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  • Learn Moodle 3.11 Basics

    Free Facilitated Starts 7 June 2021

    Learn Moodle 3.11 Basics is a four-week facilitated MOOC designed for anyone who wants to learn how to teach with Moodle.

    You will experience Moodle as a student in a supportive, collaborative environment and will be able to try out what you learn in your own practice course which you can keep.

    (If you'd prefer individual study in a non-facilitated course, please see Moodle Teaching Basics.)

    Moodle Teaching Next Level

    Free Self-paced Always available

    This free course follows on from Moodle Teaching Basics or a Learn Moodle Basics facilitated MOOC. It goes beyond the basics of setting up a course and activities and focuses on good online teaching practice. It can help prepare you for the Moodle Educator Certificate.

    The course contains practical tasks and quizzes to check your understanding. You will receive a badge for completing the course and you can optionally purchase a certificate.

    Moodle Admin Basics

    Free Self-paced Always available

    This free course covers how to manage a Moodle site from the Administration interface within Moodle.

    It contains quizzes to check your understanding, and a badge and certificate for completing the course.

    Moodle Plugin Development Basics

    Free Self-paced Always available

    In this course you will learn essential concepts related to Moodle's modular architecture.

    The tutorial includes practical tasks that take you through setting up a Moodle development environment to actually implementing a simple demo plugin.

    Please help us support educators worldwide with free, open source teaching tools.

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