Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: Season 1 – January 1 on Discovery Channel
Dream Home Makeover: Season 2 – January 1 on Netflix
Love, Lost & Found – January 6 on Amazon Prime
Mira Mira – January 15 on Crypt TV’s Facebook Watch @CryptMonsters
Our Friend – In select theatres and VOD on January 22

Murder Among the Mormons – March 3 on Netflix
The Canyonlands – March 9 on VOD
Stay Out of the Attic – March 11 on Shudder
Lamb of God: The Concert Film – In select theatres on March 12
The Chosen: Season 2 – April 4 on VidAngel
The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch – May 4 on History Channel
Mission Stories – In select theatres on May 7
The Killing of Two Lovers – In select theatres and VOD on May 14
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: Season 2 – May 14 on Disney+
Witnesses – In select theatres on June 4
My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell It To – In select theatres and VOD on June 25
The Outpost: Season 4 – July 15 on CW
Nine Days – In select theatres and VOD on July 30
Babysitter Must Die – Summer 2021
Grandpa’s Crazy? – Summer 2021
9 Years to Neptune – Fall 2021

High school musical amazon prime ukBy Katherine McLaughlin

The official soundtrack for the first season of the Disney+ original series, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is here. Featuring songs from the series including classic favourites like Stick to the Status Quo, and Breaking Free, as well as new songs All I Want, Wondering, and I Think I Kinda, You Know. HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, Disney Channel's 2006 original made-for-tv film, took kidnation by storm and made overnight stars out of Zac Efron and Vannesa Anne Hudgens. It also spawned a humongously successful TV movie sequel ( High School Musical 2 (Extended Edition) ), and there's word that the third flick will be theatrically released.

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Prom and Pep Rallies Galore! Here Are 15 High School TV Shows on Amazon Prime

Every now and then, I miss high school. I think about the sports, school spirit, the lack of responsibility I had, and my friends, and I get a little nostalgic. Then I remember the growing pains, the life lessons I had to learn, the homework, and I miss it all a little less. Still, there's something about the idea of high school in its best form that's always fun to look back on.

High School Musical On Amazon Prime

Whenever I get in this mood, I love to turn to TV shows set in high school. I crave the pep rally and prom aesthetics, the first-love and coming-of-age tropes, the heartbreak, and the drama. Luckily, Amazon Prime has a huge selection of high school TV shows to satisfy my hunger. Whether you're in high school and looking for something to relate to, or years past it and looking for something to reminisce on, check out these 15 high school TV shows on Amazon Prime.

High School Musical 3 Amazon Prime

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