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This App let the user know and draw Sigils throught sacred symbology used in ancient Egypt, where it was. Choose an ancient Egyptian God, or symbol, the. The History of the Origin of the Sigil of Baphomet and its Use in the Church of Satan There have been many rumors and claims regarding this symbol, and here we recount the Church of Satan’s.



March 5. Man works Sigil Magick. Aim: ‘to receive £1000 in one month.’ March 27. Completely out of the blue he receives a gift of £25,000, the benefactor also promising £12,000 in his Will.

J Finbarr writes:

The man in question calls himself Robert Sagittarius, at least for the purpose of his manuscript, SIGILS & ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MAGICK, which he submitted to me for publication. No sooner had he written when he wrote again that he had repeated the same ritual – this time receiving an unexpected gift of £2500 (June). Moreover this time he submitted the bank’s credit receipt for this payment which is reproduced on the inside cover of his booklet.

Egyptian Sigils

But Sigil Magick is not just about money. Mr Sagittarius explains its application to ‘Becoming Healthy Again This Month’, ‘Getting A Proper Job’, ‘Attracting A Lover’, ‘Passing An Exam’, ‘Health & Strength’, and ‘Meeting A Succubi/Incubus In A Dream’.

Ancient Egyptian Sigils


He writes: ‘Sigil Magick is probably the most effective, and yet very safe, of all magickal systems. It can be performed without complex rituals and no expensive magickal regalia are necessary. All one needs, whether a complete novice or an Adept, is a pen and a plain sheet of paper!’

In addition to Sigil Magick, a system devised by Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956), Mr Sagittarius – a serious and dedicated practitioner of the magickal arts, and an honourable man (I can vouch for that) – discusses ancient Egyptian magick, including how to summon the god Imhotep. He also explains an Egyptian curse in which ‘the Gods take care of your enemy’.

Ancient Egyptian Sigils

Egyptian Sigils

This is the real deal. Practical and to the point.

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