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Practical Sigil Magic

Betty Buckley - Practical Arrangement, Alan Silvestri - Practical Magic, Jincheng Zhang Background - Practical, Sting - Practical Arrangement, Kurt Elling, Branford Marsalis - Practical Arrangement. Download Practical Sigil Magic - U. Frater on In this video I discuss how to make your own magickal Sigil to use in your practice. Thanks for watching and blessings to you all.How to make your Sigil:1. Have an Intention2. Write it down on.

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Practical Sigil Magic Frater Ud

'Predictive programming' as it's known is only half the story. Is today or tomorrow another day? The NYC subway system was just shut down for the first time ever (for Hurricane Irene, of course), just as the Twin Towers were shut down for the first time ever immediately before 9-11-01. Today is 9-10-11, one day before the tenth anniversary of the false flag attacks that led to WW3 and the destruction of American freedom. This is an extremely quick vid I threw together to perhaps spark some thought, and maybe educate some people as to how sigil magic functions and how it applies to our current state of affairs. Sigiling is not necessarily simply drawing pictures or writing stories. It can also be done through any creation that mankind endeavors upon, including motion picture, song, chant, or spoken word. Take what you like and leave the rest.
Видео False Flag Sigil Magick via Mass Media канала SigilStop

Practical Sigil Magick


Practical Sigil Magic

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