Cyberduck Help / Howto / Share Files Many storage providers have an option to share a file with a third party without access to your account with a publicly accessible link. With some providers, the link is auto expiring and no longer valid after a given period or a password can be set required to download the file. Cyberduck 7.8 and Mountain Duck 4.4 improve support for Microsoft Sharepoint connections. The Microsoft SharePoint Site connection profile now allows to connect to specific sites. The regular Microsoft SharePoint connection profile adds support to browse different libraries. Refer to our extended documentation for both OneDrive and SharePoint.

In addition to the REST API and its language-specific bindings, this sectionprovides information about other ways that you can to interact with CloudFiles.

  • CLI tools

  • Cloud Control Panel

  • Cyberduck

  • Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint

CLI tools#

The following CLI tools are available for working with Cloud Files:

Cyberduck Sharepoint Sign In

  • The OpenStack Swift client (A CLI tool), which you can install usingpip. You can find the source code at

  • Swiftly, which you can install using pip. You can find the sourcecode at

Cloud Control Panel#

The Rackspace Cloud Control Panel is one way to access Cloud Files. Thistool provides a way to understand, at a high level, how Cloud Filesworks. It gives system administrators a view of the various containersand objects stored in Cloud Files. You can create containers in theCloud Control Panel, and then upload, download, and delete files. Itdescribes those files.

Figure: Rackspace Cloud Control Panel


Access this by logging in to your Cloud Control Panel at the top navigation bar, click Select a Product > Rackspace Cloud.




Cyberduck is an open-source Cloud Files browser licensed under the GNUGeneral Public License (GPL); it’s available for Mac and Windows.Cyberduck features an easy-to-use interface with easily accessiblebookmarks. The browser outline view allows users to browse large folderstructures efficiently and preview files with Quick Look. Cyberduck alsoprovides seamless integration with many external editors, making it easyto change content quickly. It provides a way to upload and configureCloud Files to distribute content over the CDN. For more information,see the Cyberduck web site at

Figure: Cyberduck interface to Cloud Files

Cyberduck Sharepoint Portal

Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint#

Rackspace Cloud Storage App for Microsoft SharePoint enables you to workwith files inside of Rackspace Cloud Files alongside SharePoint content.Cloud Storage App reduces costs and frees valuable space on a SharePointdeployment’s Microsoft SQL Server databases by storing data in yourcloud account. The app also gives you the ability to expose Cloud Filescontainers and objects directly in SharePoint websites where you candownload, upload, modify, and share files with others. With CloudStorage App, you can perform the following tasks:

Cyberduck Sharepoint

  • Manage Cloud Files objects directly inside your SharePoint portal

  • Add objects to Cloud File containers using a drag-and-drop userinterface

  • Delete objects from Cloud File containers one at a time or in bulk

  • Collaborate with others, even users who do not have SharePointcredentials, by generating temporary URLs that expire after a certainnumber of days

Cyberduck Sharepoint Download

For more information, see Install the Rackspace Cloud Storage App forMicrosoft SharePoint.

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