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Download the latest version of MediBang Paint for whatever device you're using. MediBang Paint is a design and drawing program, especially aimed at manga comic drawers, that comes with a series of particularly useful features for creating panels, vignettes and paging. Whether you want to draw comics or not, either way, this tool is very versatile.

Medibang Paint Download Kindle

MediBang Paint is a free and specialized drawing software that contains all the essential features for creating comics. We must emphasize the richness of the editing tools and the many elements provided.
You can start the project from scratch or import it in different formats, for this you need to register as a user in the developer database.
It comes with a modern and common interface for graphics editors and which has all the tools needed to make comics. We can highlight some of the hundreds of functions it comes with, the fixing grid can be used to perfectly draw lines and curves, Pen Mapping for inks, watercolor brush for coloring and GPen, and each brush has different parameters and can be customized if desired, moreover, MediBang Paint allows you to paint on different layers, similar to Photoshop.
After completing the project, you can save it in MDP format (MediBang format), JPG, PNG, BMP and PSD. Keep in mind that you can also save your creations to an online storage space after creating a MediBang user account.
The software can be used very well for both individual projects, but can be adapted to collaborative projects with shared work, multi-platform compatibility and cloud backup.
In conclusion, easy to use and complete, Medibang Paint is a very good tool for editing manga and comics, it benefits from a lot of tools and options to run your project in excellent conditions.
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MediBang Paint enables creative people to turn their inspiration into an infinite variety of original drawings, illustrations, sketches, and comics, anywhere they want.
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The Android app offers almost as many features as a desktop software but within an interface specifically optimized for mobile devices. It provides tons of brushes, colors, fonts, textures and backgrounds free of charge, and even more tools with a paid subscription.

The mobile solution enables users to access a large set of painting and drawing tools, from Pencil, Edge Pen, Airbrush and Watercolor to Smudge, Acrylic, Sumi and Rotation Symmetry Pen. They can switch between various brush sizes straightforwardly, adjust colors and create shortcuts to deploy favorite features quicker.

Furthermore, the app includes an expansive gallery of patterns rendering city landscapes, vehicles, cartoon characters, speech bubbles, and many other items. You have the freedom to add those backgrounds, textures or animated characters to any of your drawings, edit them further and reduce your overall effort.

Insert personal photos, rotate, flip or divide the canvas into many panels, use multiple layers to create more sophisticated works of art and save projects as PNG or JPG files.


  • Make sketches, drawings, paintings, and illustrations anytime you feel inspired
  • Switch between various brushes, colors and many other creative tools
  • Divide canvas into many sections and draw on multiple layers
  • Explore the massive collection of pre-made animated characters, backgrounds, and textures.

What's new in MediBang Paint - Make Art ! APK 20.1:

For more information on downloading MediBang Paint - Make Art ! to your phone, check out our guide: how to install APK files.

Other MediBang Paint - Make Art ! APK versions (21):

  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 21.32021-04-01
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 21.22021-02-25
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 21.12021-01-29
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 20.22020-12-29
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 19.72020-10-27
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 19.62020-09-28
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 19.32020-09-04
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 19.12020-06-18
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 19.02020-05-14
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 18.42020-03-12
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 18.22020-02-28
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.62019-12-06
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.42019-08-22
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.22019-08-08
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.1.22019-06-13
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.1.12019-04-23
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.12019-04-19
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.0.22019-04-11
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.0.12019-04-03
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 17.02019-03-28
  • MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 16.0.22019-01-21

Medibang Paint Download Android

New in MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 20.1:
  • Minor bugs fixed.

selected version:

MediBang Paint - Make Art ! 20.1 (OLD) get current version instead (21.3)
30.5 MB
arm, arm64, x86, x86_64
API Minimum:
21 - Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
API Target:
29 - Android 10
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