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> Need setup information of Fldigi in order to receive and transmit with
> Hellschreiber (Feld Hell). I am asking about CW too, just to have that
> option.
> Anyhow, I'm currently a CW (80%) and SSB operator, I enjoy antenna
> design/construction… but I need help with understanding the computer
> interface with rigs. (I have had success with digital setups with other rigs
> (not Elecraft). I just followed instruction posted by others… but a deep
> understanding I didn't have.
> I have the K3s since last November 2015 and have successfully connected/used
> the K3 Utility program and now want to use Fldigi with the K3s.
> My first question: Is the USB connection, the only cable needed to interface
> my computer to the K3s using Fldigi?
> Other related questions:
> Does the USB connection supply the audio received from the K3s to the
> computer AND supply the audio out from the computer to the K3s?
> If I'm using the K3s USB cable, does the Fldigi use ONLY the K3s's built in
> sound card or a combination with the computer's soundcard?
> Should I use Hamlib from the Fdigi configuration, and which check boxes
> settings: Audio, DTR, CTS, XON, XOFF, recommended baud rates, stop bits…?
> For Hellschreiber and CW modes should I be on DATA A digital mode while
> using Fldigi?
> If 'USB cable ONLY' option is valid, what settings on the K3s need to be
> changed for Fldigi?
> Additional Notes: My computer OS: Windows 10. I have chosen for both the
> recording/playback : USB Audio CODEC… also the proper COM was chosen.
> I have read many previous posts… and tried to understand them in search of
> answers to the above questions… but still confused… need more info. Thank
> you for your valuable time!
> 73, 4x1zz Howard Silverwater


Why Fldigi for Digital Modes?.No cost software.Versions available for Windows, Mac and Linux.No hardware interface required on VHF and MT-63 mode.Very well supported.When integrated with NBEMS extensions, message handling becomes fast, accurate and easy. I have mine renamed in windows audio settings to keep my FT-991 seperate. Your audio setup should look like the following And lastly we have to tell FLDIGI to send the trasmitted audio to both left and right channels using the audio-right channel tab. Use the below image as a guide Click Save then Close.

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