1. Sigil Of Light
  2. Depleted Sigil Of Lightning

From this sigil he derives the form. For light and dark (see LIGHT), which is unfortunately like the occult sigil for DEATH, from the Greek thanatos. But see also DEITY for a sigil derived from the theosophic tradition within which LEO 1914 worked. Dec 06, 2020 In Kingdom Hearts χ chi Lux, a form of light, is introduced that together with the related Crystals of Light are also star-shaped. The transition symbol for Daybreak Town is a lux icon. Additionally, every Keyblade releases a unique star when hitting an object or enemy, and many avatar parts incorporate stars, with the crowns on the Sora.

I was Inspired to create aSigil that would help any magical worker in their attempts to bring light,Illumination, insight and healing inspiration to themselves or their charges. Whereever there is light there will always be darkness. Much like the Zoroastrianprincipal, Light and darkness are a twin power source which creates dualitywithin the Universe. Darkness cannot be defeated but Light cannot be defeatedeither so a balance of the two should be fought for and maintained within one’sself and the worlds or realities, that we create. The curse or cross allcreators bare is the struggle for balance between these two powerful polaritieswe are made of. Our inner darkness is more powerful than any demon imaginableand when we fail to subdue our own demons, we will always fall prey to others.
I created this Sigil toassist in the transmutation of our inner darkness into inner light. Thisprocess incinerates dark energy constructs of our own creation and others thathave latched on to us during the course of our lives. Dark Energy Constructs arethe energies and entities that are created by our negative actions and experiences.Some demons are fallen ones. Others were created by the evil that we do to eachother. This energy lingers and after a while becomes sentient and sooner orlater it becomes a living parasitic entity in its own right which preys on theliving for sustenance. The majority of these entities are what hauntings,demonic attachments and possessions are attributed to. The Sigil of Light was designed to bring lightfor protection, internally and externally, as well as too burn Dark energyconstructs from the inside out. Once you burn your own dark energy constructsall others will have no power over you. Dark energy constructs are created fromyour guilt, your conscience, your depression, your hate, anger, your fear andall the negative emotions you can think of.
Believe it or not but somepeople have gargantuan amount of evil in their hearts which creates dark energyconstructs known as demonic familiars and spirit servants. Most if not allBlack magicians believe that a demon will give a familiar to them. This issilly. A true fallen entity has one prime directive above all others and it isingrained into its very existence. The complete and total destruction of thehuman soul. Our souls are a piece or a part of what we consider GOD or the Creator.Since the fallen have been denied the light of the creator. The very light weare made of. The next best thing is to collect us. If they can’t take, be apart of, or be GOD, why not take a piece of him? So if we consider this, woulda demon be so inclined to give a soul a familiar? Give one of his lesser fellowdemons to be a servant to a soul when really they plan to use you as sustenance?I think not. They also cannot create. So where would this demon familiar comefrom? You. Demons familiars come from you. A Demon familiar is one of your darkenergy constructs that is molded to serve you. Suffice it to say, all thingsdemonic and Dark energy constructs do not have your best interest at heart.They want to eat you. Period.
Charged sigil of lightning
I created this particular Sigil to blind, weakenburn and incinerate black magic as well as demonic and fallen energies. This Sigil will merge you with the light of lights, within yourself and around yourbeing.

Sigil Of Light

In Hebrew at the top ofthe Sigil in inscribed from left to right, “I AM” to initiate within all wholook at it, the communion with the part of you that is GOD. In Enochian andLatin, I have written “Ferocious light” and “Departure or death of all evil”.
I have written in Latinand In Cuneiform the name “Shamash” whom is a Sumerian GOD of Light and thesun. The sun is a symbol of tremendous light and a doorway itself to inter-dimensionallight on all levels. The double Ankh indicates the immortality of light. TheEgyptian eyes of protection “Horus / Heru” and “Sekhmet / Sexmet” along withtheir names in hieroglyphs as well as in Latin. Horus the Avenging son, bringerof the avenging light, salvation and the redeeming light of victory. Sekhmet isthe Burning heat of the sun. She is the wrath and rage of the righteous. Burnerof the enemies of the light. Horus customarily is on the right and Sekhmet ison the left. However, In Magic the right side projects and the left absorbs soin order to activate the sigil, I placed Sekhmet on the right to project heraggressive energies and Horus on the left to absorb the energies of allopposition to transmute all oppositional powers into victory for the sigilworker. In Latin is inscribed the name of the sun “SOL” and above that is theHieroglyph for the Solar Sun Disk God worshipped by Ankhenaton, the Father ofKing Tutankhamun or King Tut and arguably the most controversial Pharaoh inAncient Egyptian History for his attempted implementation of Monotheism. TheGeometric shapes Triangle, Circle and square is to denote spirit, material andeternity. The circles with a dot in the middle are the zodiac symbol for thesun. There are three of these sun symbols within the sigil to penetrate the 3rddimension.

Depleted Sigil Of Lightning

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