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Note fully tested, dont have joystick to see if it is compatible with HDStation environment
please follow documentation for setup
About :
RetroArch is most popularly known for being a program with which you can play many emulators and games, which have all been customized and tailor-ported to the libretro API.
It is designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. It tries to be on the cutting edge of technology in terms of technolog supported as well as trying to be as backwards compatible as possible, a paradoxical goal if any. It has features few other dedicated games / emulators have, such as:
Real-time rewinding and GGPO netplay
Libretro’s serialization support allows features such as rollback based netplay to be easily implementable. It also allows you to rewind your games in real-time.
Multi-pass shaders (up to 8-pass)
It was one of the first programs out of the gates to have frontend shader support to begin with. RetroArch has its own shader spec that is being extensively used and implemented by various other programs unrelated to RetroArch/libretro.
It is also one of the only programs of its kind that supports up to 16 shader passes along with up to 128 shader parameters supported. You can find many impressive shaders that can enhance the in-game look of a game.
Game aware shading
Remote networked sound support
A built-in GUI/OSD system
RetroArch can change its entire appearance with a few button clicks. It can turn into a low-resolution but functional UI (RGUI) into a full-fledged XMB clone, and so on.
Impeccable Linux support
RetroArch was first out of the gates in many respects with support for Wayland, DRM/KMS, and many other graphics technologies which are still not standard in many Linux programs. It is designed to be as dependency-less as possible while also making it possible for custom-made versions of RetroArch to be made with specific support for several new APIs.
Unlike many other programs, Linux is not treated as second-class citizen but as first-class citizen.
Impeccable backwards compatibility
How many other Mac programs support PowerPCs, 32bit and 64bit Intel Macs all at the same time ?
Libretro/RetroArch keeps platforms alive with new content long after they have passed their expiration date. See PlayStation3, PSP, Wii, Gamecube, etc. The list goes on.
A cross-platform game console
The goal for Retroarch is to have a game console platform unrestrained by platform boundaries and architecture differences. To this end, it strives to support as many platforms as possible.
And more…
What platforms does it support?
Linux (x86 and x86_64)
Windows (32bit/64bit)
Mac OSX (Intel/PowerPC)
Playstation 3 (PS3 SDK)
PlayStation Portable (PSP)
PlayStation Vita/TV
Xbox 1 (XDK)
Xbox 360 (XeXDK/Libxenon)
Nintendo 3DS
Raspberry Pi (and various other ARM hardware through Lakka)
GCW Zero
Blackberry (10/Playbook)
Javascript (ASM.js – Enscripten)
  • Note: This apparently is some kind of repo stored in their buildbot, but it works perfectly, and includes a working iOS 9 version of RetroArch. 14 comments share.
  • Hey, guys, my name is Scoby Tech and in today's video, I am going to be showing you how to delete a core in retroarch!This is going to be a nice quick and ea.

Retroarch Cydia

Latest Retroarch stable release. Updated SDL 2.0.8 (thx to ptitSeb for updating his github repo so quickly) and SDL2 Image 2.0.3. Updated source code in src folder.

Retroarch Repo Ios 13

Retroarch RepoRetroarch

Retroarch Cydia Repo

Retroarch RepoRetroarch repository
RetroArch is a modular, multi-platform, multi-system emulator.
Major changes in 0.9.8 -> 0.9.9:
- Replaced Zenity launcher script with PickleLauncher
- New default settings, including using GLES video driver by default
- 'RGUI' in-game menu, brought up with spacebar by default
You may need to delete (or move to a backup location) /pandora/appdata/retroarch for the new defaults to take effect.
List of included libretro cores:
NES: FCEU, Nestopia, QuickNES
SNES: PocketSNES, SNES9x-Next, Mednafen
GBC: Gambatte, TGB Dual
GBA: VBA, Meteor, Mednafen
Genesis / Sega CD: Genesis Plus, Picodrive (experimental)
Saturn: Yabause (Very slow!)
Playstation: PCSX-ReARMed, Mednafen
Atari 2600: Stella
Chip8/16: Maxe
Arcade: iMAME4all, Final Burn Alpha
VirtualBoy: Mednafen
Neo Geo Pocket: Mednafen
PC Engine: Mednafen
WonderSwan: Mednafen
Cave Story: NXEngine
Doom: PrBoom
Quake: TyrQuake
PC: DosBox
Misc: ModelViewer+SceneWalker (load OBJ 3D models), libretro-2-joy (uinput virtual gamepad)
Also includes RetroArch-Phoenix configuration/launcher GUI (GTK+2 based).
All the cores and RetroArch itself are all the latest git revisions as of the date posted. DeSmuME is included, although it fails a memory allocation at startup on my 256MB unit, in case it might work on 512MB units.
- RetroArch (github fork for Pandora):
- RetroArch-Phoenix:
- Emulator cores:
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