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I have had a few people ask me about tasking our demons and how to go about asking them for assistance in our lives.
Having a Demon Companion, they are our friends, mentors, family members, and they can help us profoundly by working the energies in the background to help us manifest and get what we desire. Demons are incredibly powerful and they have a lot of unique skills and talents that can aid us greatly.

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Two desert-dwelling twenty somethings who cast spells and write hexes. Rosier and Lucifer are amazing too, glad you had a good experience 🖤. I’ve just been making offerings, burning sigils, saying prayers, etc. But no major invocations or anything yet, at this point. He seems to work quickly and efficiently, if you’re devoted, and has really positive, reassuring energy. He went far above and beyond any. Thank you for the feature, hehe. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊┊.

They come through to work with humans and experience our world and use their talents and abilities to influence it. There is a beautiful exchange in energy that comes from working with Demons, that when approached with respect and appreciation is mutually beneficial to both parties. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to treat demons with respect.
The archaic rituals which were designed to force the demons into submission and bind them to our will. That included threatening and blasting rods. They were not only highly disrespectful, They caused the demons to rightfully become angry. Demons are very powerful and proud and to bow to submission to a human, or be called a fiend and sinister and bound in a disrespectful way, well they will lash out and plot the downfall of the one who was abusive.
This is where a demon can be dangerous, and why Demonolatry teaches proper courtesies and respect, and why no Demonolator has been harmed while working with the Dark Lords. Manners goes a long way! You have nothing to worry about as long as you are respectful and not rube or abusive.
When working with known demons there are rituals designed to reach them and contact them using invocation, sigils, meditations, enns, many different ways. When we have personal Demon Companions we have a unique opportunity in that we already have the connection established. The bindings give you are direct link to that individual demon.
So the question then is; “How do you go about asking tasking them and asking for their aid?”
Well, there are a few days to do this. But before asking there are a few things that you have consider. When we ask them for a favour and to help us they will do it in a way that will cause the least amount of harm. So when we ask them for something it doesn’t always manifest immediately (though it can) .
Timing is important! – Sometimes things do not manifest in the time frame we think. This happens because sometimes things in our environment have to shift and align, or sometimes the circumstances need to be changes. Demons have the power to manifest things instantly, but sometimes it is not in our best interest to have that happen.
Example: Lets say you ask to meet your soul mate and you want it immediately. So you get into a car accident the next day and the ambulance person attending you turns out to be your soul mate. That is not the best situation. So they will look to see a better way to put you two together so it might take a little longer. A few weeks after asking, you run into the person in a coffee shop.


Timing is important and remember that sometimes things cannot happen instantly because it can cause other problems. There sometimes is a time delay as well for lessons to be learned. When they work in the background they see things that we do not and understand the flow of things we cannot perceive, so when you ask, trust that they are there. It will manifest.
What choices are we making? – Another thing to consider, be aware of what you are asking, sometimes things will happen because well, they cannot be there all the time and sometimes you need to go through growths and moments in order to get something that you have asked for. They do protect us and keep us out of harms way, but sometimes things happen. This can be because of the choices that we make.
Having a Demon Companion does not make you indestructible, you still have to be responsible with the decisions that you are making and realize that if you want something you need to take actions which will move you in that direction. Though even if things do happen, you can ask them to help you fix the problem.
Example: Dracon got a speeding ticket one day, he asked his Demon DC R to help him not have to pay the ticket. So he challenged the ticket and when he showed up for his court date the police officer was unable to attend and he got off. It is not always about things happening, but how we deal with the aftermath of what happens.”
Do you really want what you are asking for? – They will shift things and work from the shadows, but you have to make sure that you are in alignment to receive what it is that you have asked for. If you take actions that go against what you ask for it will stalemate it, or cause issues, stagnation or conflict. Make sure you only ask for something you know you want. There is an old saying “Be careful what you wish for” And it is true, When you ask for something remember things have to shift for you to receive it.
Example: If you are married and you ask for your soul mate, you might lose that marriage. Can you handle that?
Well there are simple ways and there are more ceremonial ways.
You can just say their name and ask them for help. But, what I like to do is light a few candles and some incense and invite the Demon I wish to work with to join me. Setting up a little space and offering them something like tea, or candles, or incense, act goes a long way and it just lets then know that you respect and appreciate them.
I will invite them to join me in the sacred space. We will sit across from each other and have a conversation and I will tell them what it is I would like. We usually have a conversation about it and they will tell me different solutions and what they are going to do to help me, they also may offer different idea or things that will be of created benefit.
Usually once I am comfortable I tell them to please go forth and help me on this task. I will then thank them and trust them to handle things from their end. This method is easier and can be used my anyone.
You do not need to hear or see them to ask. You can set up and altar, state their name, inviting them to join you, and then make your request to them.
The important thing here is to ask something that you truly desire. After you ask, I always like to say something like, “This is what I desire please assist me on this task,” or “This is my will please see it done.” Just remember, manners go a long way and always thank then and show appreciation.
Another way to ask them. Write on a piece of paper what it is that you desire. It can be a blank piece or if you have your Demons’ Sigils you can incorporate that into the ritual.
If you have their Sigil – draw the sigil on one side and write your request on the other side.
If you do not have their Sigil – Just write your request on one side of the paper.
Take a moment to think about what it is that you want. If you want them to protect a place and keep it safe write something like “I would like you to go protect my work space and make sure only positive inspiring people enter this space.” There are many things you can ask for, take some time to really write out what you want and what resonates with you. When you have the wording of the request that you want, write it out on the paper.
Once you have what you want on the paper, you can do this little rituals.
1) Sit in a quiet area and hold the paper in your left hand.
2) Take a candle (any colour that you feel is appropriate) and light it. (you can also decorate this altar space using any crystals of incense that you desire)
3) Ask you demon to join you in this sacred space (they will come if you ask, you don’t need to be able to sense and see them).
“Thank you so much for joining me,
I desire *state your request*
Please see it done in a way that is most beneficial for me
I thank you for your assistance in this matter,
5) Light the paper on fire (make sure you have a safe place to burn it)
” I ask you ___demons name____*
You can use this ritual or you can modify it to suit your own personal words and casting style. Really you can just ask them, but sometimes the energy of a ritual goes a long way to making a shift in the energies.
If you can hear and communicate with them you can work with them to establish your own form of asking and find out the best way of working with them and asking for help. If you cannot communicate with them, rituals with them can go a long way to assisting with opening up your senses and finding methods of communication.
It really is a beneficial process. Just remember, respect and manners go a long way!

