Jan 19, 2021 To take your Microsoft Teams Live Event to the next level, many producers turn to OBS Studio. This is a free high-performance software for real-time video and audio capturing and mixing. Using OBS Studio was an adventure for me since I have never used any video or audio editing software. Posts about Microsoft Teams OBS written by microsoft365pro. This could very well be the 100th blog that you have read on background effects in Microsoft Teams. Quick demo showing how to use Microsoft Teams, NDI and OBS. OBS Studio was originally created for gamers to live-stream their massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) experiences to platforms like Twitch, but has been embraced by the Microsoft Teams community of late for its pre-production features and ability to output directly to Microsoft Teams via a “virtual camera” plugin. Agreed, whilst OBS allows your content delivery to look more polished than in Teams, it is a bit Pro Level in complexity. I can do it but rarely need to as, apart from some webinars, my use of Teams is purely for meetings and conversations.

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You are Live ;-)

Thought I wanted to do a how to guide on how to do Live Event in Teams with OBS, so here it goes. So grab a cup of coffee and lean back... there is a lot of steps and even though many of them is straight forward, I have screen dumped all steps to make it available for all no mater which level you are at.

I will walk you through:

  1. Setting up Live Event in Teams
  2. How to set up OBS
  3. Program a Stream Deck

Go to Calendar and push the arrow down next to New meeting and choose Live event

Microsoft Teams Obs Camera

Add the title of the Live event, click Next


Choose who should be able to see the Live event: People and groups or Org-wide.

By default it is set to Teams, which will mean that all presenters will experience it like a Team meeting.

But this article will cover how to use OBS, so you will need to chose: An external app or device. You can choose to add captions and Q&A depending on the scenario.

Please have in mind that if you are doing a Public event it is not possible to do it via OBS

Copy the Link and share with all that needs to join the Live event as attendee

When you are ready to set up your Live Event, hit the join button and join as producer. Normally in Live event you are doing the producer role from Teams, but since you are using OBS as encoder, you will be producing in OBS.

So when you have joined, copy the Server ingest URL

You will need to paste the Server ingest URL into OBS, so go to OBS and hit Settings

In settings go to Stream and insert Server ingest URL

You need to type a Stream Key, which could basically be anything

Then hit start streaming, this will mean the the encoding starts at OBS, it is not the Teams Live event that starts.

Go back to Teams and hit Start setup

Now Teams will get the feed from OBS


Hit Start event to start the Live streaming

Now the Live feed from OBS will be streamed, I always start a few minutes before the Live event with a scene from OBS that tells: We will start the livestream soon

It is also recommended to make an announcement in the chat that the live event starts soon

When it is time and you are ready switch to the scene in OBS with camera feed and start you live stream

How to setup OBS

If you haven´t been working in OBS before, by first look it might seems complicated, but follow these steps and you will get started easy.

start by downloading OBS: https://obsproject.com/download

I have already several scenes in OBS, since I use it regularly. But here I am creating a new scene. Hit +, give the scene a name

When the scene is named, hit + in Sources

If you want to add a video feed, click Video Capture Device

I this case I have already used the camera previously, so I am choosing it from the existing, you could also create a new and name the device

Then you will see the camera feed. You can choose the size and placement of the video feed. It could be full screen, but could also just be a part of the scene.


If you want to have a second camera, just add another source with a video feed. OBS works with two USB cams. You could add more through a HDMI Capture card


So here I want to add a browser, just to show how to set up several sources in a scene

Go the browser site that you want to add to the scene and paste the link into URL

So now you got two sources in the scene, this could also be a PowerPoint and your video

Sometimes I feel the video feed is taking to much space, so you will be able to mark the video feed and go to Edit - Transform - Edit Transform

Here you can crop the video feed to the size you want to have

Then you can make the browser or PowerPoint have more space in the scene

If you are using a specific microphone add a Audio Input Capture

I am using Røde Wireless Go for most of my recordings, so adding that and make sure to mute the desktop audio and mic

You could also add a description of the Live streaming or name and tittle

So there you go, pretty easy to make it look pro

If you want to have a similar look to OBS as you have as producer in Teams, hit the studio mode

You can control everything from OBS on your pc.

But if you would like to have handy controls you can buy a stream deck, which then will act as shortcuts. You can program each button.

Open Stream Deck software, go to OBS Studio - drag and drop Scene to the wanted button. Type a tittle and select the scene that you have created in OBS

Create a new button to the next scene

If you are using the Studio Mode, go to OBS again and hit Setting - Hotkeys - Transition, and hit CTRL + T (or the shortcut you prefer)

Add a Transit button to the Stream Deck. So go back to the Stream Deck software and scroll down to System, drag and drop Hotkey and type CTRL + T

Now you are ready to create semi pro Live Events in Teams. If you want to see how it could look in a Live event please watch my video here

Thanks for ready - Please feel free to share

Lars Berlau - Black Belt

Microsoft Teams Obscure Background

Microsoft Teams Obs Virtual Cam

Microsoft Teams is a great collaboration platform, but it’s often used for much one than that. One use case is recording podcasts/vodcasts or even professional TV production. Today what you can do is relatively limited. For example, I record my monthly UC Today podcast on Microsoft Teams, we use the native Teams experience, natively recorded in Stream. Then it is given a simple overlay in post-production.

Microsoft Teams Obs Ndi

But what if you want to do more than this? If you want to take each person’s video feed in and control the layout, do overlays etc.? Coming soon, NDI (Network Device Interface), for Microsoft Teams enable this. It will allow you to convert each participant’s video into a discrete video source that can be used in the production tool of your choice, OBS, Wirecast, Xsplit, StreamLabs and many more. These tools allow you to control layouts, levels etc.

This will be great for podcasts, YouTube and other content creators.

Skype TX Interoperability

In addition to NDI support, Microsoft is adding Skype TX Interoperability. Skype TX is a studio-grade hardware and software solution from Microsoft, which allows you to integrate Skype callers from anywhere in the world into a broadcast. Skype TX hardware is available from Newtek, Quicklink and Broadcast Bionics. Skype TX converts Skype consumer calls into professional HD-SDI feeds ready to be integrated into production workflows.

Soon Microsoft Teams interop will enable the connection of 1:1 calls for interviews and newscasts with professional capabilities, including caller queuing and connection quality management. I imagine this is working via Teams to Skype consumer interop.

No dates were given for either feature. They were mentioned in a recent Build Microsoft Teams Updates blog here. I will have a blog as soon as it’s available or we know more, to stay in the know, subscribe for my every other week email update here.

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