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With Walt's story finished, you'll need a new TV obsession. (Facebook/Breaking Bad)
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It's been two days since Breaking Bad aired its final episode, and for many fans who have been riding the high of the action-packed finale, the first pangs of withdrawal are probably just starting to set in. Breaking Bad is roundly and correctly regarded as one of the best TV shows of the past decade, if not ever — and now that it's over, what can possibly take its place? Breaking Bad's heir apparent, Low Winter Sun, is so bland and by-the-numbers it almost functions as a parody of antihero dramas, while prestige dramas like Boardwalk Empire suffer badly in comparison.

But never fear, Breaking Bad fans: While no show will ever be able to fully replace what it left behind, there are plenty of terrific TV shows you might not have seen that will give you a similar fix. I'm assuming you know the obvious options here — if you haven't seen The Sopranos, The Wire, or Mad Men already, you should definitely stop reading this article and go watch them. But consider this list your next stop, a place you can turn to for support as you adjust to life without Breaking Bad:

1. The Shield

(AP Photo/FX, Prashant Gupta)/p>

Long before Walter White graced our TV screens, FX gave us another chrome-domed antihero on the other side of the law. The Shield follows a group of corrupt Los Angeles police officers, anchored by the Emmy-winning Michael Chiklis, as they serve up their own troubling brand of justice. The Shield's gritty action, colorful characters, and fascinatingly murky questions about morality bear a striking similarity to Breaking Bad at its strongest, and sometimes even exceed it — particularly in the ending, which finds a kind of moral harmony that eluded Breaking Bad in its final hour.

Where you can watch it: Subscribers to Amazon Prime can stream all seven seasons for free. The entire series is also available on DVD.

2. Justified

Breaking Bad's pulpy stand-offs and New Mexico setting owe no small debt to the western, right down to Walter White's alter ego Heisenberg, the show's literal embodiment of a black hat. It's a quality Breaking Bad shares with another terrific contemporary drama: FX's ongoing Justified, which has spent four seasons following federal marshal Raylan Givens as he investigates a wide range of criminal masterminds. Justified is close enough in style and tone to Breaking Bad that the shows could probably have sustained a crossover without missing a step — so throw on an episode of Justified and imagine Walter White and company are still operating just a few states to the west.

Where you can watch it: Subscribers to Amazon Prime can stream the first three seasons for free. The first three seasons are available on DVD and Blu-Ray, and individual episodes can be purchased on Amazon Instant Video.

3. Rectify

The show that would have been AMC's next great original drama didn't end up on AMC at all. AMC began developing Rectify all the way back in 2008, with Justified's Walton Goggins intended for the lead role — a convicted murderer exonerated after 19 years on death row due to DNA evidence. After a long and murky development process, the series finally appeared on Sundance Channel earlier this year with Aden Young in the lead role, and AMC's loss was Sundance Channel's gain. Rectify's brief first season, which was developed by the producers of Breaking Bad, offers the quietly riveting story of a man, a family, and a town that's been permanently shaken by a terrible crime. Rectify may lack Breaking Bad's humor and action, but not its ambition.

Where you can watch it: The first season is available on DVD, and individual episodes can be purchased on Amazon Instant Video.

4. Terriers

A large part of Breaking Bad's appeal was the magnetic, prickly relationship between Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, whose relationship made up the backbone of the show. Much of the credit goes to the innate chemistry between stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who managed to extract all the complexity of their bond over the course of the series. It's a pairing few shows can match, but FX's tragically short-lived crime drama Terriers, which similarly relies on the bond between two troubled men trying to make enough money to survive, comes close. Though the relationship between Terriers' Hank (Donal Logue) and Britt (Michael Raymond-James) is far less mutually destructive than the relationship between Walt and Jesse, it's just as fraught with intelligence and complexity — and just as worth your time.

Where you can watch it: The entire series is available on Netflix Instant Watch, and individual episodes can be purchased on Amazon Instant Video.

5. Malcolm in the Middle

For years, Breaking Bad fans have joked that the end of the series would see Walter White enter the Witness Protection Program and reemerge as Hal, the affable family man played by Cranston on Malcolm in the Middle. But while the Breaking Bad finale didn't actually offer up the Newhart-style crossover so many had predicted, you can still pretend it did by starting Fox's hit sitcom from the beginning — and appreciate Bryan Cranston's remarkable range as an actor all the more.

Where you can watch it: All seven seasons are available on both Netflix Instant Watch and Amazon Instant Video. The entire series is also available on DVD.

