May 08, 2020 Prerequisites Step 1: Download Tableau 2020.2 Head over to the and then at the right side of the corner. Step 2: Instal Tableau Desktop on macOS. Applicants should have basic Excel skills. No prior experience with Tableau is expected. Basic experience with a personal computer (running either Windows or Mac OS) is assumed. The Data Analytics with Excel and Tableau Program is catalogued as a non-credit course of DePaul University.

Hey there! Good to see you. Looking for a tutorial on Tableau SDK? You've come to the right place. Tableau SDK is a set of functions that can be called from within C, C++, Java or Python to create tableau extracts and publishing them on tableau server.


Note: this series is limited to the scope of Tableau SDK for Python. But you will benefit reading even if you are using a language other than Python.

But what's so exciting about it? A lot, actually. For example, you can take data from anywhere, clean it up using any of above mentioned four programming languages, manipulate, do some advance analytics and export the data to a tde file that can be directly read by Tableau Desktop or be shared on Tableau Server for further visualization.

I particularly became excited with the idea that I can import a dataset in Python and use powerful machine learning libraries of python to predict some outcomes. Once I am done with the predictive model, I can export the model into a data extract using Tableau SDK and publish it directly to Tableau Server where the results can be visualized and shared with audiences.

A huge advantage of this approach is that a predictive model and data visualization can live totally separately and can be modified without affecting each other if the need arises.

Another good use case is social media analytics where you can connect to social media platforms via APIs to collect, clean and process data using Python or other languages and publish them to Tableau Server via extract API of Tableau SDK (more on that later). You can keep adding new data on defined intervals as the new data comes on social media platforms.

Operating System: Tableau SDK works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. For Mac OS X, it works on 10.9 and later versions.

Programming Language: Tableau SDK can be implemented using any of four languages from C, C++, Java and Python. In case of Python, Tableau SDK only supports Python 2 and doesn't work with Python 3. So if you have Python 3, you will need to install Python 2 to be able to use Tableau SDK libraries.

Tableau Server: Also, if along with creating tableau extracts, you are also going to publish them to Tableau Server, your Tableau Server instance should be Tableau Server 9.0 or later.

Tableau SDK has two components as follows

Extract API: Extract API lets you create a data extract file (tde) using any data set that may directly not be supported to be read by Tableau. Example: You can scrape websites using Python and then convert the scraped data into a tde file using Extract API. Please note, Extract API was earlier known as TDE API.

Server API: Server API is used to created extracts to publish to a Tableau Server. Please note, in versions earlier to 9.1, there was no Server API and we could not publish extracts to server using Tableau SDK.

Want to see Tableau SDK in action? Awesome. Let's create our first extract. Click Here to read, how.

Business analytics application for macOS that enables you to open local files or connect to online databases and integrates optimized data queries

What's new in Tableau 2021.1.1:

  • Resolved Issues:
  • The published data source list could be empty from Tableau Desktop when Tableau Server was behind an authenticated reverse proxy.
  • Data source connection error messages could be obscure when connecting to PostgreSQL and a proxy server was used.
Read the full changelog

Tableau is a comprehensive business analytics software that offers you the possibility to visualize your data using different models to identify relevant patterns or detect trends. The app allows you to create data visualizations with the help of powerful yet easy to use tools.

Open local database files or connect to various types of database servers

To help you get started, Tableau provides quick access to sample databases: the app will automatically reach online resources and offer you the option to navigate the graphs.

Note that the Tableau developers provide more extensive resources online: you can browse the sample gallery and download the projects that interest you.

Within the Tableau main window you get to easily open Excel, text, or statistical files, but the app also includes support for many other file formats, such as .twb, .tbm, .tds, .tde, .csv, .tab, .tsv, .sav, .rda, .rdata, and more.

At the same time, Tableau can connect to numerous types of data servers, such as Tableau, MySQL, Oracle, Amazon, Firebird, Google Analytics, Google BigQuery, OData, PostgreSQL, or Teradata servers, and so on.

Run queries without having to employ the command line

The best part when it comes to Tableau is the fact that you get to generate numerous visualization graphs for the available data in no time: just select the pattern you want to apply and the app takes care of the rest.

In addition, Tableau integrates a presentation mode that enables you to navigate through all your charts and present the data that backs up your decision making. Tableau integrates numerous filters and sorting functions that allow you to display the available information exactly how you like.

Business analytics solution that packs extensive visualization capabilities

Tableau offers you the option to analyze data from various sources in a streamlined manner, without having to deal with complicated commands to run queries or to filter the information.

As a result, you get to analyze the data in a user-friendly manner and identify patterns or trends a lot faster. Moreover, the presentation mode is great if you need to motivate your decisions in front of an audience.

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