Request letter for original invoice Letter of request for the original invoice is basically requesting for the original document issued by the vendor or service provider during the business transaction. For example, point of sale (POS) receipt or an online order confirmation are original invoices. ORIGINAL FORD INVOICE These are the original documents that were used by Ford for billing to the dealer. They contain the complete option list and, generally, the wholesale and retail costs of the base vehicle, all options, and shipping.

The General Motors Media Archive (GMMA) manages GM’s global repository of historical photography, motion picture film, video, digital media, and of course, vehicle documentation.

Their collections include over eight million photographic images, 250,000 video masters and motion picture films, a million and a half digital media files, and more than one million pieces of microfilm. They document the development, manufacturing, and promotion of General Motors products as well as its events, facilities, and leadership. It’s really pretty amazing.

Vehicle Documentation

GMMA manages General Motors’ collection of historical build documentation for its U.S. brands. These documents detail how a specific vehicle was equipped when it left the factory. Dealer invoices and/or build records are not available for all models and all years. The documentation for most brands dates back only to 1977. Please see the Vehicle Invoices and Build Records sections below for a complete list of availability by make and year. To request vehicle documentation from GMMA, see Ordering Instructions below.

Vehicle Invoices

The vehicle invoice collection is the documentation of the vehicle cost broken out by model and factory options. It contains the original ship to dealer information, MSRP, and invoice number that General Motors used to bill the dealer. The collection is archived on microfilm, microfiche, CD and is organized by VIN number.

The collection covers almost all cars & trucks produced in the United States starting in the mid-1970s. Vehicle Invoices are printed from microfilm or microfiche then scanned and emailed as an Adobe PDF for $50 USD.

You can download a free copy of the Vehicle Information Kit for many GM vehicles ranging from model years 1902 through 2007.

Most requests for copies of dealer vehicle invoices are reproduced from microfilm and microfiche, and copies of these records may vary in quality, depending on the condition of the archived record. They will give you the highest reproduction quality possible from these media sources and will notify you if the invoices are not legible or unavailable.

Vehicle invoices are available for the following years: *

  • Buick from 1982
  • Cadillac from 1980
  • Chevrolet from 1977
  • GMC from 1976
  • Oldsmobile from 1977
  • Pontiac from 1987
  • Saturn from 1994

* Excludes Fleet and Exported vehicles

The format of Vehicle Build Sheets and Invoices vary by division and year.

Sample Vehicle Invoice

Vehicle Build Records

The build record is a document that followed the vehicle down the assembly line as the car was being built. Assembly line workers used the option codes on the build record to determine which part they were to install.

The build record option codes were specific to different vehicle lines and require decoding to understand individual options.

Cadillac is the only General Motors division that was able to preserve the majority of their factory build records all the way back to 1903. These build records have taken on many forms over the years. Early build records were handwritten in oversized leather-bound journals. While more recent records are computer-generated.

Build records are available for Cadillac only. There are no Cadillac build records available for 1968, 1974-1979, and some 1973 models. Cadillac build records are printed from microfilm or microfiche.

This package will include information pertaining to the option code and be mailed USPS for $50 USD.

The format of Vehicle Build Sheets and Invoices vary by division and year.

Sample Build Sheets

Vintage Vehicle Information


The GM Heritage Center can provide model-specific Vintage Vehicle Information Packages. For a fee of $50, the GM Heritage Center will decode the vehicle identification number (VIN), the body plate/trim tag codes and provide photocopies of product literature including (when available):

  • Divisional Engineering Specifications
  • AMA/MVMA Specifications
  • Product Selling Information/Salesperson’s Guides
  • Options and Accessories Information
  • Paint and Trim GuidesSales Literature
  • Owner’s Literature
  • Production Volumes.

Vintage Vehicle Information Packages are available for all GM makes but the amount of information varies from model to model and year to year. Information relevant to a specific model if available will be mailed USPS.

You can download a free copy of the Vehicle Information Kit for many GM vehicles ranging from model years 1902 through 2007.

Ordering Instructions

Ordering options:

1) Paying by credit card:

  • Complete this online order form.
  • A representative of Allied Vaughn will contact you to complete the ordering process.
  • Fulfillment is expected to take 2 to 3 weeks. Your account will be charged within two business days of fulfillment.

2) Paying by check or money order:

  • Download and print a version of the order form, available in the following formats: MS Word (.doc)
  • Complete the order form, providing the vehicle year, style #, body #, serial/VIN, and/or a legible pencil rubbing of the body plate.
  • Mail the completed order form, and a check or money order payable to Allied Vaughn to:

Allied Vaughn
11923 Brookfield
Livonia, MI. 48150
Attention: GM Vehicle Invoice

Check or money order payments may cause a delay in fulfillment, as it must clear before your order is shipped. All prices are per vehicle.

General Motors can not authenticate any vehicle, merely provide whatever documentation of information is available based on vehicle information provided.

If you have any questions, please contact General Motors Media Archive:

  • Phone: 1-734-261-5086
  • Fax: 1-734-524-0537

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are the Key Codes listed?
Answer: Due to potential security issues, effective September 20, 2006, the GM Media Archive will no longer be supplying Dealer Invoices or Build Sheets with Key Code information. This information can be obtained by contacting your dealer.

Question: Do you provide window stickers?
Answer: No, You can use the information we provide to have a window sticker re-created. One of the largest suppliers is Triple A Enterprises who makes Factory Correct Reproduction Window Stickers for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac popular model years (as well as Dodge and Plymouth).

