Justin Valley shows the steps to create an invoice without a sales order in SAP using transaction code FB70. T-Code Finance Account Setup BOM Customizing Links MB1B MB90 ME52N ME55 ME57 MIGO Production Variances SAP PP System Administration Table Tax Code Validation internal order Sponsors. Documents Similar To SAP FB70 & FB75 Transaction Code Tutorials: Customer Invoice and Credit Memo Posting Carousel Previous Carousel Next Automate Posting With Clearing F-28 FB05. Transaction Code (T code) used in transactions of SAP CSI Post Office 14 May 2017. Here is a list of different T codes grouped as per their operations. Mail Operations; Finance and Accounts. SAP Transaction codes This a collection of useful SAP FICO transaction codes for the end-users. Sooner or later I will add detailed guide for every transaction, but in the mean time you could just use this list as is.

In our Company we receive invoices from our Vendors which we need to charge back to our Customers at Cost without any mark up. Normally business used to first process vendor invoices using MIRO or FB60 depending on whether it is a PO based invoice or non-PO based invoice. Then they processed customer invoice using FB70 TCode.

SAP RRB (Resource Related Billing) sub-module under Sales and Distribution Module provides an automated solution where vendor invoices are linked with customer invoices by using an Internal Order and Material.

In this process, a Sales Contract needs to be first created using a material which has been configured in the RRB Profile which is created using TCode ODP1 along with an Internal Order which is created for each customer. This Internal Order acts as a bridge between Vendor Invoice and Customer Invoice.

Once the Contract is created then next step is to start processing vendor invoices. At the time of processing vendor invoices, we need to make sure that it contains same Internal Order which has been assigned in the Contract. In the vendor invoice processing step, we also need to assign it to a material number. Material is used to differentiate between different services or items which need to be charged back to the customer.

Once the Vendor invoice is created either through MIRO or FB60 depending on PO based or non-PO based, next step is to create a Debit Memo Request using TCode DP90.

In TCode DP90, system allows us to create a Sales Order with reference to the Sales Contract created in the first step of this process against an Internal Order and Material. Beauty of this process is, it allows us to generate a partial invoice to a customer against vendor invoice if there is some dispute. Vendor invoices are accumulated against an Internal Order and Material combination for each month separately.

Through TCode DP90, we create a Sales Order which is called as Debit Memo Request in SAP terminology, however it is nothing but a Sales Order as TCode used is also VA01 / VA02.

After this we generate Customer Invoice document using VF01 against this Debit Memo Request and then release it to Accounting.

Internal Order reporting transaction KOB1 provides us complete information about what is pending against a material which needs to be invoiced to a customer.

In effect it’s a complete automated process to generate customer invoice against a vendor invoice.

Fb70 Tcode In Sap

Now I will share SAP screen to run through the complete cycle.

Click on the attached document for detailed process with SAP screen help.

SAP RRB Process Flow document

This article is extracted from sapland.com .

See Full List On Sap-tcodes.org

Accounts Payable AP Document Entry Enter Vendor Credit Memo FB65
Enter Vendor Invoice FB60
AP Account Management Clear Vendor Account F-44
Display Vendor Account Balance FK10N
Display Vendor Line Items FBL1N
Payment Run F110
Post with Clearing (Clear vendor account) F-51
Accounts Receivable AR Document Entry Enter Customer Credit Memo FB75
Enter Customer Invoice FB70
Incoming Payment F-28
AR Account Management Clear Customer Account F-32
Clear Customer down payment F-39
Customer Account Analysis FD11
Customer down payment request F-37
Display Balances FD10N
Display Customer Line Items FBL5N
Dunning F150
Enter Customer Credit Memo FB75
Enter Customer Credit Memo: Header Data F-27
Enter Customer Invoice FB70
Enter Customer Invoice: Header Data F-22
Post Customer down payment F-29
Post with Clearing (internal) F-30
Credit Management Change Customer Credit Management FD32

