Google has renamed the Drive File Stream application to Google Drive for Desktop. The functionality is exactly the same, where signing in to Google Drive for Desktop allows you to access the files and folders in your My Drive, and any Shared drives you have access to, from within the operating system’s (i.e. Windows 10 or macOS) built-in file manager, alleviating you from having to use a web browser, which can be cumbersome to use with Drive.

Google Drive for Desktop is still mapped to the Q drive in Windows and you will now see a Google Drive application icon in the Start menu, replacing the Drive File Stream application icon.

File Stream Drive GoogleStream

macOS will have a GoogleDrive icon on the desktop and in the Locations section of a Finder window and a Google Drive application in the Applications folder, replacing the Drive File Stream application.

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Download Google Drive For Windows10

File Stream Drive GoogleGoogleWhere is my google drive app

Google Drive Download Windows 10

You should see Drive File Stream listed there, with a status of 'Enabled': Highlight the Google Drive File Stream entry and click the Disable button on the lower right to toggle the entry to 'Disabled': Close the Task Manager. And finally, if Drive File Stream is running on your desktop, close it now. Google Drive File Stream is an application that enables you to access your files and folders in Google Drive from your computer. Drive File Stream replaced the previous Google Drive desktop application. If you currently use your desktop computer to access Google Drive, you’ll need to install Drive File Stream. This affects you only if.

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