Apple introduced customizable widgets with iOS 14 allowing you to set up your home screen in your own way. iOS 14 also uses Siri Intelligence to help further personalize your iPhone home screen. Let’s take a look at how Siri intelligence and Smart Stack can help you set up your home screen.

Siri Suggestion:

Apple has a special Widget called the Smart Stack. It is a stack of widgets in small or medium size that automatically rotates to show what your iPhone thinks is the most useful Widget for you at. Sep 10, 2020 One of iOS 14's best new features is the ability to add and stack widgets on your home screen, which lets you check in with your favorite apps without actually needing to open them. Apple takes the concept one step further with 'Smart Stacks,' where iOS intelligently stacks widgets together based on how you use your iPhone. Sep 18, 2020 Now, iOS 14 users can place many widgets together in what Apple calls “ Smart Stack.” These will let users have as many widgets they want on the screen without making the Home Screen look like a.

Siri Suggestions uses on-device intelligence to keep track on your daily activity and provide you with relevant actions based on your usage patterns. Now you don’t have to swipe down to access Siri Suggestions. The Siri Suggestion widget will help you to directly access the option from your home screen.

There are two types of Siri Suggestion widgets which are App suggestion and Shortcut Suggestion.

The App Suggestion provides you app launch suggestion based on your usage patterns and it is available in medium size. The other is the Shortcut Suggestions, this widget provides you with relevant shortcuts and uses on-device intelligence to keep a track on your usage pattern. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

These widgets make your day to day tasks even easier and here’s how you can set Siri Suggestions as your widget.

Ios 14 Features

  • Long press on your iOS 14 home screen to enter jiggle mode
  • Tap the ‘+’ button on the upper left corner
  • Then, look for ‘Siri Suggestion’ in the widgets list

Smart Stack Ios 14 Not Working

Smart Stacks:

Smart Stack is a type of a widget in iOS 14, it intelligently keeps multiple widgets together. It uses factors like time of the day and Siri intelligence to keep track of your daily activities and changes widgets accordingly. To add a Smart Stack to your home screen:

Ios 14 Beta

  • Add one widget on the home screen
  • Go to ‘Widgets Gallery’ and choose another
  • Drag it on the top of the first widget.
  • Then swipe through them directly from your home screen

Edit Smart Stack Ios 14

After adding Smart Stack on your home screen you can also edit the stack by long-pressing it and go to the ‘Edit Widget’ option. There is even a smart rotate option which allows you to rotate between different widgets in the stacks.

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