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One of the newest items to rust! This Computer allows you to look at cameras you've placed or environmental cameras. In order to build the Computer Station, it requires a level two workbench and can be researched for 75 scrap. It costs: 5 High-Quality Metal 1 Targeting Computer 1 RF broadcaster 1 RF receiver You can also buy it at the Outpost for 300 scrap. If you want to spy on people using. This highly sought-after crate is delivered in pairs of two by the large scientist-protected cargo ship. Additionally it will drop from a scientist-protected Chinook helicopter, and it will need to be hacked for 15 minutes in order to be unlocked.


The Rust Engineering Company was formed in Birmingham, AL, as a partnership among three Rust brothers: Stirling Murray Rust, Edmund Jennings Lee Rust and Ellsworth Marshall Rust. Initially, the three brothers sold and installed a patented water-tube boiler invented by another Rust sibling. In the early 1900s the company sold and erected steam plants throughout the Southeast.


Homemade Spray to Control Rust on Plants. Rust diseases affect a plethora of fruit, nut and ornamental trees and shrubs. Rust is often a problem with roses, but can also attack carnations. The power plant monument in Rust is a fairly easy once you get the hang of it, t. Today we're playing Rust and going over how to run the Power Plant monument. RUST Power Plant Recycler Locations One Power Plant recycler can be found in the puzzle building opposite the steam towers. Follow the stairs and walkways along the outside of the building to get up to the top floor. Follow the walkway until you reach a door into the building that has no lock.

Rust established an office in Pittsburgh, PA and added an additional office in Washington, D.C. a year later.


The first 'official' entry in the company contract book was with Babcock & Wilcox for setting boilers in Hubbard, OH.


E. M. Rust insisted that everyone who had bought a boiler had to have a chimney and that the company should enter the chimney construction business. Rust subsequently became one of the major chimney builders in the country, adopting the slogan “To Build for Permanence.”


Rust was incorporated, officially establishing its headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA.

Project Highlights:

  • Henry Clay Hotel –Ashland, KY
  • Government Printing Office Addition –Washington D.C.
  • 10-story American Bank Building – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Major Power Plant for Ford Motor of Canada


Rust constructed its first pulp and paper project in Crossett, AR. This early experience provided solid entry into the pulp and paper field. Rust grew to be a leader in the construction of grassroots mills and mill modernization projects.


The Allegheny Industrial Electrical Company (AIE) was formed as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rust. AIE provided electrical construction services for industrial projects, principally for Rust companies, but also for other engineers and constructors.

1939 - 1945

The advent of World War II presented an opportunity for major construction work. Contracts for complex government equipment and facilities were performed for the Corps of Engineers, Navy, Air Force, Dept. of Interior, and other agencies.

Project Highlights:

  • Atomic Energy Commission plant at Oak Ridge, TN that employed 3,500 at peak activity
  • TNT plant in Paducah, KY in 1942 which received a government award for excellence
  • Vanadium plant in the mountains of South America


The Rust Process Design Company was formed to handle the firm’s expanding work in the chemicals processing industry. It was later merged into Rust Engineering.


Rust participated in the company's first joint venture, which included three other firms providing architectural and engineering services for the Air Force Titan facilities program. Work was completed in 1963.

Project Highlights:

  • Granite City Steel, Granite City, IL – mill expansion
  • American Viscose Co., Front Royal, VA – rayon plant addition


Rust created an international affiliate, Coppee-Rust, in Brussels, Belgium. Coppee-Rust offered complete engineering and construction services worldwide.

1967 - 1969

Following its acquisition by Litton Industries, Rust procured North American licensing rights to the Von Roll technology, which was being used in refuse-to-energy plants in over 50 major cities in Europe and Asia.

Project Highlights:

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – design of the mobile service structure for NASA’s Launch Complex 39 at Merrit Island, FL
  • Uniroyal, Opelika, AL – engineering and construction of a new tire plant to produce 10,000 tires per day


Rust headquarters were officially moved to Birmingham, AL from Pittsburgh, PA.


Wheelabrator-Frye, Inc. acquired Rust. Wheelabrator-Frye was known worldwide for work in the environmental systems field. This experience blended well with Rust’s expertise in air and water pollution control. Rust and Wheelabrator-Frye developed the first independently owned, commercially successful waste-to-energy plant in the United States, which was located in Saugus, MA.


Rust formed an open-shop construction arm, National Industrial Constructors.

