How to merge sheets into one and remove the duplicates in Excel?

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If there are several sheets within one file, hold the Ctrl key and click on each sheet tab. Alternatively, go to the first worksheet you want to copy, hold the Shift key and click on the last worksheet. That way, all worksheets in between will be selected as well. Once all worksheets are selected, right click on any of the selected worksheets. The Power Query tool sheets provide a quick and easy way to combine a lot of worksheets into one. When we have just a few sets of workbooks we want to merge, we can use these steps: We will open all the worksheets we wish to combine. Figure 2 – Sheet 1 for merge table from different sheets. Figure 3 – Sheet 2 for merging excel sheets into. This file has 10 sheets, conveniently named Sheet1 through Sheet10. On each sheet, on row 14 there are the column headers: S/N, RegistryNr, Surname, FirstName, (empty), FatherName, MotherName, sex, (empty), DOB. How can I merge every sheet into one dataset? I know that with excelsheets('report.xlsx') I can get all the sheet names into a vector. Merge Excel Files Tool software can merge multiple excel sheets into one new sheet or merge excel workbooks into one new workbook with multiple worksheets. The software also can import one or more CSV files, XML files, TXT files into a blank MS Excel file, and insert them all into one sheet or individual sheets.

How to combine data from multiple worksheets using Power Query: Query Editor in Excel Power Query is a powerful way to combine data from multiple sheets into a master list for further analysis. It enhances Business Intelligence for Excel by helping you extract, combine and shape data coming from a wide variety of sources.

If there are some sheets with same structure and some duplicates in a workbook, the job is to combine the sheets into one sheet and remove the duplicate data, how can you quickly handle it in Excel?

Merge excel sheets into one workbook python

Merge sheets into one and remove duplicates with Copy and Paste

In Excel, there is no built-in function can quickly merge sheets and remove duplicates, you just can copy and paste the sheet contents one by one then apply Remove Duplicates function to remove the duplicates.

1. Select the contents in Sheet1 you use, press Ctrl+C to copy the contents, then go to a new sheet to place the cursor in one cell, press Ctrl + V to paste the first part.

2. Repeat above step to copy and paste all sheet contents into one sheet.

3. Select the combined contents, click Data > Remove Duplicates.

4. In the Remove Duplicates dialog, check or uncheck My data has headers as you need, keep all columns in your selection checked.

Tip: If your headers have been repeated in the selection, uncheck My data has headers, if not, check it.

5. Click OK. A dialog pops out to remind you the number of removed items and remain items.

6. Click OK. The sheets have been combined into one with all duplicates removed.

Merge sheets into one and remove duplicates with Kutools for Excel’s Combine function

If there are dozens or hundreds of sheets needed to be merged into one, manual copy and paste will be time-wasted. Fortunately, the Combine function of Kutools for Excel can quickly combine multiple sheets into one sheet.

with more than 300 handy functions, makes your jobs more easier.

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Excel Now!)

1. Enable Excel, and click Kutools Plus > Combine, in the Combine Worksheets dialog, check Combine multiple worksheets from workbooks into one worksheet option.

Merge Excel Sheets Into One Pdf

2. Click Next. In the second Combine Worksheets window, click Add > File or Folder to open the Open dialog, then select the workbook you want to combine all sheets into one.

Merge excel sheets into one sheetOne

3. Then check the workbook in Workbook list pane you have added just now, go to the right section of Worksheet list pane, confirm the sheets you want to combine into one are checked.

4. Click Next, in the last step of the dialog, specify the setting of the combine sheet as you need. If you have one row header of each sheet, you just need to type 1 in the textbox of Title row number.

5. Click Finish. Select one location and give a name for the combined workbook.

7. Click Save. And after combining, a dialog pops out to remind you if open the combined workbook.

Merge excel sheets into one book

8. Click Yes to open the combined workbook, then the data have been combined into one sheet.

9. Select the combined data, click Kutools > Select > Select Duplicate & Unique Cells.

10. In the Select Duplicate & Unique Cells dialog, check Duplicates ( Except 1st one) option and Select entire rows option.

Combine Excel Sheets Macro

11. Click Ok > OK to close Select Duplicate & Unique Cells dialogs. Now the duplicate rows have been selected.

12. Right click at one of the selected row number, select Delete from context menu.

Merge Excel Sheets Into One Sheet Vba


Now the sheets have been combined without duplicate data.

Merge two tables into one with duplicates removed and new data updated by Kutools for Excel’s Tables Merge

If you have two tables needed to be combine into one, and you want to remove the duplicates and update the table with new data, you can use Kutools for Excel’s Tables Merge utility.

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Excel Now!)

1. Select the main table you want to update with new data of other table, click Kutools Plus > Tables Merge.

2. In the popping Tables Merge dialog, select the second table in Select the lookup table section.

3. Click Next, in step 2, check the key column you use to compare two tables based on.

4. Click Next,in step 3,select the columns you will use to update the main table. In this case, I check all columns.

5. Click Next, in the step 5 (in this tutorial, there is no new column to be added, so the step 4 of the dialog has been skipped), check Add mismatched rows to the end of the main table option in Add options section, check Only update the cells when there is data in the lookup table option in Update options section.

6. Click Finish. Now the two tables are merged into the main table. You can see the main table has been updated with new data of the second table.

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