What is Microsoft Teams for Mac Microsoft Teams is a workspace for collaborative teamwork in Office 365. Discover how teams can achieve more by managing files, apps, and chats in a single place. Convenient chat for modern teams. Open the Application Folder, select Microsoft Teams, and move it to the Trash. Then empty the Trash. Teams for Mac stores data in Users//Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams, you can check whether the uninstalling moves all cache information about Teams. Then download Teams from official site. Microsoft Teams For macOS Updated With Noise Suppression Feature By Tyler Lee, on 19:31 PDT If you’re an avid user of Microsoft Teams, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently pushed out an update to the software for macOS computers. Microsoft Teams is down worldwide The Verge - Tom Warren. 4h. Microsoft Teams is down and experiencing an outage worldwide. The issues started at around 6:30AM this morning, and are blocking connectivity for many Microsoft Teams users across Europe and Asia.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent shift to mass remote working, Microsoft Teams has enjoyed substantial growth over the past 12 months and the service now boasts over.

Through the Microsoft Teams forum, Teams Engineering has confirmed to a user that Microsoft is working on automatically recording meetings. This feature would come to the Mac version of Microsoft Teams as well.


As first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsoft Teams will soon receive a top-requested feature that, for no reason at all, doesn’t exist yet. Zoom, for example, has always offered the ability to automatically record meetings, but Microsoft Teams does not.

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“In the upcoming update, it appears that the software maker will enable users to have the Microsoft Teams automatically start a recording when the meeting starts. It seems like a great idea for educations institutes where it’s nice to have the meetings recorded automatically,” writes Windows Latest.

The funny part is that in Microsoft Teams forum, the request was made in September of 2018:

If you know beforehand that a meeting should be recorded then it would be nice to have an option when scheduling the meeting to start recording automatically. This can help with not forgetting to start recording and save some time and effort not having to remember to do it manually.

Almost three years later, Alex, a Teams Engineering employee, wrote back:

Thank you for your feedback! The team is currently working on this request. We will share an update as soon as one is available.


When this feature is available, macOS and Windows users will be able to automatically record all meetings. For safety reasons, it will always appear at the top of the meeting that is being recorded.

Recently, Microsoft started rolling out a new “Out of Office” status for more users. For the next big update, the company is planning to enable support for native notifications and noise suppression on macOS.

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