So you came here to learn how to Uninstall Apps on iOS 14 right. Sounds simple enough but if you are new to iPhone or iOS in general it can be confusing.

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Once you've updated your ‌iPhone 11‌ to iOS 14.5 or later (Settings - General - Software Update), you'll see a message in the Settings app under the Battery - Battery Health section informing. With iOS 14.5 coming later this spring (and available as a beta right now if you cannot wait), iPhone 11 series users will be able to recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance.

Worst if you are not so tech savvy. But fret not as I will be showing you How to DELETE Apps on iOS 14 and by extension how to Delete Apps from the Apps Library as well,which is new to iOS 14.

With that being said all I ask is that you share my Guide if it was useful at all at the end.

iOS Devices this Guide will Apply to:

This guide will Apply to devices running iOS 14 and older. It will work on devices such as iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and so on. It will also work on iPad’s as well.

Here is What to do to uninstall a App:

To uninstall a App do the following.

1.Find a desired App you want to remove on your Home screen or one of your Pages.

2.Long press the App and do not let go until you get a App Giggle.

3.Click the minus symbol left side.

4.Click on: Delete App. Once you select Delete confirm to delete the data as well if asked. The App should be removed in seconds.


5.Press and hold a App for a few seconds.

6.When the context menu Apps select: Remove App.Next confirm if asked to delete data and the App will be removed.

How to Remove Apps from the App Library?

Apps are stored in the App Library and not always stored on the Home Screen or Pages. With that being said.

1.Go to the App Library by swiping all the way over from your Home screen to the right.

2.Now search through the app Library by scrolling and searching by category or use the search at the top to look for the App.

3.Next go ahead when you find the app and as above long press.

3.Select Delete App and Delete Data if you are given the option.

There you have it the App will be removed and remember Apps can be in the App Library and you don’t notice them as the icon is not on the Home screen.

One More thing:

As asked earlier please share the guide if it has now proved useful. You can take it a step further and also check out some more articles as well.

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