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Question: Q: My iPhone 6s Plus won’t update to iOS 14 and I have enough space and have check everything I can think of More Less Apple Footer This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only. WatchOS 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later, and is currently compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and later. 26, 2019 iOS 12.4.1 – File size: 105MB. The iPhone 6s iOS 14.5.1 update is a small one. The new firmware comes with a short list of changes. The update is focused on security. Many users have already made the jump to iOS 14.5.1 which.

Some or all contacts disappeared from iPhone after updating to iOS 14? Read this guide to find a quick way to get back your missing contacts from iPhone 12/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6s.

iOS Data Disappeared/Lost

iPhone contacts missing happens. It could be just some contacts disappearing, or all of them have gone from an iPhone. This happens on all models of iPhones including the coming iPhone 12 and iPhone 11/XS/XR/X and even elder iPhones. This is a really common issue!

  • New iOS software update or iOS downgrade – You may find your iPhone contacts missing after you updating to new iOS 14 or iOS 13 new updates or downgrading to the previous iOS. That’s mostly because contacts are not synced back with iCloud or some problem occurs during the process.
  • If your iPhone won't update to iOS 14, it might mean that your phone is incompatible or doesn't have enough free memory. IPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus; iPhone SE (both first and second.

Why Your iPhone Contacts Disappeared?

There some possible reasons you may meet that can cause iPhone contacts disappeared issue like:

  • New iOS software update or iOS downgrade – You may find your iPhone contacts missing after you updating to new iOS 14 or iOS 13 new updates or downgrading to the previous iOS. That’s mostly because contacts are not synced back with iCloud or some problem occurs during the process.
  • iOS system issues or iTunes restore/sync problems – You may meet kinds of iPhone system issues or iTunes problems, which can also cause the contacts disappeared from your iPhone. Your iPhone contacts may get erased or lost suddenly.
  • iPhone Jailbreak – Jailbreak your iPhone is fun, but you may be stuck on kinds of system issues when you jailbreaking your iPhone. That’s can also be the reason why iPhone contacts missing.
  • Mistaken deletion or operation: Some users may mistakenly delete or operate wrongly with iCloud contacts sync, which makes the iPhone contacts lost.

We do know the thing is how to find those missing contacts from iPhone and get them back. Don’t worry. we collected 4 methods to help you with your iPhone contacts disappeared issue. Just follow the list and start your recovery process.

Quick Fixes to Contacts Disappeared from iPhone

iPhone contacts missing would happen in many situations. Here we will present some quick and simple tips to retrieve them back directly.

Turn Off and Turn On iCloud Contacts

Simply re-sync your iPhone contacts with iCloud may fix this issue quickly. So go to Settings > Tap iCloud > Find Contacts> Toggle it off if it is on, and then toggle it on again; While if it is off, turn it on > Then iCloud will ask you if replacing your iPhone contacts with iCloud contents, select Delete from My iPhone. And your contacts will get back again.


Restart Your iPhone

Restarting iDevice can work for many iPhone iPad problems. And it is easy to operate. Hold on the power button to show Slide to Turn Off > Turn it off > Hold on the power button to launch your iPhone again. If your iPhone screen was stuck or frozen, there are still some methods to force restart your iPhone device.

Reset Network Settings

You can also give it a try with network resetting to fix the issue of contacts disappeared from the iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter your passcode when requested.
  • You should see a warning message that this action will delete all your network settings. Choose Reset Network Settings to continue.
  • Check if your contacts disappeared from iPhone are back.

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Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared with iTunes Backups

Ios 14.2 for iphone 6s

If you have backed up your iPhone before to iTunes, and missing contacts are included in the backup, restoring from iTunes would be the first option and easiest way to get them back. But you must know that iTunes does not enable users to view backup files, so you never know whether the iTunes backup contains your disappearing iPhone contacts. Besides, iTunes restoring is a process of replacing the whole device with backup files, so all existed data on the iPhone will be erased. Not friendly enough.

To help you find the right missing contacts, without iTunes limits, you can give it a try with PhoneRescue for iOS. Because this program enables you to preview contacts on your iTunes backup file in advance, so you can easily know whether your lost contacts are saved on the iTunes backup so that you can directly extract any contacts from backup to your iPhone contacts app directly.

So why not download it now, and then follow us to get back iPhone contacts disappeared?