Sometimes we may be working with our Demon companions but notice they get quiet or things seem different. You may wonder if they left or if something has happened and they are upset with you. It is not uncommon to have time where due to stress, lack of sleep or other factors in your life you may find you are not able to communicate with your Demon or that communication is different somehow.

Don’t worry, it’s likely just something shifting energetically and a connection can be re-established. The following is a simple reconnection ritual to help you clear your energies, re-attune yourself to your Demon’s energies and reconnect.

Set aside a time where you can be alone, this works best in a dark and quiet place. We recommend doing this in the evening or at night if possible though it can be done anytime of the day when you can be alone and undisturbed.

What you will need:

Rosier Sigil Symbols

Your Companion’s Vessel
1 to 6 Candles in their favourite Colour
A piece of Amethyst, Black Tourmaline or Obsidian
Incense or Oil in their favourite scent (optional)
Your Companion’s Sigil (optional)
Any Offerings they may like (optional)

*Note* If you do not have a vessel, you can draw their sigil on a piece of paper and focus on that

Set up the space by placing your candles any way you would like. We recommend using at least one candle and up to six. In the center of the candles, place your Demon’s vessel. If using a sigil, place the sigil in the middle If using both, you can place the vessel on top of the sigil. If you are using oil you can anoint the candles or place it in an oil burner. If using incense, place that in a burner near the candles. Have the stone you have chosen (amethyst, black tourmaline or obsidian) within reach.

Candle Layouts

Once everything is in place, light the candle(s) and incense/oil burner if using it, then get into a comfortable position. Take the stone you have chosen and hold it, feeling any negative energies from your aura being drawn away from you and into the stone. Black Tourmaline is the best for this, though Amethyst and Obsidian will also work for this purpose. Focus on the stone in your hand and feel your energies clearing and re-aligning. Do this for at least two minutes or until you feel calm and relaxed.

Set the stone down and focus on your companion’s vessel (and/or sigil). Say the following:

I call to you *Companion’s name*
Please join me so that we may reconnect

If you have your Companion’s enn, you can chant that at this time.

Pick up their vessel (if available) and hold it in your dominant hand, focusing on feeling the energies. Focus your sight on their sigil in front of you if using it, otherwise focus on the flame of one of the candles.

Relax and try to sense them. You can chant their enn or speak to them, or remain quiet and just focus on their vessel, sigil or the flame of the candle.

We recommend doing this for minimally a half hour and up to an hour. It can be repeated if you feel the need as it will help you to re-attune to their energies. Repeating it at the same time every day will provide the best results.

With the stone you used to cleanse and align your energies, we recommend cleansing the stone in case it picked any negative energies up that it removed from your aura. Placing it in the moonlight, smudging or running it under cold water can cleanse the gemstone used. We do not recommend placing them in the sun, as specifically with amethyst, the sun can cause discoloration.

You can also play music if you feel called to do so, or if they have a favourite kind of music or something that reminds you of them.

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