You are eligible for a free 1-year license of Tableau Desktop through Tableau's Academic Program.

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Install and Deploy Tableau Desktop Zero downtime licensing. Starting in Tableau version 2021.1, internet-connected Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder users no longer have to manually refresh product keys. Licenses are automatically refreshed without requiring. The version, build number, and bitness will appear towards the top of the About Tableau window, similar to the above Tableau Desktop steps. Additional Information The Tableau license is not version specific. When you have an up-to-date maintenance agreement, you can upgrade to the latest version at any time. Discuss this article.

Tableau Desktop 2019.3


Tableau Desktop users should not install or upgrade beyond the current Tableau Server version. Please review the Software Overview section or select what you are looking for from below. I am a full-time Duke student or instructor. For Tableau Prep Builder, the most recent release upgrade was from Tableau Prep Builder version 2020.2.2 to Tableau Prep Builder version 2020.2.3. A maintenance upgrade (Tableau Desktop only) ensures that your copy of Tableau Desktop has the current security fixes and bug fixes. The interval between maintenance upgrades is typically a matter of.

You need to obtain a Tableau Desktop license. See the Tableau Desktop alternate download site to install the appropriate version. Workbooks created in a later version of Tableau Desktop cannot be published to earlier versions of Tableau Server. For example, workbooks created in Desktop 9.1 cannot be published to Tableau Server 9.0.

Afterwards, please review the Publishing & Security section of this website.

A Tableau Desktop license is not required. You may use the free Tableau Reader. However, the appropriate report viewer roles must be assigned by the report publisher.

Current Tableau Version

License ownership is managed using the Tableau Customer Portal or contact Tableau Customer Support for assistance.

Most Current Tableau Version

Please review our information for developers and publishers.

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