Credit Limit Changes FD24
Credit Management: Brief Overview F.33
Credit Management: Create A/R Summary FCV1
Credit Management: Missing Data F.32
Credit Management: Overview F.31
Customers: Reset Credit Limit F.28
Banks Cash Management Delete Cashing/Extract Data FCHG
Display Check Information FCH1
Automatic Payments F110
Display check Register FCHN
Manual Bank Statement FF67
Manual Check Deposit Transaction FF68
Online cashed checks - Reconciliation FCHR
Renumber Checks FCH4
Reprinting check FCH7
Reverse Check Payment FCH8
Void Checks FCH3
Void Issued Checks FCH9
Fixed Assets Acquisition External Acquisition with Vendor F-90
Depreciation Normal Depreciation Posting Run AFAB
Reverse Accrual/Deferral Document F.81
Sale Retirement Asset Retirement by scrapping ABAVN
Asset Sale without customer ABAON
Distribute capital assets under construction AIAB
Settle capital assets under construction AIBU
Periodic Posting Month End Closing Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc. FBS1
Period Closing Automatic Clearing w/o specification of clearing curr. F.13
General Ledger GL Document Creating and Posting General Journal Entries FB50
Edit or Park G/L Document FV50

Execute Recurring Entries F.14
Individual Reversal FB08
Post Incoming Payments F-06
Post Outgoing Payments F-07
Post with Clearing F-04
Recurring Document FBD1
Reset Cleared Items FBRA
GL Account Management Clear General Ledger Account F-03
Display Balances FS10N
Display/Change Line Items FBL3N
Info Sys A_R Account Listing F.20
Display Customer Account Balances F.23
Open items report (aging report) F.21
A_P Display Vendor Account Balances F.42
Run Vendor Listing F.40
Master Record Admin Master Records Block/Unblock Customers (Centrally) FD05
Change Asset Master Record AS02
Change Customer (Centrally) FD02
Change Vendor (Centrally) FK04
Change Vendor Master FK02
Create Asset Master Record AS01
Create Asset Sub-number AS11
Create Customer FD01
Create Master Record in Chart/Accts FSP0
Create Master Record in Company Code FSS0
Create Vendor Master FK01
Create/Edit GL Master Account Centrally FS00
Delete Asset Master AS06
Display Bank Master Record FI03
Display Changes to the Customer Master FD04
Display of Changes for Customer OV51

Display Vendor Master FK03

Name Of Tables Of Fb50 And Fb60 And Fb70 And Fbcj - SAP Q&A

Materials Management
Purchasing Purchase Requisitions Assign and Process Requisitions ME57
Change Purchase Requisition ME52N
Collective Release ME55
Create Purchase Requisition ME51N
Individual Release ME54
Purchase Requisitions: List Display ME5A
RFQ Quotation Processing Change RFQ ME42
Create RFQ - Request for Quotation ME41
Maintain Quotation ME47
PO Processing Change Purchase Order ME22N
Create Purchase Order ME21N
Print Fax or e-mail Purchase Order ME9F
Contracts Change Agreement ME32L
Change Contract ME32K
Create Agreement ME31L
Create Contract ME31K
Information System Purchasing Analysis of Order Values ME81
Purchase Orders by Material Group ME2C
Inventory Difference List MI20
Material Document Change Material Document MB02
Maintain Material Source List ME01
Output Processing for Material Documents MB90
Logistics Info System Vendor Evaluation Analysis ME6H
Inventory Management Goods Receipt Other Goods Receipt MB1C
Post Goods Receipt for PO MIGO
Post Goods Receipt for PO Vendor Unknown MIGO
Returns to vendor (via GR for PO) MIGO
Goods Issue Goods Issue MB1A
Goods Withdrawal MB1A