6. The X-Files — season 6, episode 2: 'Drive'

(Getty Images)

If the previous suggestions aren't chemically pure enough to help fill the gap Breaking Bad left behind, why not go all the way back to the Vince Gilligan-penned X-Files episode that paved the way for Breaking Bad all the way back in 1998? In season six, Gilligan wrote an episode called 'Drive' that follows protagonist Fox Mulder as he attempts to save the life of Patrick Crump — a character played by Bryan Cranston. In a later interview, Gilligan explained that he needed to find a way to ensure that the 'asshole, creep, kind of a racist, anti-Semite' supporting character he had written would still somehow be likable — and that only one actor, Bryan Cranston, was able to capture the tone he was looking for. Nearly a decade later, Gilligan tapped Cranston for a similarly tricky role, and the result was Breaking Bad.

Where you can watch it: The episode is available on both Netflix Instant Watch and Amazon Instant Video. The episode is also included in the X-Files: Season 6 DVD box set.

Breaking Bad Amazon Prime

To make one thing clear right at the beginning – Breaking Bad is the best television show that has graced the screens till date. The character developments are perfect, the narrative is gripping and the plot is watertight, believe me I’ve checked. I’m going to assume that if you’ve seen it you’ve loved it, I would definitely encourage watching reruns. But if you are in the mood to move, this list is for you. Here’s the list of TV Shows similar to Breaking Bad that are our recommendations. You can stream some of these shows like Breaking Bad on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

15. Peaky Blinders

Putting this show at the bottom of the list despite being a personal favorite, simply because it is rather unlike Breaking Bad. Here the entire family leads a life of crime and quite openly. They try to legitimize it but the crimes put strains on personal relations and we see them coming apart in the subsequent seasons. Nonetheless Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and in the latest season Adrian Brody, they all come together to form a rather impressive cast and the show set after World War I is based on a real Birmingham street gang. The music choice is brilliant, the sets and costumes are well designed, the plot and narrative is gripping and the acting is extraordinary. If viewers want to get a taste of what it might have been like if the entire family followed Walter’s life of crime willingly, Peaky Blinders will probably show you the way.

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14. House of Cards

Amazon Prime Breaking Bad Season 2

Well this might not be everyone’s favorite show at the moment in light of Kevin Spacey’s horrendous actions, yet we can all take a moment to appreciate the brilliance that this show was in some of its seasons. A gripping high stakes game of compromise and power play where both Frank and Claire Underwood have to balance a marriage and personal commitments with their seemingly insatiable hunger for power. If the stakes in Breaking Bad were high, here it is higher. If the betrayals and dangers were bad in Walter’s side of town, it’s worse in the Capitol and the White House. Politics is the most dangerous and ruthless business to be in – perhaps even more dangerous than making meth. House of Cards proves that.

13. Bloodline

The tagline of the show reads that they are not bad people, but they did a bad thing. The family in question has a dark past with hidden secrets and they begin to tumble out at the family reunion where the father inadvertently dies. While nowhere as close to the brilliance of Breaking Bad, the psyche of the family and the interpersonal relationships explored here show masterful control and is reminiscent of the tiptoeing relations of the White family that made in part Breaking Bad the brilliant show that it is.

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12. Narcos

Yes, yes, sue me, I have placed Narcos quite low on this list, not because it’s a bad show but because the characters of Escobar and Walter White are quite different. However, if Walter’s quiet ruthlessness had you gripped you will love the true drug lord of the world, Pablo Escobar. The show delivers flawlessly, Escobar becoming the figure of magical realism in Colombia. Guns, bloodshed, bombs, girls but all the while maintaining a family life. Walter White could have taken a page out of Escobar’s book to try to hold it all together. Viewers may I say, if you do choose to watch this show you are in for a real treat.

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11. Justified

Set in Kentucky, this show explores an US Marshall who is a version of a wild west gunslinger living in modern times. A man who lets his bullets do the talking , this show goes deeper than fast paced action. It brings a man back to his town of birth and Raylan Givens played by Timothy Olyphant must reconcile himself to the townsfolk he grew up with and balance upholding the law at the same time. It doesn’t help that some of his childhood friends are pretty deep in illegal activities. Justified is a fast paced acclaimed show that explores the psyche of a man on the edge.

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10. Deadwood

Crime in the 1800s with a lot of profanity, nudity and manipulative cutthroat villains. Sounds interesting right ? Set in Dakota the show features some major historical characters in a mining town where morality goes for a toss and everyone struggles to survive. It shows a lawless world much like Walter’s except there is no escape from this world – the lawlessness is all that exists. A fast paced show with a lot of gun slinging and drug trafficking, this show could be a good substitute for Walter White fans.

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9. Weeds

Another longish show which has run for 8 seasons, it is nonetheless a fine dark comedy. A story that explores how a widowed mother begins to sell marijuana to support her family, Mary Louise Parker delivers an excellent performance as Nancy Botwin. A show that slowly delves into the quagmire of illegal activities that the family gets entangled in eventually, it is an excellent and pleasurable watch to put Breaking Bad out of someone’s mind for a while.

