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An auto-installer to set up Emulation Station correctly on a 64-bit version of Windows 10.

Sony PlayStation SCPH-1000 BIOS (1994)(Sony)(JP) 242 Ko Sony PlayStation SCPH-1001 - DTLH-3000 BIOS v2.2 (1995-12-04)(Sony)(US) 236 Ko. Where you unzip to depends on how your essystems.cfg file is set up. The easiest way is to extract to /.emulationstation/ and make sure the “NAME=” entries in your essystems.cfg match up with the theme folder names. Florian Hurtaut’s. This set of themes was created by Florian Hurtaut.


  • Uses an up to date version of Emulation Station from the Raspberry Pi branch
  • Auto populates emulators with public domain roms
  • Auto installs a popular theme with support for adding ‘Favorites’
  • Adds multiple useful shortcuts to the user’s Desktop
  • Adds in a game content scraper which lives in (run %UserProfile%.emulationstationromsscraper.exe)


  • Single one liner to install everything:
  • Script complete when powershell spits out:

Installation GIF:


  • If the controller is not working in game, configure Input in Retroarch (%UserProfile%.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe)
  • PSX and PS2 Homebrew Games won’t load unless you acquire the bios’s and add them to the bios folder (%UserProfile%.emulationstationsystemsepsxebios and %UserProfile%.emulationstationsystemspcsx2bios)
  • PSX and PS2 also require manual configuration for controllers (%UserProfile%.emulationstationsystemsepsxeePSXe.exe and %UserProfile%.emulationstationsystemspcsx2pcsx2.exe)
  • If the script fails for whatever reason delete the contents of %UserProfile%.emulationstation and try again.
  • Emulation Station may crash when you return to it from a external progam, ensure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Launching a Retroarch rom may return you to ES, you’re probably on a 32-bit verison of Windows and need to acquire seperate cores.
  • Powershell commands may fail, ensure your Powershell session is in Admin mode.
  • If Powershell complains about syntax you’re probably somehow running a Powershell version lower than 5. Run ‘choco install powershell -y’ to update.
  • If you are using Xbox controllers and having trouble setting the guide button as hotkey, locate the file (%UserProfile%.emulationstationes_input.cfg and change the line for hotkeyenable to <input name='hotkeyenable' type='button' value='10' />
  • If you are unable to run script from context menu (right mouse button), revert default “Open with” to Notepad

Windowed Mode Execution:

Optional Features and Tips

  • If you prefer to run your scripts via context menu (right mouse button) but lack the abilitiy to run them in an admin session, you can just double-click the “powershell_run-as-admin.reg” file and accept the registry modification. It will add a new entry to the menu to do that easily.
  • If you use OneDrive to store your ROMs and saves, you can run the script onedrive.ps1 or you can modifify it to any other specific folder. Further instructions in comments
  • Some new themes shows videos: es-theme-crt
  • Script for easy scraping included. Just run and it will backup your gamefile.xml for each ROM folder and produce a new one with data from scrap services (if you have modified your ROM folder, please check before run)

Old Steps

  1. Run prepare.ps1 in an admin session of Powershell:
    • Powershell might restart your computer as some libraries require a restart, if so, simply re-run after your PC restarts)
    • You might need to change your Powershell execution policy, so run this instead of JUST prepare.ps1
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; .prepare.ps1
  2. Launch Emulation Station and Enjoy

  3. Access your ROMS here %UserProfile%.emulationstationroms

Installation GIF old:


Emulationstation Psx

Special Thanks

Psx Emulation Cheater Plugin

  • jrassa for his up to date compiled version of Emulation Station - https://github.com/jrassa/EmulationStation
  • borger for his scoop emulator setup https://github.com/borger/scoop-emulators
  • Nesworld for their open-source NES roms - http://www.nesworld.com/
  • Libretro for their retroarch version - https://www.libretro.com/
  • dtgm for maintaining the Emulation Station chocolatey package https://chocolatey.org/packages/emulationstation
  • OpenEmu for their Open-Source rom collection work https://github.com/OpenEmu/OpenEmu-Update
  • fonic for his theme https://github.com/fonic/recalbox-backport
  • sselph for his awesome scraper https://github.com/sselph/scraper
  • PRElias for Portuguese translations, choco auto-intall and new optional features - http://paulorobertoelias.com
Jul 29th, 2015
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Emulation Station Psx Classic

  1. <!-- This is the EmulationStation Systems configuration file.
  2. All systems must be contained within the <systemList> tag.-->
  3. <systemList>
  4. <name>nes</name>
  5. <fullname>Nintendo Entertainment System</fullname>
  6. <extension>.nes .NES</extension>
  7. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresfceumm_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  8. <theme>nes</theme>
  9. <name>snes</name>
  10. <fullname>Super Nintendo Entertainment System</fullname>
  11. <extension>.smc .sfc .SMC .SFC</extension>
  12. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoressnes9x_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  13. <theme>snes</theme>
  14. <name>n64</name>
  15. <path>~.emulationstationromsn64</path>
  16. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresmupen64plus_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  17. <theme>n64</theme>
  18. <name>genesis</name>
  19. <path>~.emulationstationromssega32x</path>
  20. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresgenesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  21. <theme>genesis</theme>
  22. <name>gbc</name>
  23. <path>~.emulationstationromsgbc</path>
  24. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresgambatte_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  25. <theme>gbc</theme>
  26. <name>gba</name>
  27. <path>~.emulationstationromsgba</path>
  28. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresvbam_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  29. <theme>gba</theme>
  30. <system>
  31. <fullname>Nintendo GameCube</fullname>
  32. <extension>.iso .ISO .gcm</extension>
  33. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsdolphinDolphin.exe --batch --exec='%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  34. <theme>gc</theme>
  35. <name>mame</name>
  36. <path>~.emulationstationromsmame</path>
  37. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresmame_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  38. <theme>mame</theme>
  39. <system>
  40. <fullname>Nintendo Wii</fullname>
  41. <extension>.iso .ISO</extension>
  42. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsdolphindolphin.exe -e '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  43. <theme>wii</theme>
  44. <name>psx</name>
  45. <path>~.emulationstationromspsx</path>
  46. <command>C:Users'Replace This'.emulationstationsystemsretroarchretroarch.exe -L 'C:UsersReplace This.emulationstationsystemsretroarchcoresmednafen_psx_libretro.dll' '%ROM_RAW%'</command>
  47. <theme>psx</theme>
  48. </systemList>

Psx Emulator For Pc

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Emulation Station Setup

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