I recently wrote an article about the new Navigation Bar that's being rolled out to existing users and now available to new QBO users. As part of the update, we gained “Smart Invoices,” which enables you to view Invoice status as you work directly from an all new Invoice dashboard.

Because QBO smart invoice is a great new feature, I wanted to elaborate.

Smart Invoice

With smartinvoice.solutions, when the corporate company issues the invoice or when an invoice is issued to itself, it is directly interpreted by the relevant program and puts it into the income accounts of the selling company, as well as automatically adds it to the expense accounts of the purchasing company and ensures that it is processed in accordance with the tax deposit and accounting standards of the relevant country.

  1. Smart Invoice is the perfect business tool to email an invoice from your Android Phone or Tablet instantly to your customer. Designed for both product and service businesses, smart invoice is simple and fast to use, allowing you to create an invoice to be sent via email to your customer within seconds.
  2. Stop wasting time, losing money and making typos. Get paid faster with Smart Invoice. Create, estimate, bill and email invoices to clients all from your phone or tablet.

With the new Smart Invoice feature, you're notified immediately as to the status of your invoices as they're updated.

Without opening the invoice, you’ll know if customers have received, viewed, have made payment and when the deposit is expected. Plus, you'll know which fees are associated with that particular invoice.

Previously, this function was only available on the QBO Mobile App. But now it’s available in QBO as well.

As part of the QB Payments update, ACH fees have been eliminated. Now, there will no longer be a 50-cent-per-transaction fee. ACH payments are FREE(1).

QBO Smart Invoice Access – Left-hand Navigation Bar > Sales > Invoices


Status Bar – I think the appearance of Smart invoice feels like Bank feeds. The invoices are in lists. By right-clicking on an invoice, you expand the box, which displays status details about the transaction, just like in bank feeds:


Each of the Invoice columns can be sorted, so you can view by Invoice number, Customer, Date, Balance or Status.

Below is a view of all recent invoices sorted by Balance with status details visible.


Test Run Smart Invoices – If you'd like to test the Smart Invoice feature, you can do so by creating an Invoice and selecting “Take our Invoicing for a spin.” Just click the See the test Invoice green button:


As part of the test, you'll be asked to allow the auto created test invoice. You'll also be asked to setup QuickBooks Payments, if you have not already done so. This enables QuickBooks Payments to deposit the test amount into your bank account.


Of course, like any payment processing, there are terms and conditions that apply, even for the Test Invoice:


Now you're ready to Save and Send the test Invoice (it's the green button at the bottom):


Now check out the status of the Invoice, which will have been updated to sent status.

By the way, if you still have not yet set up QuickBooks Payments, you'll be prompted to do so now as part of Finish Setup (another green button):


As Invoice activity changes, the status will be updated on the dashboard to reflect those status changes.


Smart Invoices save energy by eliminating the chase of individual Invoice status. With the addition of the Invoice dashboard, 'In my way of thinking, Smart Invoices is…'Smart'.'

(1) – Pursuant and subject to Intuit QuickBooks Payments policies and practice at the time of publication. If you are reviewing this article at anytime in the future of the actual publication date, be sure to reference current Intuit QuickBooks Payment policies and practices that maybe in effect at such time. Insightful Accountant assumes no responsibility for, or liability related to, any change in said policies and practices, or any misinterpretation or misapplication of same, by any reader.

SmartCall Us 0345 257 3005Email [email protected] THE APP

Call Us 0345 257 3005SmartEmail [email protected] THE APP

There’s no need to compile a list of documents and tediously compare data. Simply login to the Smart Invoice Inspector, and with just a few clicks, you can easily review and compare all your carrier’s’ invoices. SmartConsign offers a seamless delivery experience for your customers, regardless of whether your business is a one-person, or a 100-person operation. Find out how we can help you.

Smart Invoice Technologies

Our shipping logistics software system is simple to use and easy to access (no software installation required). We deliver the ideal one-stop solution to help you meet the needs of today’s on-demand customers. Our operations management systems and processes, including our invoice inspector tool, are all designed to make your life easier. With real time access to all of your key information–in one place–you can just login and get to work.

Less time processing documents means lower costs. It’s a benefit of SmartConsign that our clients love. With SmartConsign Invoice Inspector, you can manage your operations with confidence:

  • Accelerate processing procedures by spotting errors early
  • Save money by identifying overcharges instantly
  • Improve performance by clearly measuring each carrier’s service level and reliability
  • Mitigate supplier risks by identifying performance issues early


Smart Invoice Download

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