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Run PhoneRescue for iOS on your computer > Choose Recover from Backup option (Connect your iPhone to it if you plan to recover missing iPhone contacts to the device directly) > Click the right arrow to continue.

Choose Recover from Backup

Step 2. Then all iTunes backups will be displayed. Choose the one that contains what you need (Note: If you choose the backup that created on a date, absolutely the data will be updated on that date.) > Click right arrow > It will pop up a screen for choosing what kind of exact data types you would like to scan. Choose Contacts > Click on the OK button to go on.

Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared with iTunes Backups

Step 3. It will start scanning all contacts in iTunes backup. After finishing, select the one(s) you would like to recover > Click on the To Device button to download them to your device directly.

If you failed to find missing iPhone contacts from iTunes backup, or have no iTunes backups, you can go to check when your last iCloud backup was created. To check the create date of the last iCloud backup with detailed steps below.

Check the Date of the Last iCloud Backup

On your iPhone, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Check the create date of last back below Back Up Now.

Check Last iCloud Backup on iPhone

If you have an available iCloud backup, and this backup may contain the disappearing iPhone contacts, you can restore them from iCloud backup. But Apple does not provide iCloud backup previewing, so you never know what files will be backed to your iPhone until the whole process is finished. Besides, iCloud restoring also leads to all existed data on iPhone being erased.

So in such a situation, PhoneRescue will also be the first choice to help you view contacts in all iCloud backup files. You can check whether the iCloud backup includes what you want. Besides, after it helps you find your missing iPhone contacts, you can selectively select any items and restore them to your iPhone without data erasing.

Get Back Disappeared Contacts from iCloud using PhoneRescue

So why not download it now, and then follow us to get back iPhone contacts disappeared from iCloud backup?

Step 1. Run PhoneRescue for iOS on your PC/Mac > Choose Recover from iCloud (Connect your iPhone to it if you plan to recover contacts to the device directly) > Click the right arrow to continue.

Step 2. Sign in your iCloud account.

Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared with iCloud Backups

Step 3. Choosing the iCloud Backup option.

Step 4. Then it will show all iCloud backups. Choose the one probably including the missing contacts > Click Download > Then it will pop up a page to choose what kind of data type to download. So check Contacts > Click OK button to continue.

Choose the Contacts Backup to Download

Step 5. After downloading, all contacts in the iCloud backup will be displayed. Choose the one(s) disappearing from your iPhone > Click To Device button to recover them to your iPhone, or To Computer to save them on your PC/Mac.

Fix iPhone Contacts Disappeared If You Have No Backup

There is no doubt that not all of you have the habit of backing up. Or sometimes, even though you have backed up your iPhone, the backup files don’t contain your missing iPhone contacts. Under such occasions, what can you do with it?

Normally, many people will tell you that you never find disappearing iPhone contacts without iTunes & iCloud backups. But the truth is that there is still a chance, with some third professional iOS data recovery applications. PhoneRescue for iOS is just the best one of them.

PhoneRescue for iOS can scan your iPhone and list all the deleted or missing files as long as they have not overwritten, and allows you to preview these files before getting them back to iPhone or computer. Download it now, and follow the steps below to scan your iPhone, and check if the disappeared iPhone contacts are overwritten or not.

Step 1. Run PhoneRescue for iOS on PC/Mac > Connect your iPhone to it > Choose Recover from iOS Device > Click right arrow.

PhoneRescue for iOS Overview

Step 2. At the popping-up page, select Contacts > Click OK button.

Step 3. It will start scanning your iPhone > After scanning, all contacts will be shown. Choose the one(s) you plan to recover > Click To Device button to recover them to your iPhone, or To Computer to save them on your PC/Mac.

Preview and Recover Contacts

For any other iPhone disappeared data, such as messages, photos, videos, music, Line messages, etc. after iOS update, or due to other factors, PhoneRescue for iOS is also good at getting them back for you.

The Bottom Line

You are welcomed to share your idea on how to fix the iPhone contacts disappeared problem in the comment section below. And of course, you can also discuss your iOS 13/14 problems here.

