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If you want to enjoy the experience of playing classic Nintendo games on modern gaming hardware, your choices are either to buy a Nintendo Switch, and hope the company sells the games you want via its digital store, or buy the new SNES Classic. Modder Tim Lindquist has combined the best of those two options with a homemade take on the Switch that runs any classic game imaginable via a Raspberry Pi.

  1. RetroPie running on Nintendo Switch! Almost everything works: dock, deep sleep, bluetooth, joycon rails, fast charging, moonlight game streaming etc (using L4T Ubuntu 3.0).
  2. All of the various buttons, switches, and lights are working and have a purpose in the system, and the case is beautifully modeled and 3D-printed. It’s based on a Raspberry Pi 3 with RetroPie and RetroArch running on Raspbian Pixel.
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I'm aware that this change was asked for many months/years ago. We have a growing userbase using our fork of RetroPie on their nintendo switch's and would like this changed merged into master. The reasoning for denying last time was the lack of implementing using a hardware string. RetroPie BIOS Collection. This repository is the BIOS collection for RetroPie. All BIOS files have been verified in agreement with System.dat(Ver.2020-11-02) from Libretro-database. Hursty's Channel - me to Review something? - [email protected] me on Twitter - htt.

Dubbed the “NinTIMdo RP,” Lindquist’s creation features a Raspberry Pi cleverly housed in a 3D-printed case designed to resemble Nintendo’s console/handheld hybrid. There’s a microcontroller inside that connects the physical button inputs to the Pi, a 10,000mAh battery that charges via MicroUSB, and even LED lights to show the volume and battery levels. Oh, and it includes a 7-inch touchscreen that tops the real Switch’s in size.

Other neat touches include the two standard USB ports for connecting accessories, and a HDMI port emulates the Switch by turning off the device’s display and sending video to a TV screen when connected. As for the software, the Raspberry Pi is outfitted with RetroPie and EmulationStation for running games with an authentic console feel.

You can check out the time-lapse video above of the building process, while Lindquist has also shared the 3D models and source code of his creation on his website and Github, with a detailed build tutorial coming soon.

SOURCE Tim Lindquist

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The Nintendo DS is a handheld video game console that was released by Nintendo in 2004. The DS stands for Dual Screen.

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EmulatorRom FolderExtensionBIOSController Config
DraSticnds.nds .zipnds_bios_arm7.bin (optional), nds_bios_arm9.bin (optional), nds_firmware.bin (optional)/opt/retropie/configs/nds/drastic/config/drastic.cfg
lr-desmumends.nds .zipbios7.bin (optional), bios9.bin (optional), firmware.bin (optional)/opt/retropie/configs/nds/retroarch.cfg
lr-desmume-2015nds.nds .bin .zipbios7.bin (optional), bios9.bin (optional), firmware.bin (optional)/opt/retropie/configs/nds/retroarch.cfg

Emulator: DraStic

Nintendo switch console

Note that while DraStic may run very well, it is currently experimental beta software. Any games that use the microphone will only create noise and will not use a real microphone, Also any games in 'bookmode' (e.g Brain Training) will always play rotated at 90 degrees and cannot be rotated in Drastic.



The default installation of DraStic includes simulated BIOS files that will work in most cases. Actual BIOS files (listed above) can be added to


Accepted File Extensions: .nds .zip

Place your DS ROMs in


DraStic Controls

Add custom controls using the DraStic GUI (by pressing RIGHT ANALOG RIGHT or DOWN ANALOG RIGHT (in some case) or 'm' key on the keybord), or by editing

Nintendo switch games

Emulator: lr-desmume and lr-desmume2015

Note that lr-desmume is very experimental and lags quite a bit even with an overclocked RPI 2/3.


lr-desmume/lr-desmume2015 can optionally load and use the NDS BIOS/Firmware files: bios7.bin, bios9.bin and firmware.bin.

Place the files in

firmware.bin (NDS Firmware)145eaef5bd3037cbc247c213bb3da1b3
bios7.bin (ARM7 BIOS)df692a80a5b1bc90728bc3dfc76cd948
bios9.bin (ARM9 BIOS)a392174eb3e572fed6447e956bde4b25

Retropie Nintendo Switch Emulator

For the BIOS/Firmware files to be used by the emulator, the core option Use External BIOS/Firmware should be enabled.


Accepted File Extensions: .nds .bin .zip

Place your DS ROMs in


lr-desmume(2015) Controls

lr-desmume utilises Retroarch configurations

Add custom retroarch controls to the retroarch.cfg file in

Retropie Switch Controller

For more information on custom RetroArch controls see: RetroArch Configuration

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