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Genesis Plus GX

a Sega - Genesis / Sega CD / 32X Emulator on the Nintendo Wii platform

In this tutorial, I will show you how to install Genesis Plus GX which emulates Sega Games!IMPORTANT UPDATE: I will no longer be providing links to ROM/emul. The new Genesis Plus Gx works for Wii and Gamecube, and an emulator of Genesis, Master System, GameGear, Sega CD and SG-1000! GenPlus Gx now has the new update to run the GenPlus now and suitable for any region and the Wii version.

Download Genesis Plus GX from the Open Shop Channel applications repository. This is a Sega / Mega CD, Mega Drive / Genesis, Master System, Game Gear SG-1000 emulator based on the initial work of Charles MacDonald. The original code has been highly modified to improve emulation accuracy as well as adding many extra features. The Genesis Plus GX core's core provided sample rate is 44100 Hz. This is a port of Charles MacDonald's Genesis Plus emulator by eke-eke. Genesis Plus GX does have the ability to play older retro systems like Game Gear, Master System and the SG-1000 (on other platforms) but there is no word from the developer if those systems have been tested and are working on this early PSvita port. Genesis Plus GX is an enhanced port of Genesis Plus, an open-source & portable Sega Mega Drive / Genesis emulator, originally developed by Charles MacDonald, now running on the Gamecube and Wii through libogc & devkitpro.

Genesis Plus Gx Files

Genesis plus gx windowsGenesis Plus Gx

Genesis Plus GX is an open-source Sega 8/16 bit emulator focused on accuracy and portability. Initially ported and developed on Gamecube / Wii consoles through libogc / devkitPPC, this emulator is now available on many other platforms through various frontends.
The source code, initially based on Genesis Plus 1.2a by Charles MacDonald has been heavily modified & enhanced, with respect to original goals and design, in order to improve emulation accuracy as well as adding support for new peripherals, cartridge or console hardware and many other exciting features.
The result is that Genesis Plus GX is now more a continuation of the original project than a simple port, providing very accurate emulation and 100% compatibility with Genesis / Mega Drive, Sega/Mega CD, Master System, Game Gear & SG-1000 released software (including all unlicensed or pirate known dumps), also emulating backwards compatibility modes when available.

Author's website: https://bitbucket.org/eke/genesis-plus-gx/src/master/

Genesis Plus Gx Forwarder

v1.7.5-RC12015-07-142.34 MBDownload

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Genesis Plus Gx Emulator

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