Invoice factoring is the purchase of accounts receivable for immediate cash. Invoice factoring gives businesses the power to ensure growth without diluting equity or incurring debt. After invoices are submitted and verified, they are funded by Riviera Finance within 24 hours.

  • Invoice Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (invoices) to a factoring company at a discount. Invoice factoring should not be considered a loan but a financing solution to keep your cash flow running.
  • In this guide, we'll offer some helpful tips that can help you decide which invoice factoring company is best for your small business.

If you would like to learn more about what invoice factoring is, watch the videos below.


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Invoice factoring is a type of invoice finance, where a business raises money by selling a percentage of an unpaid invoice value, typically 70-90%, to a third-party company (invoice factor). Invoice factoring can release cash tied up in accounts receivables and release working capital. Invoice factoring is a best way to avoid such practices. This factoring service is common in United States of America. People using this service know about the financial and economic benefits. That’s why there is a great boost up this service has taken in last few years.

Watch This Video to Learn What Is Invoice Factoring

Your business need cash flow in order to build and grow your business. It’s tough to build your business when you’re waiting on your customers to pay.

Riviera Finance allows you to get paid right away. Instead of waiting for idle invoices to get paid, send them to Riviera to get paid right away. Once we buy your invoices, we become your accounts receivable department.

Take control of your cash flow with invoice factoring with Riviera Finance.

What is Invoice Factoring

1. We establish a credit limit on the customers you submit for invoice factoring.

  • Tell us their business name, address, and the amount you need
  • We pull credit and establish a limit without delay
  • On smaller requests, get instant credit online with FastCredit

2.You deliver your product or service as usual.

3. You send your invoices directly to Riviera.

  • Use our simple form to summarize and calculate the amount
  • Attach the proof of delivery you usually send to your customer
  • All of this can be done online through our ROAM system

4. We verify that product was received or service performed.

5. You receive your cash from Riviera.

  • We wire funds into your bank account within 24 hours
  • We retain our agreed fee for service

Factoring Invoice Qbo

6. We forward your invoices to your customers and they pay us directly.

Factoring Invoice
  • Usually within 15-60 days, according to the payment terms of the invoice

How Invoice Factoring Works

What is factoring and how does it work? Invoice factoring is so simple.

We turn your idle invoices into healthy cash flow. We become your credit department. We manage your accounts receivable.

Learn more about invoice factoring by watching the video. It’s a simple process.

How Invoice Factoring Can Benefit Your Company

Now that we have answered what is invoice factoring, discover the benefits of factoring invoices with Riviera Finance really boil down to adding profit to your bottom line. Before you factor, make sure you can take advantage of the features of invoice factoring and leverage them into value:

Take on Additional Business

Most of our invoice factoring clients can do more business if they have better cash flow. How this works depends on your industry and your market. Some real examples are:

Factoring Invoices How It Works

  • Improving or increasing marketing
  • Saying “yes” to customers who demand credit terms
  • Investing in income-producing assets–people and equipment
  • Eliminating supplier constraints
  • Shifting manpower from collection to marketing and production

Reduce Expenses

Many of our invoice factoring clients actually reduce expenses by outsourcing credit and administration to Riviera, and by leveraging their healthy cash position. The most common ways include:

  • Eliminating bad debt with Riviera’s credit guarantee
  • Reducing collection and administrative expenses
  • Receiving cash discounts from suppliers

Improve your Financial Conditions

Factoring invoices for cash enables some businesses to “get current” or reduce strains caused by tight cash flow. It also improves their own credit rating. Here are some examples we frequently see:

Factoring Invoice

Factoring Invoice
  • Staying current with suppliers and creditors
  • Establishing payment terms with suppliers, further improving cash flow
  • Meeting regular payroll obligations
  • Bringing payroll taxes current

How Can Your Company Benefit by Factoring Invoices with Riviera Finance?

Factoring Invoice Collections

Every company has a unique situation. Before signing up to factor, it’s important to estimate how our invoice factoring services can increase your business, reduce your expenses, and improve your financial situation. Call a Riviera Finance representative or request information, and we can help you answer these important questions.

Invoice Factoring For Small Businesses

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