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Transfer Messages. With Premium you can transfer messages using full server backups, per channel chatlogs or message synchronization. The transferred messages appear with the same content, username and avatar as the original ones. Only a small 'bot' badge identifies them as transferred ones. Eris-Bot is a work-in-progress bot with most of it features comepleted. If you want to see anymore of those features do send me suggestions in the bot's support server. Default prefix - can be customized using -setprefix command The bot's commands are catorized in different sections. Instead of using the dash, use the period.Join our discord servers-

24/7 Discord Bot

Erisbot discord bot

Eris Bot Commands Discord

DynoA multi-purpose bot with music, moderation, logs, web dashboard, and more.invite
FredBoat♪♪Music variant of FredBoatinvite
AyanaAyana fast, flexible, simple. Multipurpose bot, music, moderation, fun.invite
RythmEver wanted a bot specially made for music? A fully functional, stable music bot? Rythm does it allinvite
YAGPDBA Multipurpose bot with role reactions and much more!invite
Mee6A multi-purpose bot that'll make your discord server a better place!Website
MatBot2-player TicTacToe? Trivia minigame? Typeracer? Youtube searching? Matbot does it allinvite
ErisBotErisbot is a small yet actively developed bot. He has many features which are very easy to use!invite
ErislyA multipurpose bot with original features.invite
Snail RacingBrings the fun single player and multi player snail racing game to your server!invite
TatsumakiA bot providing social aspects including member profiles, levels, fun stuff & simple moderation.invite
CSGO-STATS.NETCheck the Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive statistics of any user!invite
SteamBotA bot for searching for games, users and items on Steaminvite
TypicalBotTypicalBot is an easy-to-use bot with commands that can be used for moderation, fun, and music!invite
Discord DungeonsA Discord RPG Bot.invite
BarBattlesA currency/game bot that allows you to buy & sell alcohol with the twist of prices changes every two minutes.invite

Erisbot Discord Commands

If you're a developer and want your Bot listed here, feel free to request & ask iG0d on our server (here)
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