Project Highlights:

  • Revere Copper & Brass, Scottsboro, AL – aluminum reduction smelter
  • Mead Paper Co., Chillicothe, OH – 450,000 pound-per-hour coal-fired boiler


Through a series of mergers and acquisitions involving several companies, Rust's expertise grew to include metals and ceramics, civil work, solid and hazardous waste services, and municipal recycling services. The company emerged as Rust International, Inc., offering engineering, construction, environmental consulting, and project management services worldwide.

Rust was consistently ranked in Engineering News Record’s Top Ten Construction Firms throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Rust International, Inc. operated via 200 offices around the globe.

Project Highlights:

  • Lockheed Missile Systems Co. (NASA), Yellow Creek, MS - $500 million advanced solid rocket motor manufacturing facility
  • R.J. Reynolds, Winston-Salem, NC – new $1.2 billion cigarette manufacturing plant
  • Wheelabrator, North & South Broward, FL– new $460 million waste-to-energy facilities
  • Union Carbide, Moses Lake, WA – polysilicon manufacturing facility
  • Newsprint South, Grenada, MS – new $250 million newsprint mill.


Rust Constructors Inc. was acquired by Raytheon Engineers & Constructors Inc.


Morrison Knudsen Corporation acquired Raytheon Engineers & Constructors, Inc. and related subsidiaries, including Rust Constructors Inc. At the same time Morrison Knudsen Corporation changed its name to Washington Group International, Inc. and transferred ownership of Rust to its parent company.


Rust Constructors commitment to safety was recognized by Occupational Hazards magazine, which ranked Rust among 'America's Safest Companies' for industry-leading safety performance and programs.

2004-2006 Project Highlights

  • Mercedes-Benz, Vance, AL - $600 million new automobile plant expansion
  • Hyundai, Montgomery, AL - $1.1 billion grassroots automobile plant
  • Entergy Power Ventures, Harrison County, Marshall, TX - $52 million power plant restoration


Washington Group International, Inc., its parent company, and Rust Constructors Inc. were acquired by URS Corporation.


2007-2008 Project Highlights

  • South Florida Rapid Transit Authority, Fort Lauderdale, FL - $55 million double-track and a new high-level twin-roadbed fixed bridge
  • Gerber Products Company, Fort Smith, AR - $58.9 million conversion to new process/packaging manufacturing system
  • Georgia Gulf Corporation, Plaquemine, LA - $100 million modernization and expansion of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins product plant
  • ExxonMobil Piceance Basin, CO - $183 million outside battery limit facility
  • Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, San Juan, PR - $250 million 500-megawatt combined cycle power project
  • Louisiana Energy Services, Eunice, NM - $1.5 billion nuclear power plant

How To Do Power Plant Puzzle


URS Corporation and related subsidiaries, including Rust Constructors Inc., was acquired by AECOM. Rust Constructors Inc. relocated headquarters to Houston, TX.

Current Project Highlights:

  • Orascom E&C USA, Inc., Weaver, IA - $360 million grassroots construction project
  • Freeport-McMoRan Morenci Inc., Morenci, AZ - $114 million tailing storage expansion
  • Chevron Environmental, Questa, NM - $200 million water regulatory
  • Dakota Gasification Company, Beulah, ND - $116 million urea plant

When you are exploring the world of Rust, you might come across what looks like a locked door in a Monument. The only way for you to get inside these doors is if you complete a small objective and find a certain item. These items are Keycards. Keycards can be found in certain places and you can use them to open up the doors. The only downside to this is that there is a rarity to each card and getting them can be challenging sometimes.

There is a rarity for each of the cards with Green being the easiest to get, while Red is the hardest to get. Blue is in the middle so if you are going to get the Keycards, I would start with the Green cards if you can. There are 3 doors that you can open and each of the doors is opened with its respective Keycard color. Make sure you do everything right or else the door will not open for you when you finally use the card on the door. Here is an explanation of all the Keycards.

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Page Contents

Monument Puzzles

These puzzles need to be completed before you can use any Keycard on a door, but it is not that easy to complete. The Green Monument Puzzles are the easiest to complete but require you to flip a few switches around the Monument and then place a Fuse inside a Fuse Box. You can then go and open the Green door with your Keycard. The Blue Monument Puzzles are kind of hard to complete because the area in which you must complete the puzzle is a lot bigger than normal. It consists of turning on more power and Fuse switches so that you can get the door open.