Stock Transfer Posting Display Warehouse Stock MB52
Material Documents List-material movements MB51
Stock Overviews MMBE
Transfer Posting MB1B
Physical Inventory Change Inventory Count MI05
Change Physical Inventory Document MI02
Create Physical Inventory Document MI01
Enter Count w/o Reference MI09
Enter Inventory Count MI05
Post Document count and differences MI10
Post Inventory Difference MI07
Invoice Verification Logistics Invoice Verification Enter Change Invoice MIRO
Maintain Clearing Account MR11
Output Invoice Verification Document MR90
Release Blocked Invoice MRBR
Master Records Purchasing Info Record Change Purchasing Info Record ME12
Changes to Purchasing Info Record ME14
Create Purchase Info Record ME11
Vendor Master Vendor Account Changes (Centrally) XK04
Vendor Master Change XK02
Vendor Master Creation XK01
Material Master Change Material Master MM02
Create Material Master MM01
MRP Material Requirements Planning MRP Run Single Item-Single Level MD03
Sales and Distribution
Billing Billing Block Invoice VKM1
Cancel Billing Document VF11
Change Billing Document VF02
Create Billing Document VF01
List Billing Documents VF05
Output from Billing VF31

Process Billing Due List VF04
Release Billing Documents VFX3
Release Invoice VKM2
Sales ProcessSales Inquiry Change Inquiry VA12
Create Inquiry VA11
Display Incomplete Inquiries V.03
List of Inquiries VA15
Quotations Change Quotation VA22
Completed Quotations SDQ3
Create Quotation VA21
Display Incomplete Quotations V.04
Expired Quotations SDQ2
Expiring Quotations SDQ1
List of Quotations VA25
Orders Change a Sales Order VA02
Create a Sales Order VA01
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period SDO1
Display a Sales Order VA03
Display Blocked Orders V.14
Display Incomplete Sales Orders (Sales Order Error Log) V.02
Display: Compare Sales-Purchasing (org.data) VA08
List of Sales Orders VA05
Sales/Purchasing Comparison (order#) VA07
Backorder Backorder Processing: Selection List V_RA
Display Backorders V.15
Contracts Change a Contract VA42
Create a Contract VA41
Display Completed Contracts SDV3
Display Expired Contracts SDV2

Display Expiring Contracts SDV1
Display Incomplete Contracts V.06
List of Contracts VA45
Credit Memo Change a Credit Memo VA02
Create a Credit Memo VA01
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period SDO1
Display Blocked Credit Memos V.14
List of Credit Memo VA05
Debit Memo Change a Debit Memo VA02
Create a Debit Memo VA01
Display a List of Orders Within Time Period SDO1
Display Blocked Orders V.14
List of Debit Memos VA05
Scheduling Agreement Change Scheduling Agreement VA32
Create Scheduling Agreement VA31
Display Incomplete Scheduling Agreements V.05
List of Scheduling Agreements VA35
SD Info Sys Reports Execute Pricing Report V/LD
Incomplete SD Documents/Outbound Deliveries V_UC
Output from Picking Lists VL70
SIS: Customer Analysis - Selection MCTA
SIS: Material Analysis - Selection MCTC
SIS: Sales Org. Analysis - Selection MCTE
Master Record Admin Business Partners Block or Unblock a Customer XD05
Change Customer Master Centrally XD02
Create Customer Master Centrally XD01
Create One-time Customer (Sales) V-07
Create Ordering Party (Centrally) V-09
Create Payer (Centrally) V-08
Display Changes to the Customer Master XD04

Display of Changes for Customer OV51
Material Create Material (General) MM01
Item Proposal Change Item Proposal VA52
Create Item Proposal VA51
Conditions Change Condition VK12
Create Condition VK11
Create Condition with Reference VK14
Shipping and Transportation Delivery Change Outbound Delivery VL02N
Create Delivery With Reference to Sales Order VL01N
Create Delivery Without Reference to Sales Order VL01NO
Display Delivery Change Documents VL22
Picking Sel. Outbound deliveries for picking VL06P
Post Good Issue Cancel Goods Issue for Delivery Note VL09
Deliveries for Goods Issue VL06G
Goods Issue (Background) VL23

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