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8. Homicide : Life on the Street

This is another show that slipped under the radar. Totally independent of any strong cast, this show had to get by on its brilliant narrative and its well placed plot devices. An exploration of crime at street level, much like The Wire, this show combines its gritty moments with brilliant instances of humorous writing and satire. Truly a worthy watch for fans of Breaking Bad if they can make time.

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7. Sons of Anarchy

This show is a bit longish so viewers deciding to take this on, will have to tuck in for it is already seven seasons long. A rambling saga of a biker gang exploring themes of corruption, lawlessness and racism, this show is one of the highest rated television shows. An outlawed gang in a small town which serves as an image for the transformation of Jax Teller, a boy who takes the helm of the bikers after his father’s death. A gripping tale of families, feuds and cheatings in life and business this show is an emotional roller coaster and an engrossing watch.

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6. Boardwalk Empire

This television show started off brilliantly and showed great potential and it is an extremely good show, but just fell short of being great. It had all the right ingredients as well – a show based on a real life Prohibition era bootlegger and politician Enoch Johnson whose name was changed to ‘Nucky’ Thompson on the show. This show had Martin Scorsese as a consultant and had a stellar cast which included none other than Steve Buscemi. However, the show somehow failed to deliver perhaps due to heightened expectations. Nonetheless the show would serve as a worthy watch after Breaking Bad as it explores a life of crime, affiliations with various criminals who any mob history lover would recognize including Meyer Lansky, Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein and Lucky Luciano. The show expertly handles Nucky trying to work on a marriage, trying to stay afloat in politics and handling these big shot crime syndicates at the same time. A precarious juggling act with taut suspense, this show will definitely take the viewer’s mind off Walter and his escapades.

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5. The Shield

This is perhaps another underrated show, not critically for it has won many awards, but as far as viewership is concerned not a lot of people talk about this show. Set up in Los Angeles and based on the true incidents of the Rampart police department, this series follows a strike team led by Vic Mackey played by Michael Chiklis. The series is a gritty exploration into a life of crime and chaos from the eyes of a corrupt section of the police department – the strike team. While the show itself is much like a police procedural the brilliance of the show comes from its portrayal of violence, police corruption and the haunting moments of humanity that sometimes shines through Vic Mackey the protagonist. This would definitely serve as a worthy substitute for any viewer suffering from Breaking Bad blues.

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4. The Sopranos

This show along with The Wire introduced to the world the concept that television shows could be higher art forms. A story that has similar themes like Breaking Bad – a mob boss who tries to balance work and family, the boss Tony Soprano is played brilliantly by James Gandolfini. Food plays an important motif in the show often acting as a substitute for affection for Tony and the show has a peculiar quirk of ending with music going into the credits. Readers might wonder why I am mentioning this fact, but if you watch the show and are stumped by the last episode, think back to what I have written and it’ll help you reach a conclusion about the brilliant way in which the show ended. The Sopranos is one of the finest crime shows on television and could easily be slated as a precursor to the issues that Breaking Bad so expertly explored.

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3. The Wire

This show was proclaimed as the best television show of all time till Breaking Bad came along. Do I really need to say more? The show is gritty and dark and explores crime on the streets of Baltimore. While the narrative line is slower and spreads across over five seasons, the storytelling is much more realistic. Further, the shifting perspectives from the police to the drug dealers portrays a continuous struggle between law and crime. One of the finest intellectually stimulating shows, this is a must watch for fans of Breaking Bad.

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Breaking Bad Streaming Online

2. Ozark

This show slipped under the radar for most people and I hope that my list can in some way rectify that situation partially. People go watch this show ! Created by Bill Dubuque the show is startlingly on similar lines of his latest movie ‘The Accountant’ – it follows the tale of a man who is a money launderer for the mob. However, this is where the similarities to Breaking Bad comes in. Marty Byrde played by Jason Bateman is a money launderer for a Mexican cartel and he is a family man who struggles to provide a comfortable life for his family. He is a meek and quiet man who lives by his wits and his wife is cheating on him with more flamboyant business partner – sounds like someone we know all too well on Breaking Bad. Visually captivating, this show expertly analyzes various aspects of human relationships and the family strain of being on short notice from the cartels and falling apart from the inside. This show deserves its place on the list above more notable shows which I will discuss later simply for its sheer brilliance and its startling similarity in terms of characterization to Breaking Bad.

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1. Better Call Saul


Breaking Bad Amazon Prime Video

Remember Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad? Well he has his own spin off show. Made by the same great minds behind Breaking Bad, this show is a testament of how the makers have matured not only in terms of storytelling but also in terms of cinematography. The story follows Saul before he began working under the pseudonym. His back story and how he came in contact with various characters is a treat for anyone who has seen Breaking Bad. The cast includes some notable characters from the original show including Gus Fring, Hector Salamanca, Tuco and Mike. The show has its moments of brilliant character development and narrative genius and the music is an added treat.

Breaking Bad Amazon Prime Continued Season 4

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