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Protection 101

Probably one of the most important things you need to know when it comes to magick and your first spells you do is that of protection.

This Celestial Sigil is mostly present on candles and amulets for protection. Candles with this sigil on them are one of the most effective ways to invoke the archangel. Place them on your altar with other objects. Celestial Sigil. On your altar, you can also use pictures of Archangel Michael and the other angels that you want to invoke. A protection sigil is an original and artistic creation, produced by elaborating a phrase that expresses a magical intention. It is created to give you the protection against any harm – a physical one or something more abstract like evil forces and energies sent your way from an enemy. Protection sigil 1.1B views Discover short videos related to protection sigil on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: Coko πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€(@cokothewitch), Heather Small(@alwaysinyureyes), πŸŒ™π–† π–—π–†π–Œπ–Žπ–“π–Œ π–œπ–Žπ–™π–ˆπ–πŸ¦‡(@witchykidsyd), Brea Berry(@tarotbybrea), Mama Meg(@lightmamamagic).

Introduction: Sigil magick is a powerful, and practical occult art form that can be used to manifest your desires. By understanding the practices, and theory behind sigil magick you will be able to learn this practice for yourself, and bring it into your life, and working. PROTECTION AGAINST ENEMIES ORDER AN ALGOL ETCHED GLASS MIRROR Renaissance Astrology is pleased to present etched glass mirrors of the fixed star Algol for protection against curses and enemies. Algol talismans are our MOST POWERFUL protection talismans! A unique feature of Algol is that anything your enemy sends against you is reflected right back at them, a quality that the Algol mirrors enhance.

Mirror protection sigil meaning

Why do you need to protect yourself?

As you start exploring Witchcraft you will soon learn that you need to challenge a lot of your old ways and current beliefs, you must adopt a new way of thinking and perceiving things. Whilst this is a fantastic experience it does have one major issue, side effect that comes with it. This side effect is that you are starting to open yourself up, lifting the barriers of conditioning, and so on and this can and will expose you to the negativity as well as the positivity you will feel and experience.

Witchcraft is about balance and as a genuine Witch you need to understand both polarities of energy as without one there cannot be the other. Unfortunately, today many people who claim to be Witches only teach others the positive side, and whilst on the face value and surface of this it may sound like a great plan it is flawed and can lead to some horrible consequences later for the person.

As a Witch regardless of your tradition or belief you have the birth right to defend yourself and whilst I am not saying here that two wrongs make a right I am saying that at time we are left with no option but to fight fire with fire. This meaning that we may have to turn to darker magick to protect ourselves as a last resort. Even if you never reach that last resort stage and understanding of the darker side is required so you identify, and can defend against it when it does happen.

It is also important to understand that other people who tend to harm others do not always understand they are doing it, there may be mental illness or as we see today many place themselves on self-built pedestals of which have very rocky foundations and very little knowledge supporting them, jealousy, spite, ego all lead to negativity being sent to people.

How, we deal with these people is if possible try to educate them a little better but often that is futile as their egos have grown so big they live in a very deluded state and their own world. Sometimes all they need for want of a better term is a good jab in the ribs with a blunt wand to wake them up a bit.

Many also love drama and get their power from the drama they cause. If you have watched Harry Potter at all they always refer to the evil wizard as β€œhe who should not be named” and that was done based on real information. When people run their lives on nothing but drama they will try to get as many people involved as possible which fuels the drama and the energy of that drama. Simply ignoring them and keeping out of things means that the actual drama they are causing loses its power. But in saying this you ay be wondering β€œwell you are saying we should never simply ignore negative stuff, but now you are saying ignore it”, well the answer to that is that there is a difference. We are not ignoring what may be coming our way in terms of bad intent but we are also not powering the bad intent by engaging with it, i.e. getting involved in arguments, spreading gossip and such like, even if it is directed straight at us. You will protect yourself and maybe even use binding spells to stop it but by engaging in disputes and arguments as you see all the time on social media is to only fuel it.

On the other side of things and away from other people’s intentions we must understand that negative entities, spirits and energy surrounds us all the time. As you start to open up as you learn about the craft so you become more susceptible and vulnerable to these things, and unless you protect yourself then bad things can and will attach to you.

In most cases, especially when dealing with negative entities and spirits they will attack you and attach to you via the back of your neck. That is their route in and is your most vulnerable place on the body. The use of protection oils, jewellery such as pentagram necklaces, smudging and focus on ritually cleansing that area when showering is strongly advised as frequently as possible.

