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Different Types Of Sigil

In this article, we'll explain how to create a sigil. Creating a sigil is quite simple, and not only that, it can also become a tool for magickal work.


From my understanding there are five different types of sigils, and these five different types of sigils are based off of what they are trying to manifest. By learning these types of sigils you will be able to understand the different purposes, and forms that sigils can take, and will have a way of categorizing them. Each sigil can really only fall into one of these categories, because of how these types are laid out. By being able to identify which type of sigil you are working with will allow you to work with a sigil more effectively, and it may even help you decide how to go about using it.

  1. Alzheimer’s disease may be the most prevalent form, but there are many other types of dementia that afflict our population.
  2. The other real benefit, is that whilst you are in human form, you can see the summoning SIGILS left by other players, most often near difficult areas or boss fights, and grouping up is a good way.

The History Of Sigils


Fortify Agility

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