If the sigil is designed for long-term use, something more elaborate might be in order. There are no rules to this sort of thing. As is always advisable in magic, expose yourself to ideas from many sources, and then be responsive to your intuition about what’s best to do in each situation. Sigil magic is a popular topic and many folks want to know how to make a sigil, what a sigil is, how to charge a sigil, or how to create a sigil. Today I’ll be covering all the basics for beginners! Making a sigil is the process of creating a symbol or image to bring a desire to fruition through your subconscious mind. When intuition nudges and you feel as if you are part of the rhythm, draw temporary sigils in the sand and watch as the sea sends the message into her depths. And for Earth rituals, the most organic way to amplify energy is through direct contact with the ground beneath our feet. Let the sigil's design (together with your contemplations) inspire more creative artistic expressions. You might, for example: Redraw the sigil, allowing your intuition to guide your hand, so that the lines become more cursive and spontaneous. Add in symbols, letters, or other details as your knowledge or intuition suggests these to you.

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Sigils. I am enchanted by the simplicity and power of these little magical symbols. If I had known from the start that practicing magick was as simple as connecting with pen and paper, I might have spent more time drawing sigils in school notebooks instead of mindlessly doodling my crush’s name during History. And perhaps paying attention in English class would have been easier if we knew that acronyms were actually magickal phrases in disguise. But, like all things mystical and occult, the art of sigil making only appears when we’re ready to accept and decipher its gifts. Gifts that have been hiding in plain sight for far too long. Sigils help you to achieve goals, co-create your reality, self-actualize your potential and fulfill your deepest dreams and desires.

If you’re at a place in your spiritual journey where you’re thinking, “I’ve done a LOT of inner work … but now what?” it’s time to step out of your inner world into the outer world. Think for a moment: What would you like to do with your life? What unconscious stories would you like to reprogram? What habits would you like to replace? What parts of you would you like to transform? How would you like to use your will, energy, and creativity?

Sigil magic helps you to step into your power as a creator.

What are Sigils?

The word sigil comes from the Latin word, ‘sigillum,’ which translates to ‘sign.’ How to incorporate sigils into our craft varies greatly depending on the practitioner, but we see evidence of these sacred symbols in Romany tradition, Norse mythology, Haitian Vodou, and nearly every other ancient and contemporary belief system. In the modern world, crafting sigils is sometimes considered a form of chaos magick—a practice where we generate energy using what’s stored within our ethereal body and that of the collective consciousness.

Who Uses Sigils?

The word sigil comes from the Latin word, ‘sigillum,’ which translates to ‘sign.’ We see evidence of these sacred symbols in Romany tradition, Norse mythology, Haitian Vodou, and nearly every other ancient and contemporary belief system.

How Do Sigils Work?

Sigils are essentially like little seeds that are planted within the unconscious mind. Many things enter the depths of our minds, but not all of them are placed there intentionally or take root. What gives sigils their power is the energy and intention behind them – and that is what helps them to sprout and blossom into manifestation. The symbolic nature of the sigil also helps bypass the rational (skeptical) mind and enter the unconscious where possibilities are endless. Sigils basically ‘speak’ to your unconscious. How cool is that?

Sigil for intuition meaning

How to Make a Sigil:

If we’re creating a sigil based on a single word, The Witch’s Wheel produces a design to mirror that objective. It’s an uncomplicated way to introduce ourselves to the power behind spelling out our desires. You can use the the Witch’s Sigil Wheel, within the Witch’s Sigil Wheel are the 26 letters of the standard English alphabet. At first glance, each letter’s placement appears to be random. However, if we look closely at the three layers within the circle, we’ll see letters in alphabetical order spiraling clockwise toward the center. At the outer edge, the letter ‘A’ starts the wheel, and the letter ‘Z’ finishes in the center. To use the sigil wheel, you must first decide on a word. Place a small circle over the first letter within the wheel. Make a straight line that connects the dot to the second letter. When you reach the second letter, stop, and make a straight line to the third letter. Continue until you reach the final letter. Complete the sigil the same way you started—with a small circle over the last letter.

Also you can use Magical Alphabets, Runes, Intuitive Designs, Magical Ink, there are so many ways to create a sigil.

What you will need:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • A surface to write upon
  • Few minutes of quiet reflection

Sigils are not a replacement for action. Yes, sigils can help you manifest just about anything – but you also have to put in the work. Don’t be lazy. Sigils will create inner changes, but you need to be responsible for making outer changes first.

Write Down Your Intention:

Avoid being too vague or too complex. Be specific. A good example of a clear and specific intention is, “More confidence around my boss.” Poor examples of this same intention might include, “More confidence” and “More confidence around my boss next week at the business meeting at 2 pm.” One of these intentions is too vague (sigils work best when you are specific), and the other is too complex. You can phrase your intention in any way that speaks to you. Examples might include:

  • I am …I need …I want …I wish …I desire …More …

Try to simplify your intention as much as possible. Also, ensure that you create one sigil for every intention. Don’t cram numerous desires into one sigil. For example, don’t create a sigil for the statement, “I desire to have a big family full of seven kids in a mansion by the ocean.” Create one sigil for each of those intentions.You’ll also need to be realistic and use your common sense. Don’t create a sigil for becoming a millionaire if you have no intention of working hard or putting in the effort in physical reality. Finally, (I promise this is about as complex as it gets), keep your intention phrased positively as that is much easier for the unconscious mind to understand. For example, instead of writing, “I will not feel scared and anxious around others,” phrase your intention positively such as, “I feel calm and empowered around others.”

