If you try and create invoice from the PO but do not post, instead you just close the form. The invoice is saved as a pending invoice. This causes some pending invoice quantity in a PO line to appear which will prevent an invoice being posted if you try and create a new PO. There are a number of different scenarios:

The invoice is already invoiced, but as a NON-PO at the end and not as a PO-invoice. What it was at first. Now the invoice is also in pending invoices and blocking the PO's that I have to invoice. I already tried if I could do something with 'Invoice history and matching details', but there it also can't be found. Does somebody maybe have a. Reload the Pending Invoice page. If you accept the pending invoice with cost exceptions (without settings these costs to their negotiated values), you can use the Cost Exceptions report and create a Credit Memo for such invoice. For details, see Cost Exceptions Report. The Cost Exceptions section includes the following subsections.

Scenario 1: Normal Pending invoice created.


Navigate into the pending invoices form as shown below in Accounts PayableVendor InvoicesPending Vendor Invoices


Once the form is open you will need to delete the pending invoices of the PO or alternatively edit the pending invoice and post.

Pending Invoice

Scenario 2: Pending invoice showing in PO header invoice tab but not in Accounts payable pending invoices.


Quickbooks Pending Invoice

Now sometimes the PO shows that there are pending quantities but you cannot see it in the the menu point stated above. You will notice this on the PO header (Invoice tab) however there will not be any actual records in the pending invoice menu point for you to delete.

This is due to some orphaned transactions. In this senario you will need delete the lines from for that PO in the VendInvoiceInfoTable table via AOT but only records where ParmJobStatus is set as Waiting. This will solve your issue.

Scenario 3: Pending invoice cannot be displayed because it is in use.

In some cases where you do not see any pending invoices but instead see a message like below while trying to make an invoice:

No need to worry just try and click the invoice button again on the Purchase order to create an invoice this time the system will show you a list of invoices that need to be recovered. Please recover all the invoices then delete them in the pending invoice list.

Now you should be able to create the invoice. If you still are not able to do click on the “Match Product receipts” button on the invoice posting screen and select the GRNs you want to post invoice for manually.

If these 2 options for scenario 3 do not work use scenario 2 solution.

Pending Invoice Payment Request Email

All of the above should extensively cover all the pending invoice scenarios you might have.

Pending Invoice Email Sample

Happy Daxing ppl.

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