Watch Nick Jonas Surprise a Deserving EMT and Her Family in Amazon Prime's Regular Heroes
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The Torchlighters - Heroes of the Faith. 4.5 out of 5 stars 24. Prime Video $0.99 $ 0. 99 to buy episode. Or $0.00 with a Prime membership. Amazon Prime; Returns & Replacements; Manage Your Content and Devices; Amazon Assistant; Help; English United States. No surprise then that HEROES, premiering on September 25, 2006, quickly became one of the hottest new shows of 2006. While this show's big hook hinges on the superhero theme, HEROES doesn't come all heavy with the gaudy special effects. There are no costumes, no superhero code names (unless you count 'Flying Man!' As a code name). Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) uses his abilities for good, but he is soon called upon to aid an old friend. While the heroes adjust to their new surroundings, a mysterious carnival clan, led by ringleader Samuel (Robert Knepper), sets their sights on familiar faces.

Nick Jonas has a surprise for one incredible family in New York.

E! News has an exclusive first look at tomorrow's episode of Amazon Prime's Regular Heroes, which showcases the incredible contributions of people who have gone above and beyond for their community during this pandemic, including some of the people on the frontlines.

In the clip, Jonas surprises Diana Wilson, a New York woman who was inspired by the response to 9/11 to become an EMT. Jonas tells her that Regular Heroes wants to provide food to her entire fire station every day, but there's also a gift for Diana. When her husband died, he left some household projects unfinished, and now they're going to get finished.

That sends Diana into tears, and Jonas starts to cry as well before he reveals her last gift.

Waiting outside is a cherry tree dedicated to Diana's late husband, ready to be planted.

Heroes Amazon Prime Rotten Tomatoes

And now we're all just in tears, but at least they're happy tears.

Tomorrow's episode, which is the third one in the eight-part docuseries, also features a reverend who has been streaming services online and opening up his mission as a shelter, even though he himself is in a high-risk category, as well as a truck driver who owns her own small trucking business and has been making important deliveries, like getting essential items to retirement homes and construction materials to help pave roads.

Prime Video

New episodes of Regular Heroes debut Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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