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Archangel Cassiel Number

Other Names:Khorsia ('Throne') (כָּרְסֵא), Aima ('Mother') (אימא), The Greater Malefic
Kabbalistic Attributions:Binah ('Understanding') (בינה)
Associated Deities:Cronos
Day of the Week:Saturday
Precious Metals:Lead
Precious Stones:Onyx, Lodestone
Mantric Sound:'AW' or 'OU'
Numbers:3, 9, 15, 45
Incense:Myrrh ('Bitter Myrrh'), Opopanax ('Sweet Myrrh'), Sulfur, Asafoetida
Planetary Qualities:Boundaries: Constriction and Restriction. Protection: Binding and Banishing. Cursing. Death, decay, and all matters of endings and beginnings.
God Name: YHVH Elohim ('Lord God') (יהוה אלהים)
Sacred Planetary Name:Shabbatai ('The Restful One') (שבתאי)
Name:Cassiel ('Speed of God') ('God Is My Anger') (צפקיאל)
Other Names:Tzaphkiel
Planetary Intelligence:
Name:Agiel (אגיאל)
Planetary Spirit:
Name:Zazel (לזאז)
Angelic Order: Aralim ('The Thrones') ('The Active Ones') (אראלים)

Prayer To Archangel Cassiel


Archangel Cassiel Sigil

Enochian angels - Enochian angels. The planetary sphere of Saturn in occult Hermetic theory represents the primordial Womb of Form that Consciousness carved out of Itself in order to experience Itself through subsetted and individuated lenses. It is the Yin aspect of The Trinity and the coital partner to Chokmah: Primordial Force. In the Kabbalah, this is the Sephirah of Binah. Sigils of Archangel Cassiel are used to drive away one's enemies, improve health, and increase awareness. Sterling Silver Snake Chain Option! Archangel Cassiel Sigil sterling Silver Pendant. Peter also personally buys the different gems necessary for their various designs.

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