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After installing iOS 14, you may meet some charging problems: the iPhone not charging or charging slowly. Read to get some solutions to fix the iOS charging issues.

iOS Update Tips & Problems

iOS Update Tips
Problems During iOS Update
Problems After Update

We’ve seen many users complained that iOS 14.2 causes severe battery drain issues after upgrading to the new iOS 14 on their iPhone, and the iPhone/iPad won’t charge or charge slowly. The new iOS brings a set of fun features, but it is possible that you may meet kinds of iOS issues like the charging problems we just mentioned.

Also Read: How to Backup iPhone in Recovery Mode with Ease

Mostly it’s a hardware problem with the USB or Dock connector or wall adapter, but sometimes it’s a software issue that some potential solutions may fix it. Before contacting Apple for help, follow this article and we’ll get you back up by offering several quick fixes to the iPhone not charging or charging slowly problem in iOS 14.

Part 1. iPhone/iPad/iPod Not Charging
Part 2. iPhone/iPad/iPod Charging Slowly
Part 3. Fix iPhone Charing Issues with AnyFix

How to Fix iPhone Won’t Charge Issues After iOS 14 Update

When plugging your iPhone or iPad into the wall outlet or computer, you find that it is not charging. Why? This is a common issue many users complained about. Before you change a new battery, there are some solutions that are worth-a-try.

  1. Always use official Apple-matched chargers. If you use some cheap cables that are low quality, you’ll usually encounter an error that the cable is not certified on the iPhone (or iPad). This may be what is causing the iPhone not charging issue.
  2. Hard reset your iDevice. In many cases, restarting or hard rebooting your device will fix this issue easily.
  3. Check the lighting cable for damage. Most of us have experienced a broken charging cable at some point. The exposed internal wires are not safe to charge your iDevice and that might be why your iPhone or iPad won’t charge when plugged in.
  4. Change the wall outlet or Apple lighting cable if available.
  5. Turn off your iDevice and charge it: Just Press and hold the Sleep/wake button > Turn off your iPhone/iPad when you see “Slide to power off” > Charge your iDevice now.
  6. Restore your device running iOS 14 with iTunes. Firstly, backup your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, and then restore it from the backup you just created.

iPhone Charging Slowly Issues After iOS 14 Update

Is your iPhone or iPad charging slower than usual after download the new iOS? Get some quick tips to get your iPhone or iPad charged faster in this part.

Ios 14.2 Iphone 6s Battery Life

1. Clean up the Charging Port of Your iPhone or iPad. After a period of use, the lightning port of your iPhone or iPad may get full of dirt or dust that reduces the charging speed of your iDevice. Firstly shut down iPhone/iPad and then use toothpicks or a dry soft toothbrush to get all the dirt out of the charging port.

2. Use an iPad Charger for iPhone. To charge your iPhone quicker you can try using an iPad charger if you got one.

3. Turn on Airplane Mode and Turn off Wi-Fi While Charging. In this way, you won’t be able to make or receive calls, messages, and notifications or connect to the network, but this makes the battery charge faster.

4. Turn off iPhone/iPad While Charging. This is just like the third method, you can charge faster by turning off your iDevice while charging, and you can try this method during the night when you won’t need to use your iPhone or iPad.

To help you save iPhone battery, we give you 16 basic tips to extend and maintain iOS battery life. Hope it is helpful.

Part 3. Fix iPhone Charging & Other iOS 14 Problems with AnyFix

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is a professional iOS system and iTunes repair tool. With it, you can fix 130+ iOS / iPadOS / tvOS issues and iTunes problems. If the above methods not working, you can have a try on AnyFix to solve the iPhone charging issues. It can also quickly put or get your iPhone out of recovery mode. Download AnyFix – iOS System Recovery on your computer and follow the steps below to fix the iOS system issue:

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

Step 1. Open AnyFix and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. Choose System Repair.

Tap on System Repair

Step 2. Choose iPhone Problems and click on Start Now.

Step 3. You will need to download firmware for your iPhone. Click on Download.

Download a Matching Firmware for your Device

Step 4. After downloading the firmware, you can start repairing your iPhone system. Click Fix Now. After that, you can check if the charging issues be sloved or not.

The Bottom Line

If you have any good suggestions to fix iPhone not charging issue after the iOS 14 update, please share it with us in the comment sections. If you feel this article is helpful, you can share it with your families or friends to help more people.

Ios 11 On 6s

Free Download * 100% Clean & Safe

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Ios 14.2 Iphone 6ss

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