Areas of Influence: The Goddess Morrigan represented the circle of life, she was associated with both birth and death.

Her name means great queen or phantom queen. It is spelt in several different ways including Morrigu, Morgane, Morrighan and Morgan le Fay in the Arthurian legends.

She is one of the triple Goddesses, her different aspects are represented by Anu (the fertility maiden), Badh (the boiling mother cauldron) and either Macha (the death crone) or Nemain.

Elements of Irish mythology often appear in popular culture. Sometimes similar themes are utilized in new narratives; other times the only similarity is the use of a name from Irish mythology, applied to a completely different character and story. Badb, along with Nemain, and Macha, appear as the. Insecurelycurly's jumble of useful information and spells. Any original posts are marked as such!

Morrigan is also a water Goddess, ruling over rivers and lakes. In one myth she appears as an old washer woman at the ford and offering her love to Cu Chulainne. He failed to recognize Morrigan on this occasion and on several others. Enraged she threated to hinder him in battle, when he is killed as a result of this she appears on his shoulder as a crow.

This Goddess also grants monarchs the power of sovereignty.

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Origins and Genealogy: I can find no mention of her parentage but in some myths she was said to be the consort of Dadga

Morrigan was also one of the Tuatha de Danann (The tribe of the Goddess Danu). She protected her people by blowing a fog over the land, the lack of visibility discouraged invading armies.

Strengths: Fearsome and strong.

Weaknesses: She is vindictive, killing the person she loves when he fails to recognize her.

Goddess Morrigan's Symbolism

As a symbol of death the Goddess Morrigan is linked with the festival of Samhain.

Sacred Bird: Crows and ravens.

Sacred Plants: Mugwort, yew and willow.

Morrigan Sigil

Morrigan's Archetypes

The Celtic Goddess Morrigan has several powerful archetypes.


The Shape Shifter has the ability to change her physical appearance. They are also able to adapt easily to different environments by altering there behavior.

Shadow Shape shifter is fickle, lacking conviction and constantly reinventing themselves, like politicians trying to appeal to more people.

Morrigan is a bird Goddess who shape-shifts into the form of a hooded crow and a washer woman at the ford.

The Crone:

TheCrone represents the wise old woman whose child bearing days are behind her.Other associations with this Archetype include: compassion, transformation,healing and bawdiness death and endings. She is the respected older woman orgrand-parent at the heart of family who enjoys life and sharing her experience.

Unfortunatelythe word Crone or Hag often has negative connotations as many wise woman andmidwives were persecuted as witches in the middle ages.

ShadowCrone is the bitter, old woman who has failed to learn from her life. Sheblames all her failings and unhappiness on a society that no longer respectsthe elders. As a result she becomes increasingly isolated and fearful.

The Warrior:

Warrior represents physical strength, and the ability to protect and fight for your rights and those of of others.

Whilst the shadow side of the Warrior reflects the need to win at all costs, abandoning ethical principals to prove your supremacy.

Morrigan Sigil

As the battle Goddess she appeared on the battlefield in the form of a crow and returned later to feed on the dead.

How to Work With This Archetype

The Shape-Shifter: A useful Goddess Archetype to have if you need to be flexible or perform lots of different roles.

The shadow side asks whether your chameleon like tendencies reflect a deep insecurity and inability to commit to any particular path.

The Crone: This maybe one of your Archetypes if you have gained wisdom, learning from your mistakes and showing a willingness to adapt to changing circumstances.

You are experiencing the Crone's shadow if you have become rigid in your beliefs and have become stuck in a rut having lost all ability to let those areas of your life go that no longer serve you.

Morgan Sigler

The Warrior:

If you are drawn to work with this Goddess you may require her Warrior spirit to help you to stand up for your rights and set firm personnal boundaries. This Goddess can be a great stereotype to work with if you want to take control in your life, and wish to no longer play the role of the victim.

You may also wish to call upon this Goddess to champion the cause of others.

The morrigan sigil tattoo

Conversely this Goddess may appeal to you if you have a very strong sense of self and are proud of the victories you have achieved. The shadow side of this Goddess may be asking you to reflect honestly on the cost of these victories. Have they been at the expense of others or your principles?

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Regarding the Morrigan

In my personal gnosis, there are five aspects of the Morrigan. These are Babd Catha, Macha, Anu, Nemain, and the metagod behind all four of them. When I say there is a Morrigan metagod, the metagod would be Nemain, Anu, Macha, and Babd Catha combined as one being, which one being is more than the sum of its parts. I was commissioned to create an invocation of Macha as well as channel a sigil which could be used to call forth any of the five aspects of the Morrigan.

Above: Channeled Sigil of the Morrigan

Introduction to the Rite Which Follows

Like the rest of the rituals on this website, this invocation was designed to require no physical equipment to be successful. Any equipment that you can bring to the table altar can be incorporated at your discretion, but the rite was designed to be powerful enough to yield significant results without it. Names in bold are meant to be vibrated, phrases in italics are meant to be chanted in a rhythmic monotone, translations appear in brackets, and explanations appear in parentheses.

Invocation of Macha

I Call You Forth, Macha,
Goddess of Kingship,
And Sun of Womanfolk,
Dark Divinity of Horses,
Great Spirit of Fecundity,
Numinous Harbinger of Warfare,
Raven Woman,
I Call You Forth.

Corire Omnituens Numen Macha! Veni, Veni, Macha– Divinitas Et Creatrix! Praedicate Aethereus Divus Macha! Agios Es, Macha, Divum Et Vorsipelle!
[Come Forth, All-Seeing Spirit Macha! Come, Come, Macha– Goddess and Mother! I Praise the Immortal Spirit Macha! You Are Numinous, Macha, Spirit and Shapeshifter]

Hornas Oztaea Nozgathora Azhentrathor (x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Macha)]


The Morrigan Sigil Tattoo

Zalzaea Nozdaearon Ozsathora (x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Macha)]

Halzorgaega Nonaron Nozdorgae Salathaea (x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Macha)]

Maesan Zea Nalzar Orson(x3)
[(Channeled Chant to Invoke Macha)]

Praedicate Aethereus Divus Macha!
[I Praise the Immortal Spirit Macha]

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