This video will show users how to change over from Google Drive to Drive File Stream on a Mac. In the File Explorer, open Google Drive File Stream drive. Open Google Drive File Stream in File Explorer; Now select and right-click on any of the files or folders and then select Drive File Stream. Then in the sub-menu click on Available Offline. Make Google Drive File Stream Files Available Offline; Now check if the problem is solved; For MacOS: 10. Access all of your Google Drive content directly from your Mac or PC, without using up disk space. Store, share, and access your files and folders from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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With Google Drive File Stream you can use work or school files on your computer. Google Drive File Stream is a desktop application that allows you to quickly access all of your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your computer without losing precious drive space. With Google Drive File Stream, your files are stored on the cloud instead of your computer, and any changes you make are automatically synced with the cloud for quick, easy access anywhere you have an Internet connection. With Google Drive File Stream, you can:

  • Quickly see all your Google Drive files in Finder/Explorer (including Team Drives)

  • Browse and organize Google Drive files without downloading all of them to your computer.

  • Choose which files or folders you'd like to make available offline.

  • Open files in common apps like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 7 and up. Windows Server editions are not supported.

  • Mac: El Capitan (10.11) and up.

* You will need to have install permission on your machine for this to work. (For UA&P issued machines, please ask UA&P HelpDesk to help you install.)

1. Download File Stream to your computer and click the downloaded file to install it (instructions below the links).

Click here forWindows (202MB HD space required)

Click here for MacOS (143MB HD space required)

2A. Installation instructions for Windows (See 2B below on how to install on Mac)

1. Double-click on the file you downloaded from step. After a brief download, it'll present you with this screen. Please log in with your email account and password to proceed with the installation:

2. When it finishes installing, you'll see this screen:

3. Click Close to proceed.
Drive File Stream For Mac

You'll see this window pop up shortly:

Drive file stream mac not working

4. Click on the right arrow on that pop-up to go through the presentation, or you can click on the X on the top right to close this window.

5. This installed a Google Drive File Stream 'drive' to your system. It's typically labelled as the G: drive (unless G: is already taken on your system, in which case it'll use the next available drive letter). You may close any windows that are currently open. It's recommended to reboot your system one time for Google Drive File Stream to work properly.

Click on this link for more information: How to use Drive File Stream

2B. Installation instructions for Mac (See 2A above on how to install on Windows)

1. After opening the file you downloaded, it'll present you with this screen. Please click on Continue2. Please provide your Mac login password, then click on Install Software:

Install Google Drive File Stream For Mac

3. It'll then pop up with a Google Drive login window. Please use your email to sign into the app:

4. If you see this pop up, just do the following instructions; otherwise, skip to step number 6.
5. Click on

Google Drive Stream Mac

Open System Preferences. Then click on the Allow button near the bottom to authorize the app.
6. The installation is complete. You may close any windows that are currently open. It's recommended to reboot your system one time for File Stream to work properly.

Click on this link for more information: How to use Drive File Stream

Since the November launch of Apple Silicon-powered Macs, third-party developers have been steadily updating their apps with native support. Google now plans to update Drive File Stream in April with M1 support.

Google Drive Big Sur

Backup and Sync works with Google Drive and Photos. It’s a fairly standard client that lets you sync all (or just some of) your files/folders, including images and videos. Meanwhile, Drive File Stream — which is getting renamed — is intended for Workspace customers and features an on demand model.

The applications did not work on the Macs introduced late last year, and were showstoppers for some new buyers. Google’s support document for the enterprise client explains how:

Drive Files Dream

Drive File Stream currently doesn’t support ARM-based Windows laptops and tablets, including the Microsoft Surface Pro X. And Drive File Stream does not yet support Apple M1 devices.

The consumer-focused application for personal Google Accounts was updated on January 13 with “improved Apple M1 support.” It specifically “fixed remaining M1 chip issues that prevented previous versions of Backup and Sync from running for some users.”

Backup and Sync version 3.54 and above supports macOS Big Sur (version 11) including Apple devices with the Apple M1 chip.

Drive File Stream For Mac

Meanwhile, “Google Drive for desktop” — Drive File Stream’s new name — will support Apple M1 devices when version 47.0 is released in April.

Google Chrome was quickly updated back in November, leaving Drive File Stream today as the only application lacking native support.

More about Google Drive:

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