Signs you are being attacked

  • You seem to lose the ability to communicate properly, not in terms of physical speech but it just seems people do not get what you are saying. They seem to always get the wrong idea as to what it is your saying. This is a very common sign, and it is due to the attack entering the back of your neck which is akin to our vocal cords and the chakra located there.
  • You wake up around the same time over a few nights and notice that you are thinking about a certain person, they are very vivid in your mind’s eye. Most harming spells are done around this time as we are normally unconscious to it happening and thus not consciously protecting ourselves. The use of crystals and items of protection in our bedroom will help deal with this one. Place items under your pillar, on the bedroom window sill and above the door, mirrors are not the best thing to also have in a bedroom but a must for a lot of people. Also, electrical equipment is not good in the bedroom as it interferes with the natural healing energies around you, and sleep is the time of repair and when you need these energies the most.
  • During the day, you keep seeing images of a person in your mind, you do not know why you keep seeing them, but you notice your thoughts are constantly drifting on to that person.
  • You feel constantly tired and out of balance with yourself, you just know something is wrong both mentally and physically but have little explanation for it. Also, you find it very difficult to focus on anything and even hard to get into meditation or trance.
  • If you are an experienced Witch then anyone sending harmful intent to you (if they are experienced enough themselves) will know that you are already protected, they will also know that you will identify them very quickly and return the favour in kind, with a few additional bonuses for good measure. They will therefore want to weaken you first and will do this emotionally. They may make loved ones or more commonly family pets ill which diverts your attention and weakens your protection. Then they will strike when you are at a low point, nasty work I know but this is a strategy. You may notice sudden unexplained illness, accidents, loss, problems and so on with those close to you. Yes of course this happens in life but in this case you seem to constantly see it happening, general everyday things just seem to be happening in the wrong way more and more.
  • You notice friends become more distant or even hostile towards you for no apparent reasons.
  • You feel as if you are detached from yourself and your beliefs and it seems that you cannot communicate with your spirit guides easily. Very often when you are being attacked your guides will lock you down on a psychic level to help protect you while they deal with it.
  • You notice medical problems with yourself ranging in diversity from simple rashes appearing to severe anxiety attacks.

This list is just some of the basics that can tell you someone or something is attacking you and it is by no means a definitive list, this is why you must really know yourself properly as a Witch so you notice sometimes subtle changes around or within you.

Wiccan Protection Sigils

How to protect yourself

There are literally hundreds of ways to protect yourself, just do a search on the internet and you will see what I mean.

However, how you protect yourself will depend on your belief and or tradition and what works best for you.

As you start out in Witchcraft try as many ways as you can, when you try a certain way make sure you write it down but even more so write down how you felt after and for the next few days. You will instinctively know when something has worked well or has not seemed to have made any difference.

Some common things you should do

Protective Sigils And Seals

Cleans and smudge your home and working area (alter and room it is in) frequently.

Wear tourmaline, this is extremely good for protection and repelling negative energy.

Use a black candle and focus on it, directing negative emotions and feelings towards it, I always use one whenever I practice magick.

Get a salt lamp and use it where you relax, say in your front room.

Sigils For Protection Against Evil Spirits

Where charged and cleansed jewellery such as a Pentagram neckless or ring.

Create a protection Sigil and place around your home where it can be seen, subconsciously when you look at it or see it you will be recharging the protection, even if you are not consciously aware of that. See video at end for how to make a Sigil.

Black salt is very good for spreading around your home such as doorways and so on.

Mirror Protection Sigil

Ensure you do a white light spell morning and night, it only takes a few minutes to do but well worth it.

Spread sea salt around your home over furniture and so on and leave for a few hours before sweeping it up. Do this also if you have recently been visited by someone at your home if you think they may be behind the trouble. Also, smudge and cleans and re protect.

I personally like to use drumming and singing bowls when I am cleansing my house, I hit it with incense such as white sage, noise with drums and bowls, sea salt and black salt along with white light visualization.

Take a deep cleaning bath or shower using sea salt and crystals and a good organic soap, visualise white light and visualise the water washing away any negativity.

Cast a circle around your home, family, animals, but remember a circle of protection will only last around 24 hours, so it will need grounding and setting up again around the same time each day.

Wiccan protection sigils

Call on your spirit guides, animal guides or certain Gods, Goddesses or other entities based on your belief to help and protect you. They will already be doing that but engaging with them will help.

Mirror Protection Sigil For Sale

When you have found out who or what and how something is attacking you, then use offensive magick to defend yourself. Only do this when you have exhausted all other options and you fully appreciate what is happening. You may have to fight fire with fire and providing you have done everything else you can to defend yourself and it is done with the right intention then you have nothing to fear in terms of the Three-Fold Law. This meaning what you send out will not return to you, if you are not sure then ask the universe to deal with it and it will do so appropriately.

Protection Sigils For Home

With a big surge of the new age movement especially in Wicca the use of darker magick is seriously contested and controversial, my own belief in why this has happened is that it has also been infiltrated by the free masons and by rejecting the negative aspects of darker magick it has weakened how Witchcraft is used. This is an agenda of theirs to ensure that people do not use the forces of nature to protect themselves properly, it is the only thing these people, globalists, new world order truly fear and is a tactic being used to change the mind-set and weaken the craft as a practice. Do not allow yourself to be drawn into that type of conditioning as it will not serve you well.

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