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  • Torch Browser is a Browsers and Plugins application like Adobe AIR, Kinza, and SalamWeb from Torch Media Inc. Torch Browser is an efficient software that is recommended by many Windows PC users. It has a simple and basic user interface, and most importantly, it is free to download.
  • Torch Web Browser for Windows developed by Torch Media is primarily focused on the media aspects of web browsing. Based on Chromium, it is similar in design to Google Chrome, but it focuses on allowing you to download media directly from places like YouTube.

The Torch search engine has been running for years, in those years it has indexed millions of pages and content. You can use the Torch TOR search engine for free, you can approach it via a TOR2WEB link or via the official TOR Browser. Download TOR Browser only from the official source.

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Этот сайт не отвечает на проверки более 30 дней. Он либо перехал на другой адрес, либо совсем закрылся.

Torch Tor Browser

TORCH is a convenient and one of the oldest search resources designed especially for the Tor network. The basis of the project contains more than half a million pages. Unfortunately, TORCH does not respond sometimes. The main source of income for the administration of this resource is the advertising of onion sites. It is worth noting that often the quality causes doubts, therefore, we recommend being careful with such highly publicized portals. A useful feature is the advanced search on several parameters at the same time.

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