Sigil For Intuition Definition

Cross out letters: Once you have a sentence that captures your intention, it’s time to cross out all vowels and repeating letters. For example, if your statement of intent was, “ I am safe and secure in my own skin,” you would then go and cross out all of the vowels. Then go and cross out any repeating letters – you will then have the remaining letters msfndcrywk. Create A Symbol: After simplifying your sentence, you will then take the remaining letters and create a symbol. Don’t worry if you can’t create an elegant looking symbol at first. Keep playing around until you find something you like. You don’t need to be an artist and your symbol doesn’t even need to look like a sigil – just create something that speaks to you. Rearrange the letters in any conventional or unconventional way you like. For example, you can choose to turn some letters upside down, enlarge other letters, minimize the rest, or merge two letters together. Have fun and enjoy the process!

You have your intention, your tools, and you’ve designed your sigil, now what? How to Activate;

Like there is no right or wrong way to practice magick, there are no rules that tell us the most effective way to use sigils in ritual. For most of us, pen and paper might be the easiest route. But, depending on the nature of the ritual, our strategies will shift.

If you need inspiration, here are a few simple yet valuable ways to make magick with sigils:

If we’re invoking the element of fire, we might lean towards candle magick. Anoint a candle with cinnamon oil before carving your sigil into the soft wax. Sit in a darkened room and light the candle. Meditate on the flame for at least fifteen minutes. Or burn your sigil in a fire-proof pot. Stare at your sigil for a few minutes. You may like to hold the sigil close to your face or put it far away. Either way, gaze at your sigil until your vision gains a dreamlike quality. (If not, just gaze at it for a couple of minutes and reflect on its significance.) When you’re done gazing, bring out your matches/lighter, hold your sigil paper over your fire-proof dish, and light it on fire. When the paper catches fire, wait for a few seconds, then drop it into the dish. Alternatively, scrunch up your sigil into a ball, place it in your fire-proof container, then light it (this is a safer option as you’re less likely to get burned). As you watch your sigil burn, imagine that the flames are burning inside of your mind as well and creating an opening to your unconscious mind. Allow your mind to become completely empty as you become consumed in watching your sigil burn. Once your sigil has turned to ash, imagine the opening within your mind closing and returning back to normal.

To draw in the essence of air or speak to Spirit, instead of mediation, we can generate energy using Breath of Fire. After several minutes, your fingertips will begin to tingle with electricity. Focus all sensation into your dominant hand and trace invisible sigils in the air with your finger or crystal wand.

For spells that involve water or moon magick, we can get into a trance through dance, chanting, or ritual drumming. When intuition nudges and you feel as if you are part of the rhythm, draw temporary sigils in the sand and watch as the sea sends the message into her depths. Not near the sea, any body of water will suffice.

And for earth rituals, the most organic way to amplify energy is through direct contact with the ground beneath our feet. Collect fallen leaves, flowers, seeds, or stones and use them to design a sigil outdoors that will remain for as long as Mother Nature allows. Press your bare feet and hands into the earth to link up with the abundant lifeforce that flows beneath the surface. As you become one with the energetic stream, the direction will shift and surge into the sigil.

Whether you burning, burying, tearing or dropping your sigil into water…Don’t dwell on your sigil. Don’t obsess over it. Don’t attach to it.

Have Fun, the magical opportunities are endless my Darklings!

Check out some of my other Blogs, Art of Scrying, Sigils & How to Make Them, Conjuring Magick, Numerology, Grounding and so many others.

Love & Light!


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Archangel Michael Sigil – Each angel and archangel has its own sigil. These sigils are made to make it easier to communicate with the angel. And also to invoke an angel. These sigils have the angels vibration and they attract them.

Sigil For Intuition Meaning

A sigil is a symbol that holds the frequency of an angel. Mostly, the sigils are used in rituals, ceremonies, invocation, prayer or meditation. But you can also use it for protection. The Archangel Michael Sigil is especially useful for protection.

The Archangel Michael Sigil

To obtain an accurate archangel sigil, with the right proportions, you have to draw it yourself. And it is not hard at all. You will need only a few things. Therefore, prepare and print out a Rose Cross, prepare a ruler and pencil. You also need the Hebrew translation of the Archangel’s name, which is מיכאל. Now you can start the drawing.

Firstly, you will start at point. The Rose Cross contains the whole Hebrew alphabet. Therefore, you will have to find each letter of Michael’s name on the Rose Cross. Your starting point will be at the M or “ מ“. You have to remember that you have to find the letters starting with the last one. And finishing with the first one. Therefore, your starting point will be at the מ.

Sigil For Intuition Book

Then move on to the next one and draw a line between the two. Continue just like I show you in the pictures bellow.

Archangel Michael Sigil

Now, you have you own Archangel Michael Sigil. But how will you use it? Well, there are numerous ways to use such a powerful symbol. Some people use it on pendants for protection at all times. It protects you from the evil forces and dangers. But this sigil also works great when you are praying to Michael, and you want to make sure that he gets the message.

Another use, which I don’t practice myself, is for invocation. This symbol will allows the archangel to manifest around you. And, some say, that this sigil allows you to control Michael. And to ask him for guidance and protection. But I am not a big invocation fan.

I also discussed The Archangel Gabriel Symbol, for prayer, spiritual works and improving your intuition.

Now, back to the invocation of Archangel Michael with his symbol. I think that a powerful prayer with this Celestial Sigil is enough to make yourself heard by the archangel. For prayer or meditation, you can use this symbol on a candle on your altar. Or you can carve the symbol into crystals. But nowadays, you can easily find crystals, pendants and candles with this sigil on. And they are not too expensive.

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