Stop joining a Teams Meeting with the improper gear or a disconnected camera! (please note, this does not apply to the free version of Teams).In this video w. Microsoft Teams test camera The test call does test the camera but if you want to check whether or not it’s being detected, you don’t have to make a test call for it. Open Microsoft Teams (desktop app). Click your profile icon at the top right.

  1. Check if the device you are using currently has a webcam installed. If you are not sure, open the Start menu and type “Camera“.
  2. Open the Windows Camera App.
  3. If this message appears, either you do not have a webcam, or the webcam is broken/not installed properly. Check all connections/wires to the webcam and your computer.
  4. (Optional) If you DO NOT have a webcam, you can always download the Microsoft Teams Mobile App to use your cell phone as a webcam and microphone. To download and install the Microsoft Teams Mobile App, feel free to click here to follow our joining a Teams Meeting without a webcam or microphone guide.
  5. Once you are sure you have a webcam, join or create your Microsoft Teams Meeting, and you will be prompted with the following screen:
  6. If the Webcam Slider is set to on like the picture above, your webcam is properly configured for Microsoft Teams.
  7. To turn off your webcam during your Microsoft Teams Meeting, select the Webcam Icon. A slash through this icon means your webcam is off.

09 Apr Microsoft Teams – How to check your settings and make a test call


This article explains how to check Microsoft Teams is working as it should before you connect to a group video conference meeting – it shows how you can access the settings needed to check the Microphone and Speakers (and webcam if you are using one) – making sure you are ready for any group video conference chats. It also shows how to make a Test call before any meeting, to make sure it all works.

Firstly open Microsoft Teams.

Then click on your Profile icon in the top right (1)

Then click on Settings (2)

Within Settings, click on Devices

Test Teams Camera

Test Teams Camera

This opens the Devices section, and allows you to check you have the right microphone, speakers and webcam set. It also is where you can make a Test call to check these devices are all working as they should.

If you have any problems with this, you can log a call on the helpdesk by emailing to [email protected]

Microsoft Teams Test Camera

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