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Microsoft Teams has a full-featured web application accessible within the Chrome browser on a Chromebook. In most cases, this web app looks and behaves the same as the Windows 10 desktop client. To use this feature, you'll need to work in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or the Windows Teams desktop app. Start an audio or video chat by clicking the Meet now button (the one that looks like a. Microsoft Teams 屏幕共享. 办公插件 2019-10-22 09:15:00. 当你使用 Chrome 进行 Teams 呼叫或加入会议时,Google Chrome 分机允许你:共享屏幕.

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Microsoft Teams was introduced in 2017 as a unified communication and collaboration platform, helping businesses and organizations get things done. Microsoft leveraged the company’s existing.

Microsoft Teams ChromeMicrosoft

How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting on your internet browser without downloading the Teams application. Teams Meetings are online meetings complete with audio, video, text chat, application and screen sharing, and more. Includes a video guide and text instructions.

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This guide details the procedure for joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting on the web. Joining a teams meeting on the web can be done with the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browsers and does not require a software download. Joining on the web is useful if you do not have the Microsoft Teams application installed on the computer you are using or if you are a guest who was invited to a meeting hosted by someone at UW-Green Bay. If you do have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer, the easiest way to join a Teams meeting is from within the application. Please see Microsoft Teams - Joining a Teams Meeting With the Teams Desktop Application.

Microsoft Teams Meetings can be joined on the web by clicking a meeting link in an email invitation or event in your Outlook calendar. Use the following procedure to join a Teams meeting on the web with a meeting link:

  1. Locate the meeting invitation message in your email inbox and open the message. If you accepted the meeting invitation and RSVP’d in Outlook, you can open the meeting event in Outlook’s calendar instead. To access the calendar in outlook, press the Calendar button in the lower-left corner of Outlook. Double-click the meeting event in your calendar to open it and view the invitation message.

  2. Look for the Click here to join the meeting link within the body of the email message or calendar event and click it.

  3. A Teams Join conversation web page will open in your default web browser. What happens next will vary depending on your browser and whether or not Microsoft Teams is installed on your computer:

    • If you have the Microsoft Teams application installed on your computer, the Teams application may open automatically or your browser may open a prompt asking if you would like to open Microsoft Teams. Confirm and click Open to join the meeting with the Microsoft Teams application. (If you do not wish to join the meeting within the Teams app and would rather join on the web, dismiss the prompt by clicking Cancel instead).
    • If you do not have the Microsoft Teams application installed on your computer, you can join on the web without installing the application. This option will appear differently depending on your browser:
      • If you are using Microsoft Edge, you can join the meeting by clicking the Join on the web instead button. Look for a “Let use your webcam and microphone?” prompt at the bottom of the browser window and click Yes.
      • If you are using Google Chrome, you can join the meeting by clicking on the Join on the web instead button. Under Chrome’s address bar, look for a “ wants to” use your microphone and use your camera prompt and click Allow.
      • NOTE: This Join conversation page takes on a different appearance if you are currently logged into your UWGB Office 365 account on Edge or Chrome. In this case, click the Continue on this browser button to join the meeting on the web.
      • If you are using a web browser that is not supported by Teams, you will see a message in the web page that “Your browser does not support Teams meetings.” Click the Join in Microsoft Edge button to open the meeting in the Edge browser. Your browser may open a prompt asking you to confirm that you want to open Microsoft Edge. Confirm and choose Open link if prompted.
  4. Once you have selected the method of entry and given the website permission to use your camera and microphone, you will be taken to a page where you can configure your audio and video settings and preview your video before joining the meeting. Type your name in the “Enter name” field located inside of the video preview window.

  5. To enter the meeting, click the Join now button located inside of the video preview window. Before joining you may optionally configure the following settings:

    • Press the slider buttons in the bottom of the video preview to set whether you will enter the meeting with your camera on or off and your microphone on or muted.
    • Press the Settings cog button in the bottom-right of the video preview to open up a Device settings panel where you can select which audio and video devices to use in the meeting. Use the drop-down menus under Speaker, Microphone, and Camera to select the devices you want to use.
    • The buttons under “Other join options” should be ignored in almost all instances of Teams Meetings at UWGB. Please note that the Phone audio feature is not supported with UWGB’s Teams service and will be grayed out.
  6. Depending on how the meeting settings are configured, you may see a “Someone in the meeting should let you in soon” message. The meeting organizer will be notified that you are waiting in the lobby and will be given the option to admit you.