It is a lot harder than Green because there is more stuff you have to do for it. The Red Monument Puzzles are the hardest to complete because they are the biggest puzzles to complete in the game. Not only are you running around in a very high radiation area, but you are also in an area that has many Scientists that are trying to kill you at the same time. Even though the Red doors are very hard to get into, the loot you get is totally worth your time and effort in the end.

Green Doors/Green Keycards

Green Doors are the easiest to get into and they give you some items that help in getting you into the next tiered door. There are a total of five Monuments that you can find these Green Keycards and they are the Lighthouse, Oxum’s Gas Station, Junkyard, Abandoned Supermarket, and Abandoned Cabins. You can also find one on a Scientist if you can take one out at a smaller Monument.

Power Plant Rust Loot

The puzzles are very simple to get into the Green Doors and is a good way to get some decent loot in the beginning of your adventure. Basically, if you wear a Radiation suit the entire time you do any Monument Puzzle in the entire game, then you will be safe from Radiation, but you should keep some Radiation Pills and Healing items just in case anything happens.

Blue Doors/Blue Keycards

Blue Doors are the medium puzzles in the game because it has the perfect loot for an average player. These Blue Cards can be found on Scientists or through the Green Doors in Harbor, Satellite Dish, and Sewer Branch. You can also purchase a Blue Keycard at an Outpost for 100 Scrap if you want to do that. Once you have a Blue Keycard, you may then go and open the Blue Doors once you complete the Puzzle before.

All you have to do is try to power the door with electricity and you may swipe the card and steal the loot. Remember that while you are trying to complete the puzzles, there may be an enemy waiting in the shadows for you to finish the puzzle and open the door so they can kill you and take everything you have and the loot inside the door has. Always be cautious of your surroundings because you could lose everything you have.

Red Doors/Red Keycards

Red Doors are the hardest door to get into because of the dangers before and all that you need to do to get in. The Red Cards can be found very rarely on Scientists or through the Blue Doors in Water Treatment Plant, Airfield, Power Plant, and Train Yard. You can get lucky if another player is selling it at the Bandit Camp, but it is up to them to how much people can buy it for. Remember that whenever you use a Keycard on a locked door to open it, it takes damage and is not infinite, so be cautious of how and when you use it.

The reason the Red Doors are soo hard to get into is that you need all three Keycards to actually open up the Red Doors. Also, you will need a Fuse to complete every Monument Puzzle there is to reroute the power to the door that you want to open. Remember that to actually get a Red Card, you actually have to complete many puzzles before it so don’t expect to open up a Red Door as soon as you start the game.

What does each door give you?

Each of the doors has a certain amount of loot hidden behind them. If you can get the door open, then you can take everything that is inside. It is not easy to get into each one, but it is totally worth it in the end. Here is what is behind each of the doors:

Green Doors – These doors contain 1-4 Normal Crates and a Blue Keycard in each one

Blue Doors – These doors contain 6-9 Normal Crates with a possibility for a Military Crate, and a Red Key Card in each one

Red Doors – These doors contains 2-3 Elite Crates, 2-3 Military Crates, and 2-3 Normal Crates

How many Monuments have these locked doors?

There are a total of 4 Monuments that have a Green Door, and they are Satellite Dish, Harbor 1, Harbor 2, and Sewer Branch. These have Easy Puzzles. There are a total of 4 Monuments that have a Blue Door, and they are Power Plant, Airfield, Trainyard, and Water Treatment Plant. These have Medium Puzzles. There are a total of 2 Monuments that have a Red Door, and they are Launch Site and Military Tunnels. These have Hard Puzzles. Every one of these Monuments has puzzles for you to complete and loot for you to get at the end. Make sure you are also looting the surrounding area for extra loot as well.

Red Key Card Power Plant Rust

Why should I take the time to get into these doors?

Power Plant Rust Wiki

Well, you could just play through the game while only using the natural areas for loot, but you can only get the extent of the items that you would be getting if you risked a lot to get into one of these doors. When you have all three of the Keycards, there is just something about it that makes you want to try and get to the Red Doors. All I am saying is if you want a rush of adventure and danger, then you should at least try to get into the Monuments and get the good loot, it is the least you could do.


Powerplant Rust Blue Card

In conclusion, the Keycard system is actually a really good addition to Rust. It helps you figure more out and it makes you feel better about actually putting the time in to get the loot. If you play Rust and you have not tried to get into the doors, I would highly recommend doing so to get better loot and unlock new blueprints. Just make sure that you unlock a blueprint first before using it because it could be gone and you have to find another one of those items.

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