA, it would be ideal if the shipment qualified for NAFTA preference. Indicate the relevant boxes it the shipment does.

Ups Customs Invoice Template


Ups Invoices Online

Step 6 – The Pro Forma box is to be provided with the name of the person who prepared this form, his or her phone number, and date. The details involved in the final prices and also the shipping weight should also be indicated.

How To Print Ups Customs Invoice

Step 7 – This table is where you list down the goods to be shipped, their respective quantity and description. Enter the goods’ respective harmonized tariff code under the HS number. Indicate how much each good will cost and multiply the amount by its quantity. Add all the total amounts of each good to come up with the invoice total.

Step 8 – Before signing the UPS commercial form, indicate the date and if necessary, fill up the foreign shipper declaration.

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