  7. Once you have entered the meeting, you can use buttons in the Meeting controls panel in the bottom middle of the meeting window to turn on/off your microphone and camera, share your screen, open the conversation (text chat), and access other meeting features. Please see Microsoft Teams - Teams Meeting Controls for more information.
    NOTE: Screen sharing is currently only supported in Google Chrome and the Microsoft Teams desktop application.

This blog is a transcriptfrom the Teams Client video featuring MVP’s Sigi Jagott & Tom Arbuthnot.

Microsoft Teams Chrome

Microsoft Teams has many different clients, so in this video, Sigi and Tom are going to discuss what they are and how we use them.

Tom usesTeams a lot, and mostly lives on the mobile client because he’s usually out andabout with customers so it’s more convenient for him. He uses the iOS client,and the Windows client, and he’s also in a lot of customer tenants. Here, hehas individual browsers set up in guest tenants, meaning he’s in multipletenants at the same quite often.

Microsoft Teams Chrome

Tom used touse the Chrome browser, but he’s just switched to the Edge beta browser and foundit’s performing really well. What he’s able to do is open different browserwindows in private mode and then he can look into different Teams. What’s handyis both Chrome and the Edge beta allow profiles, which he has set up for eachof his customers. Tom’s got a scripton his blog which you can use for automatically generating Chrome Apps andChrome Windows for each tenant. You can switch in Teams between customers, butTom finds because he’s in and out of so many different sessions with different customers,he likes having them running side-by-side.

Microsoft Teams Chromebook

On theother hand, Sigi is using Firefox and there’s an app on there called Containerswhich is the same thing, so it doesn’t matter too much what browser you use. Sigi’salso not shy to admit he’s more of a desktop guy because he still loves hiswindows and putting everything on his desktop.

Unsurprisingly, Sigi is using the Teams App on his desktop, and he also uses iOS Teams App, which he thinks is awesome because it switches very quickly between the tenants and the performance is impressive.

However, there is some feature disparity, the mobile client has features that don’t appear on the desktop, so the impression here is that the desktop client is slower and a bigger platform to update.

The mobile client seems to be doing an amazing job because it’s bringing out new features more quickly and they’re using some clever caching and mobile technology which is all very rapid and responsive.

The desktopclient uses a framework called Electron, which is a developer framework thathosts a web app essentially, which definitely has some performance overhead withit. So this is why you should see reasonable performance out of it, and if you’renot, you should definitely talk to your IT pro or raise tickets on Microsoft.

The mobileclients are so well coded, they definitely put the desktop to shame in terms ofhow responsive they are. Electron is the overhead, so that may be causing issuesif the client appears slower.

The mobile clients can also do some clever caching amongst other capabilities, and it’s the same Electron framework used behind Yammer and Visual Studio Code. GitHub owns and manages Electron, which is an open-source framework, and obviously Microsoft now owns GitHub. So it comes as no surprise that they’re working hard to make the performance better and ‘snappier’ for the mobile client.

For Sigi, the biggest problem is tenant switching because he’s a consultant and works with a lot of clients, so to make this easier, he has a full list of different tenants and mobile switches are very quick. However, with Windows, you have to keep logging in again, which isn’t the best user experience.

They both feel that consultants have to take the brunt of the pain, because if you’re a customer your bringing people inside your tenant like outside consultants so it’s not too bad, but if you’re a consultant and your working with five or six customers you do switch a lot and you definitely feel that pain more, hopefully, this will improve over time.

So what newfeatures are available?

Microsoft Teams Chrome Os

The biggest new feature coming up is the Private Channels, it’s been the hottest and most highly-rated feature on the UserVoice for a while.

Microsoft Teams Chromebook App

You cancreate a channel, but everyone in the Team gets automatic access. So a PrivateChannel you would expect a sub-set of people that are included. It’s a commonrequirement to have this separate area as part of the Team that has separate informationin.

At the time of recording, it’s just been confirmed that there is a Linux client in the works, so previously on Linux, you had to have a web client or web app. This just demonstrates how cross-platform Microsoft is being, there is a customer demand there and they’re going to meet that demand.

Microsoft Teams Chromebook Download

Hopefully, we’ll see some more announcements at Ignite, so stay tuned.

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