Posted by 2 days ago. I don’t know any green card location but could someone tell me where to find them. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Rust How to Get Green Key Cards & Where to Use Them, All Green Puzzle Locations (Rust Tutorials) - In today's video we will show you where to get green key. Supermarkets are small areas that have a chance to spawn a military crate, great for getting a powerful weapon early, lots of food crates and ration crates, which helps with food supplies at the start of your run, and you can get a green keycard to gain access to a green door later on. You can also use the recycler here to get some scrap metal. Blue keycard can be bought from the Outpost for 100 scrap or found in these monuments: Harbor (any) Satellite Dish; Sewer Branch; Blue keycard is always behind a green door, which means you need a green keycard and a fuse to get it.

How do you use key cards in Rust?

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What are the key cards for in rust?

These items are Keycards. Keycards can be found in certain places and you can use them to open up the doors. The only downside to this is that there is a rarity to each card and getting them can be challenging sometimes.

Where do I use the red key card in rust?

Red cards can only be found in crates and behind the locked blue doors. All these cards have a swipe limit, however using them on the wrong door or one that is not powered will not deplete them, but using them on an already opened door will.

Where is the red keycard?


Each is within the main Shoreline complex. Entering from the east side of the complex, head up to the second floor and follow the hallways until you reach door 218 east. Pass through the room and along the balcony into the adjacent one. The Red Keycard can spawn on the table here, next to the laptop.

Why is red keycard so expensive?

People who sell ingame currency need items that can hold value, and also be traded ingame, and because so many hackers/farmers/traders continue to offer ingame currency for that hard earned moolash of yours, the price of red keycards will continue to rise in line with the amount of ingame cash there is until the next …

What does a red keycard do in warzone?


Inside the Warzone bunkers you’ll find a plethora of top tier loot, all the cash in the world so you can buy extras from buy stations, and all the gear to kit out your full squad. If you can get your hands on a red keycard then you’re in a very good place for the rest of the match.

What bunkers can open in warzone with red access card?

Where are the bunker locations in Call of Duty: Warzone?Bunker 1: On the northern end of the Junkyard region.Bunker 2: Another on the northern end of just east of the Junkyard region just west of Boneyard.Bunker 3: Between the military base and dam in Bloc 23.


What can you do with red access card?

Red Access Cards are used to open up otherwise locked bunkers. These secret bunkers contain tons of loot and even rare blueprints. Gain access to bunkers by interacting with the keypad near bunkers that have green lights. Red Cards are not needed for Pawntakespawn event bunkers.

Which bunker is red access card?

How to open a non-keypad Warzone bunker. First, you need a Red Access Card, which is only available in legendary crates. However, they’re so rare that they’re not even guaranteed to show up in those, so keep your fingers firmly crossed when opening them.

Do red access cards open all bunkers?

For the bunkers numbered 1-10, you will need a Red Access Card, found via supply crates. Once you find one or kill a player holding a Red Access card, you can get inside all but one of the bunkers.

What is the phone for in warzone?

When you find the right phone, you will hear someone speaking Russian, accompanied by a chime. The Russian person will then read three numbers (in Russian) followed by another chime.

How do you open the bunker level 10?

To access Bunker 10 in Warzone you need to:Head to F8 on the Warzone map.The bunker is south of the Park and just to the east of the War Memorial.Enter the code Aug 2020

Green Keycard Rust Power Plant

What is the code to bunker level 10?


What’s the code for the bunker near Boneyard?


What’s the code for Bunker 11?


Can you get into bunker 11 in plunder?

Inside Bunker 11 players can find tons of loot, the Mud Dauber MP7 blueprint, and a hidden nuke, which likely plays into an even larger Easter egg. We recommend you open the bunker in Plunder mode, as you’ll be running around the map a lot, and respawning will make unlocking this Easter egg much easier.

Does bunker 11 still work?

With the new Warzone 1.28 update, the keypad for Bunker 11 has started to work again. This means that players can now interact with the keypad and get into the Bunker 11. Most of the bunkers that you find on the Warzone map will be opened using a red keycard; however, Bunker 11 requires you to solve a puzzle.

How do you do the bunker 11 glitch?

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How do you get into bunker 11 without code?

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How do you get into the bunker 11 easy?

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General Info
Weight0.01 kg
Grid size1x1
UsageUnlocks the door to the laboratory block (G22) in The Lab.
Documents caseYes
Small S I C C caseYes
Secure containersYes
Loot experience60
Examine experience10

Lab. Green keycard (Green) is a Keycard in Escape from Tarkov.

Green Keycard Rust Locations

  • 3Key Location

Description[editedit source]

Where To Use Green Cards In Rust

Room access keycard.

Quests[editedit source]

  • 1 needs to be found for the quest Colleagues - Part 3

Key Location[editedit source]

  • Pockets and bags of Scavs

Interchange[editedit source]

  • On Killa

Reserve[editedit source]

  • On Glukhar

The Lab[editedit source]

  • On a shelf between folders in the back part of the hallway that leads to the security arsenal (R23)

Shelf with the keycard

  • Next to a keyboard at the reception desk of the managers office (O21) on the second level

The Reception
  • On a desk next to the quarantine zone room (G11)

Keycard on the desk near quarantine

Lock Location[editedit source]

Laboratory block (G22) on the second level in The Lab.

  • Location marked on map

  • Doors to the laboratory block

Green Keycard Rust

Behind The Lock[editedit source]

  • One Medcase
  • Loose Medical Loot on shelves and tables
  • Black keycard spawn location on the table next to the computer
  • Possible LEDX Skin Transilluminator in the metal container
  • Possible Folder with intelligence spawn near the laptop
  • Possible Folder with intelligence spawn on the shelf next to the door to the side room

Inside the room:

  • One Weapon box (4x4)
  • Loose Weapon Mods and Ammo on the shelf
  • A possible MP5 spawn on the front desk

Gallery[editedit source]

  • Room from the inside

  • Front desk of the side room, where a MP5 can spawn.

  • LEDX Spawn Location

  • Black keycard spawn

Trivia[editedit source]

The card serial number is '0010153251 641748716' .

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