Snort is an open source intrusion detection system and intrusion protection system (IPS) originally developed in 1998. Snort made it incredibly simple to use new threat intelligence to write Snort rules that would detect emerging threats. The Snort website notes, “Unlike signatures, rules are based on detecting the actual vulnerability, not an exploit or a unique piece of data. This guide will cover configuring Snort 2.9.8.x as an NIPS (Network Intrusion Prevention System), also known as “inline” mode on Ubuntu. In inline mode Snort creates a bridge between two network segments, and is responsible for passing traffic bewteen the segments. It can inspect the traffic it passes, as well as drop suspicious traffic.

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Developer(s)Martin Roesch, Cisco Systems
Stable release
Snort 2.x (Legacy) / March 29, 2021; 49 days ago[1]
Snort 3.x3.1.3.0 / March 27, 2021; 51 days ago[2]
Written inC++ (since version 3.0)
Operating systemCross-platform[3]
  • Intrusion prevention system

Snort is a freeopen source network intrusion detection system (IDS) and intrusion prevention system (IPS)[4] created in 1998 by Martin Roesch, founder and former CTO of Sourcefire.[5][6] Snort is now developed by Cisco, which purchased Sourcefire in 2013.[7][8][9]

In 2009, Snort entered InfoWorld's Open Source Hall of Fame as one of the 'greatest [pieces of] open source software of all time'.[10]


Snort's open-source network-based intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS) has the ability to perform real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Snort performs protocol analysis, content searching and matching.

The program can also be used to detect probes or attacks, including, but not limited to, operating system fingerprinting attempts, semantic URL attacks, buffer overflows, server message block probes, and stealth port scans.[11]

Snort can be configured in three main modes: 1. sniffer, 2. packet logger, and 3. network intrusion detection.[12]

Sniffer Mode[edit]

The program will read network packets and display them on the console.

Packet Logger Mode[edit]

In packet logger mode, the program will log packets to the disk.

Network Intrusion Detection System Mode[edit]

In intrusion detection mode, the program will monitor network traffic and analyze it against a rule set defined by the user. The program will then perform a specific action based on what has been identified.[13]

Snort Ips

Third-party tools[edit]

There are several third-party tools interfacing Snort for administration, reporting, performance and log analysis:

  • Snorby – a GPLv3[14]Ruby on Rails application
  • BASE
  • Sguil (free)


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Snort Ips Ids

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