Amazon Prime is exceedingly popular, with estimates showing that nearly 1/3rd of Americans are Prime subscribers. The service has a LOT to offer, from 2-day shipping to an extensive video library of on-demand movies and shows. But one area that many people aren’t aware of is Amazon Channels, a subsection of Amazon Prime Video. These channels let you expand your entertainment options even more – we’ll cover more details in the Amazon Prime TV Channels list below.

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You can watch PGA TOUR LIVE through the Prime Video app on more than 650 connected devices like Fire TV, compatible Smart TVs, tablets, and phones. You can also watch online at Prime Video is a streaming video service by Amazon. Prime Video benefits are included with an Amazon Prime membership and if Amazon Prime isn't available in your country/region, you can join Prime Video to watch. With your membership, you can watch hundreds of. Amazon Live is designed to inspire, educate, and entertain customers in a format that allows real-time brand interaction. Amazon Live helps give customers confidence to consider new brands and make purchase decisions. Drive awareness and consideration.

With Amazon Prime, get access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and shows, and additional entertainment with Amazon Channels.

What is Amazon Channels?

Amazon Channels are third-party channels that are available for an extra fee for Prime subscribers. Some of the most popular include HBO and Showtime, but there are many other options.

Essentially, these channels expand your viewing options beyond what is already offered in Prime Video. They cost extra (typically $2-$15/mo extra). Most channels offer a free 7 day trial.

Some provide on-demand streaming only, some live streaming, and some both. Once you are signed up, content will be available directly through the Prime Video app – and you’ll also be able to use your Amazon credentials to access the relevant third-party app (i.e. HBO Now). To sum up, here are the basics of Amazon TV channels:

  • Sold in addition to your Amazon Prime membership
  • Cost ranges from a few dollars to $15 per month
  • Adds additional entertainment to your Prime Video library
  • Popular options include HBO, Showtime, Starz, NBA League Pass, etc.
  • Some offer on-demand only; some live only; some live & on-demand
  • Most give access to the full library – the HBO Amazon Channel gives you access to HBO’s full on-demand library
  • Amazon Channels are a useful way to consolidate multiple subscriptions into one app

Here are some of the more popular channels offered by Amazon Channels:

  • Acorn TV ($4.99/mo)
  • Boomerang ($4.99/mo)
  • CBS All Access ($5.99/mo)
  • Cheddar ($2.99/mo)
  • Cinemax ($9.99/mo)
  • Comedy Central Now ($3.99/mo)
  • CuriosityStream ($2.99/mo)
  • Daily Burn ($14.95/mo)
  • DocComTV ($3.99/mo)
  • Hallmark Movies Now ($5.99/mo)
  • HBO ($14.99/mo)
  • MubiTV ($5.99/mo)
  • NBA League Pass ($28.99/mo or $199/yr)
  • NickHits ($7.99/mo)
  • PBS KIDS ($4.99/mo)
  • PBS Masterpiece ($5.99/mo)
  • Showtime ($10.99/mo)
  • Shudder ($4.99/mo)
  • Sports Illustrated TV ($4.99/mo)
  • Starz ($8.99/mo)
  • Sundance Now ($6.99/mo)
  • Tastemade ($4.99/mo)
  • Young Hollywood ($3.99/mo)

Amazon Prime TV channels list

What can you watch with Amazon Prime Video channels? Here is the complete Amazon Channels list broken down by category:

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Premium channels:

  • CBS All Access (limited commercials) – CBS live stream + tons of on-demand content ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Cinemax – Original shows, movies & more ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • HBO– Series, movies, docs, comedy specials, kids/family shows, sports, and more ($14.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • SHOWTIME– Access to series, popular movies, docs, comedy, sports, and more ($10.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • STARZ – Original movies & shows ($8.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Comedy Central Now – TV and specials ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Next Up Comedy – Comedy from UK ($3.50/month after 7-day free trial)

Educational and History:

  • All Warrior Network (AWN) – Military ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • CuriosityStream – Nonfiction/documentary ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Daring Docs – Docs ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Doc Club – Docs($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • DocComTV – Docs and biographies ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Docurama – Award-winning docs ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • DOX – Docs collection ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Green Planet Stream – Nature/environment($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • HISTORY Vault – Curated historical videos($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • NatureVision TV – Beautiful places ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • ScholarView – Islamic lectures ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Smithsonian Channel Plus – Captivating nature & wildlife docs/shorts($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • SpaceRip – Space/astronomy videos($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • The Great Courses Signature Collection – Educational science and art ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • True Crime Files by ID – Mystery/suspense shows ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • XiveTV – Docs exploring history/science ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Hollywood Entertainment:

  • Young Hollywood – Interviews and original series ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • REELZ NOW – Shows about real celebrities ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • The List – Daily TV show ($0.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • IMDb Freedive – Hollywood hits and TV faves (free with ads)

Food & Cooking:

  • El Gourmet – Tu canal de cocina, Spanish cooking show ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • FMTV Food Matters TV – Education and inspiration ($9.95/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PANNA – Video recipes from chefs ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Paula Deen Network – Paula’s cooking/lifestyle/vintage shows ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Tastemade – Food, travel, lifestyle TV ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Cross Counter – Training from pros ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Fitness, Exercise, Workout, Health & Meditation:

  • AcaciaTV – Workouts ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • BeFit – Workout solutions ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Daily Burn – Workouts from trainers ($14.95/month after 7-day free trial)
  • FitFusion – Jillian Michaels ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Gaia – Yoga/meditation/docs ($9.95/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Gilad TV – Gilad Janklowicz ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Grokker Yoga and Fitness – Classes ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Sleep Sounds & Mediation – Videos for body/mind/health ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • SweatFlix – Workouts/motivation ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Yoga Anytime Channel – Yoga ($8.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Yoga International – Yoga classes/workshops/tutorials ($14.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Home & Lifestyle:

  • Inside Outside – Home and garden design ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Jennifer Adams Home and Lifestyle – Design ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Toku – Anime/live-action ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Toonscape – Cartoons for all ages ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Viewster – Anime ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Destination Unknown – Ghosts/monsters ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Fear Factory – Weird/fun movies ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Full Moon – Horror/fantasy/sci-fi/comedy/cult movies ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • J-Edge — Japanese horror ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Horror TV – New/uncut films ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Monsters and Nightmares – Horror films ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Screambox – Horror movies ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Shudder – Horror movies/shows ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • XLTV – Action docs and family movies ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Acorn TV – British TV ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Best of British TV (BOB) – British TV ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Britbox – British TV ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PBS Masterpiece – British drama/mystery ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • BroadwayHD – Broadway musicals ($8.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Stingray Classica – Orchestra/ballet ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)

International & Foreign:

  • Alchemiya – Muslim shows/docs ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • BongFlix – Bengali movies ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Eros Now – Bollywood movies ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Eurocinema Carte Blanche — European/International movies ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • FilmDoo – International films ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Go Russia – Russian ($7.95/month after 7-day free trial)
  • IndieFlix Shorts – Short films ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Indiepix Unlimited – International films ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • MHz Choice – International stories ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Pinoy Box Office (PBO) — Philippines ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Strand Releasing – films and docs ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • TV1000 PYCCKOE KNHO (Russian Kino) – Russian movies ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Pio Pio – Spanish cartoons for children ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Pantaya – Spanish movies/cartoons ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Pongalo Next – Spanish TV and movies ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Vemox Cine – Latin America ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Kids & Family:

  • 88bb — Chinese for kids ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • All Babies Channel (ABC) – Classic songs for young kids ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Ameba – Kids cartoons/movies/music ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Boomerang — Cartoons ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Dove Channel – For families ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • DreamWorks TV – Magic/science for kids ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Hallmark Movies Now – Stories for families ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Kid Genius Plus! — For preschool to tweens ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Kidstream — For kids of all ages ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • KIKIRIKI – Preschool shows ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • HooplaKidz Plus – Rhymes/food/art/educational ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Miao Mi – Asian ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Noggin – Preschoolers ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • NickHits – Popular shows ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Nursery Rhymes Club – Educational for kids ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PBS KIDS – Hundreds of episodes ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PixL – Love stories for families ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Pokémon – Cartoon adventures ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Toonscape – Cartoons ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • UP Faith and Family – Faith-related ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • CinePride – LGBTQ faves ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Dekkoo – Gay movies/shows ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Here TV – Gay and lesbian movies/series/docs ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Movies & TV Series:

