Microsoft on Tuesday announced a slew of changes to the calling features on its Microsoft Teams app, including support for CarPlay and transferring calls between devices.

The CarPlay integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to control Teams and use Siri voice commands to initiate or answer calls in their vehicles. According to Microsoft, the CarPlay support will join other features that will make Microsoft Teams a better replacement for a traditional work phone. That includes built-in spam protection, reverse number lookup, and the ability to merge existing calls.

Those features will also join an overhauled calling interface with quicker access to features like call history, voicemail, and contacts. Additionally, Microsoft is also adding new recording features to Teams that will make it easier to record meetings and share them to cloud-based storage platforms like OneDrive.


With CarPlay support, Teams users can use their vehicles’ built-in controls to operate Teams, including using Siri to place and answer calls with voice commands. Finally, Microsoft is also bringing CarPlay support to Microsoft Teams. This will allow cars with built-in CarPlay to control Teams and for people to use Siri to initiate or answer calls.

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Microsoft Teams will also get support for transferring calls between different devices in early 2021. Users will be able to begin a call on their Mac and then transfer it to their iPhone while ending it on the initial device automatically.

A full list of the upcoming changes and new features for Microsoft Teams is available here. Beyond the “early 2021” release date for select features, it isn’t clear when the overhaul will begin rolling out.

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Nobody can deny 2020 has been a crazy year, and since so many people had no other option but to start working remotely, it goes without saying software solutions facilitating this activity recorded a huge boom.
Microsoft Teams is one of them, with the Redmond-based software giant itself admitting it recorded huge adoption, especially in the first months of the global health crisis.
In fact, Microsoft said the growth Microsoft Teams experienced in just two months typically happened in two years, so it’s pretty clear users and companies out there needed a solution to remain productive even when working from the safety of their homes.
Microsoft Teams now has over 115 million daily users, a growth of no less than 50 percent as compared to the number announced six months ago, and the adoption is still on the rise.
That said, it’s pretty clear a lot of people use Microsoft Teams these days, not only on the desktop but also on mobile devices. And starting soon, they can continue using it while driving, as Microsoft Teams is now officially supported on Apple CarPlay too.
Microsoft announced that CarPlay users can make and receive calls on Microsoft Teams right from the CarPlay UI, all thanks to Siri. The company hasn’t shared an ETA as to when the new capabilities are supposed to go live, but it did mention the term “soon,” so I’m guessing the whole thing is supposed to happen in early 2021.
Microsoft hasn’t shared any specifics regarding Android Auto, but as we reported not a long time ago, some users already started getting notifications for text messages on Microsoft Teams in their cars.
What this means is that Android Auto now displays a notification when someone sends you a message on Microsoft Teams and using the Google Assistant, you can listen to the message just like you do on WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other messaging app in the car.
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