Jason Bourne Amazon Prime

Jason Bourne Amazon Prime

Jason Bourne the 4th film in the series but this film just feels like they're just going through the motions this time around. There is some decent acting, action, and suspense, but i found it really boring in parts in parts and was in 2 minds whether to carry on watching or not, i did carry on, but Jason Bourne still dosen't find out who he is, ready for film 5 you know its coming, I get the. Jordan is back with a new action movie on Amazon Prime. And resolutions were coming fast and this one film felt like it had the conspiracy level of three Jason Bourne movies.

'Treadstone had all my favourite things. Strong women. Strong independent women, working together on a goal,' said Ifeachor.

'Tara was a character who was fun to play, fun to read. And I got to work out, which is my favourite thing to do. And it threw in travel, so it had everything.

Is Jason Bourne Available On Netflix

'I think she was even more fun to play than to watch. I love to play a character who is similar to me in many ways and different to me in many others. The things that I love about Tara is that she is someone who leaps without looking. She will leap before even thinking about looking. She is a force for good. She is a fighter. And she gets to travel all around the world in search of the answer to this story.

'She was a journalist and a war correspondent, but something goes wrong and she gives it all up because if she’s not going to be allowed to report on truth, she doesn’t want to be part of that world. And then in walks the CIA and they say, you know that story people said wasn’t true – actually it is true and now we need you to come help us.

'Most people would say, I’m out, I’m living my life, I’m living it large, but she says ‘no’, I want to go on this amazing journey. She can’t see a thread and not pull it.


'I think as well, she is determined to chase the truth. We live in a world now where truth is subjective and she is someone who wants to keep the truth as truth – an objective fact, not something subjective.'

2. Action sequences to make your jaw hit the floor

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