  • Best TV Ever – TV classics ($0.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Brown Sugar – Black and African American movies ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • CineFest (FlixFling) – For movie buffs ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Cohen Media Channel – Classics/foreign/indies ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • CONtv – Comic Con ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Fandor – Independent/docs/foreign films ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Filmbox Live – Indie/art films ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Indie Club – Independent films ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Lifetime Movie Club – Lifetime movies ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Magnolia Selects – Indie/action/horror/comedy films ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • MubiTV – Picked by experts ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PREMO – From diverse view ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Shout! Factory TV – Cult/classic movies, shows, cartoons ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Sundance Now – Popular movies/series ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Tribeca Shortlist – Picked by actors/directors ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • UMC (Urban Movie Channel) – Urban variety ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Warriors and Gangsters – Action ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • XLTV – Action, docs, family movies/TV ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Qello Concerts – Concerts and music docs ($7.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Stingray Djazz — Jazz concerts/films/portraits ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Stingray Karaoke – Karaoke movie theme songs ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Cheddar – Tech/media/business news ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)

Sports & Outdoor:

  • Echoboom Sports – Action sports films ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • FIDO TV – Dogs! (3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • GONE TV – Hunting/fishing ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Hi-YAH – Martial arts ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • NBA League Pass – Basketball (from $28.99/month or $199/year)
  • Outside TV Features – Adventure sports movies ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Paul Rabil Experience – Technique/nutrition advice ($6.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Powerslam Wrestling Network – Professional wrestling ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • PGA TOUR LIVE – Live Golf ($5.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Secret Golf – Golf ($7.95/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Sport Now – Highlights/news/docs ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Sports Illustrated TV – Spots originals, docs, movies, TV ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • RingTV – Boxing ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • TheSurfNetwork – Surf films ($9.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Undisputed Champion Network – Boxing talk/analysis ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Vaporvue – Extreme sports videos ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • – Endurance sports/adventure ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Motor Trend OnDemand – Motorsports ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Motorland – Automotive ($4.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • Motorvision TV – Motorsports/car reviews ($2.99/month after 7-day free trial)
  • The/DRIVE – Automotive innovation ($3.99/month after 7-day free trial)


  • Best Westerns Ever – Western movies/series ($1.99/month after 7-day free trial)
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With Amazon Prime, get access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and shows, and additional entertainment with Amazon Channels.

Amazon Channels FAQs

How does Amazon Channels work?

Channels included with Amazon Channels are sold in addition to your Amazon Prime subscription. Once you have signed up for one, it will be integrated into your existing Amazon Prime Video app – or, you can often use your Amazon credentials to create an account with the channel’s provider.

Do you need Prime to access Amazon Channels?

In short, yes. Amazon Channels are available exclusively for Amazon Prime subscribers. Click here to learn more about Prime.

How much do Amazon Channels cost?

Amazon Live Streaming Tv

The cost of Amazon Prime channels varies. Prices are listed above in the Amazon Channels list. In general, you can expect to pay $2-$15 per month for most channels.

Are there any contracts?

No. Amazon Prime Channels are non-contract, so you can cancel at any time. However, some channels sell annual packages, which you pay for 12 months at a time.

Amazon prime live chat

Is there an Amazon Channels free trial?

For most channels, yes. The majority of Amazon Channels offer a free 7 day trial.

What devices can I use for Amazon Channels?

Generally speaking, any device that works for Amazon Video will work for Amazon Channels. That means most streaming players (Roku, Apple TV, etc.), mobile devices, computers and more.


Amazon is the world’s biggest company, with $797 billion in market capitalizations. In the United States, it accounts for roughly 50% of all e-commerce, and it’s quickly moving into the brick-and-mortar space. There are few things Amazon can’t do. There’s also plenty it allows users and sellers to do, including live streaming video with its new Amazon Live service.

Want to know how to live stream at Amazon Live? If you’re a registered Amazon Seller, all you need to do is download the Amazon Live Creator app, and you’ve done most of the work. You can stream using your smartphone’s hardware, or you can opt to use a discrete camera setup.

Of course, even if it was this easy to set up live streaming on Amazon Live, there are still lots of questions that need answers before you broadcast your first video. So let’s see if we can figure out what exactly Amazon Live is and how to use it in the best possible way.

What is Amazon Live?

Amazon Live is Amazon’s live streaming feature that allows Amazon Sellers to stream video content as a promotional or sales tool.

Amazon has a lot of experience in the video streaming market. Prime Video, also known as Amazon Prime Video, has been active in one form or another since 2006. It gives Amazon over a decade of experience with video-on-demand.


As far as live streaming is concerned, Amazon is present on the market through Twitch. It bought the live streaming platform in 2014, which has since operated as Amazon’s subsidiary.

Amazon Live is something completely different from Prime Video or Twitch. It is a live streaming platform, and it also provides on-demand video of previous streams. But the platform has been released purely to let sellers use live video content as a sales tool.