Question: Do you have records of past owners including the original owner?
Answer: No, vehicle invoices will show what dealer purchased the vehicle from General Motors, but there is no vehicle history information available.

Question: Why did GM not retain any original documentation for every vehicle built?
Answer: Each division and plant was responsible for maintaining production information but there were no retention guidelines for this information and plants did not have the necessary space to store it all. Most records were destroyed after 10 years.


Question: Where can I find the records that you do not have?
Answer: For Buick records prior to 1982, contact the Alfred P. Sloan Museum. For Pontiac records prior to 1987, contact PHS. While we continue to search for original build records and dealer invoices for Chevrolet, GMC, and Oldsmobile vehicles built prior to the 1977 model year, there is currently no resource available from which to obtain this information.

Question: Does GM provide letters of authenticity on GM letterhead stating that my car is authentic?
Answer: No, GM can not authenticate vehicles or options.

Question: Do you provide recall clearance letters?
Answer: No, call 888-467-6853 for more information.

Question: Where can I get current model information?
Answer: Call 800-222-1020 for more information.

Visual Media Requests and Research

GMMA has trained visual media researchers available to assist with your research, whether the endeavor is of an enthusiast, academic or commercial nature. The GMMA staff prides itself on its ability to meet customer deadlines.

The email should include how you intend to use the visual media you are requesting and what the intended audience and/or distribution will be. This will assure that we release assets that have the full rights for your desired use, and also that our researchers will be able to more fully understand your needs.

Original invoice issued by club wyndham travel

Requests should be sent via email to [email protected] For commercial endeavors, fees may apply.

Also of Interest:

Invoice can be defined as a document which gives accurate description of material being sent or shipped and their prices, issued by the exporter/supplier at the request of the importer/purchaser prior to the placement of the order. It is not exactly same as proforma invoice, which is for form only, i.e. neither it is recorded in the books nor charged to the recipient’s account. It is used to request buyer for payment of the goods dispatched to him on credit.

While an invoice states the total amount due, for the convenience of the purchaser, proforma invoice is used as quotation or a demand for payment, when the company is dealing with new party, or with the party, whom the firm does not have any credit arrangement. Have a glance at this article to know the significant differences between proforma invoice and invoice.

Content: Proforma Invoice Vs Invoice

Original Invoice Cannot Be Tracked

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonProforma InvoiceInvoice
MeaningProforma invoice is similar to a normal invoice, provides information to the agent/buyer regarding the particulars of the goods yet to be delivered.A commercial instrument delivered to the buyer containing the details of products or services provided by the seller is known as an invoice.
Kind ofQuotationBill
Time of issueBefore to the placement of order.Before payment is made.
AcceptanceCreation of saleConfirmation of sale
ObjectiveTo help the buyer in taking decisions, regarding whether to place an order or not.To inform the buyer, the actual amount due for payment.
Posting in account bookNo entry is made, as the invoice is not a true invoice.An entry is made in the books of accounts.

Definition of Proforma Invoice

A proforma invoice is a commercial pre-shipment document prepared by the seller and delivered to the buyer/agent, to convey information of the goods to be delivered. The instrument contains a description of goods, i.e. quantity, price, weight, kind and other specifications. It is a declaration by the seller to provide the products and services to the buyer on the specified date and price.

As the document does not constitute actual sales, so no entry is made on the issue of the proforma invoice in the books of the seller for accounts receivable and the receipt of the buyer for accounts payable.

Definition of Invoice

Invoice refers to a non-negotiable instrument raised by the seller and delivered to the buyer containing the details of products or services provided to him. The document is used to request payment from the buyer of goods. It shows the indebtedness of the buyer towards the seller. The word invoice is indicated at the top of the face of the document. It contains the following particulars:

  • Unique number
  • Date of issue of invoice
  • Date on which the goods are delivered
  • Details of the product, i.e. products, quantity and agreed prices.
  • Discount, if any, provided by the seller.
  • Contact details of seller and buyer
  • Payment terms, i.e. date and mode.
  • Terms of credit
  • Total amount due for payment.

Key Differences Between Proforma Invoice and Invoice

The differences between proforma invoice and invoice can be drawn clearly on the following grounds:

Original Invoice By Vin

  1. A document similar to the normal invoice, which provides information to the agent regarding the particulars of the goods to be delivered, is known as proforma invoice. On the other hand, invoice refers to a commercial instrument delivered to the buyer containing the details of products or services provided by the seller.
  2. Proforma invoice is a kind of quotation, containing a commitment by the seller to supply goods at the specified rate and date. Conversely, Invoice is a sort of bill, displaying the amount due to the buyer.
  3. Proforma invoice is used for the creation of sales, whereas invoice is used for confirmation of sale.
  4. Proforma invoice is provided by the seller, on the request of the buyer before the placement of the order. As opposed to invoice, which is issued by the seller to the buyer to request payment of goods delivered.
  5. As proforma invoice is a dummy invoice and used for the purpose of creating sales, therefore no entry is made in the books of accounts for the financial transaction. Unlike invoice, which is a true invoice and as it results in a financial transaction, hence so it serves as a basis for accounting entry to be made in the books of both the parties.
  6. The basic objective of pro forma invoice is to help the buyer in taking decisions, regarding whether to place an order or not. Unlike, an invoice is raised by a seller to request payment from the buyer.


Due to the similarity in the particulars of both the documents people easily get confused between them. But the fact is they are different in a sense that an invoice demands payment from the buyer for the goods being delivered to him, whereas a proforma invoice is sent to the buyer on his request, before the shipment of goods.

Invoice Description

Related Differences

Original Invoice For My Car

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