How to live stream on Amazon Live

Amazon Live isn’t readily available to all users. It’s a sales tool for Amazon sellers, after all. It’s not a platform available to the general public in the way Twitch or YouTube is.

Before you start live streaming on Amazon Live, you need to make sure:

  • You are a professional Amazon Seller
  • You are registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry
  • You have an iPhone, ideally, although an iPad will do
  • You have access to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection

If you meet all the requirements, go to the App Store and download the Amazon Live Creator app. This app is all the software you need for the most basic streaming setup, and you can only get it for iOS. It’s still unclear when we’ll see an app for other operating systems.

After downloading the app, log in using your Seller Central or Brand Registry credentials. When you log in, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Pick a brand – Before streaming, you need to choose the brand of the product that will be the topic of your stream. You need to have that brand registered with the Brand Registry.
  • Pick a source for the stream – It can be either the phone camera or an external camera. We’ll cover the latter in a moment.
  • Add products to the live stream ­– Amazon Live is a sales tool, after all. It lets you add several products to the product carousel, which will display them during the stream.
  • Choose a name for the live stream – It’s always best to go with something appealing and descriptive. Try to stand out.
  • Practice – Amazon Live gives you a chance to try out your setup in the Practice mode without having to worry about going live unprepared.
  • Schedule the stream – Amazon Live gives you an option to schedule a live stream. If you go ahead and do it, a notification will appear on Amazon Live about the upcoming stream.

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Some of these are optional, like scheduling streams or using the practice mode. The others are necessary. When you go through all of them, you can push the button and start live streaming.

The stream might appear in several places. The Amazon Live page is one of them. The product’s page is also a good possibility. Amazon also says the stream might appear “across various placements where Amazon customers browse,” but it’s not very clear what that means. Still, it’s safe to say that, after you go live, your stream will appear somewhere your target audience will be able to see it.

Well, aren’t you lucky? You’ve found our special promo code! It allows you to experience the amazing Restream features for 7 days absolutely for free. Custom graphics, stream recordings, video storage, and much more is waiting for you. Bonus: we also give you a 25% off your first upgrade just because you are awesome!

👉 Here is your special promo code link.

How to live stream to Amazon Live using an external camera

The Amazon Live Creator app lets you pick an external camera as a source for the stream’s video. Anyone who already streams live video knows this entails the use of encoding software. OBS Studio is a great and popular choice, and here’s how you live stream to Amazon Live using it.

Step One — After you install OBS Studio, connect your external camera with your computer and choose it as a video source in OBS Studio.

Step TwoOpen the Amazon Live Creator app and choose the external camera as the source option. You’ll see a “get URL and stream key” button, and after clicking on them, you’ll see the RTMP URL and the stream key.

Step Three Enter the URL and the key into OBS Studio. After that, all you need to do is start the stream in OBS Studio, and then start it in the Amazon Live Creator app. When you’re done streaming, end the stream in the app first, and then in OBS Studio.

The best thing about the option to use an external camera is that, with the RMTP URL and the stream key, you can use additional tools to expand your reach. For example, if you have a paid subscription to Restream, you can add the custom URL and key and stream, simultaneously, to multiple platforms.

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon has announced a new affiliate program, which allows you to recommend products and get rewarded when customers buy them. You can promote products on Amazon Live via the Amazon Live Creator app. Simply download the app, adjust the settings, start live streaming, and grow your follower base! Or live stream to as many social platforms as you like, including Amazon Live, with Restream via Custom RTMP.

Live streaming on Amazon to promote your products is great, but imagine how many more potential buyers you could get if broadcasted to multiple platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn at the same time! With Restream Studio you can do that and much more in just a few clicks.

Restream Studio is a go-to streaming solution that allows you to create professional live streams with no effort whatsoever. You can broadcast in Full HD, invite guests directly to your stream, and add your graphic overlays, transforming an ordinary, inconspicuous stream into an engaging and memorable one. Restream Studio helps you create and grow your brand via the live streaming in a smart and easy way!

Run professional live streams from your browser.
Amazon prime live tv channel lineup

One of the biggest advantages of streaming to Amazon Live is that your followers on Amazon can be notified when you go live. Your live stream automatically appears on your influencer page when you start broadcasting. Grind your way up and increase your Amazon Live level to unlock more placements for your live streams, increase your audience reach, and earn more! Let’s take a quick look at how the Amazon Influencer Program works.

You can check whether you are eligible for the Amazon Influencer Program or not when you have an account on at least one of the following social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. Since there is no specific required number of followers, you can try to apply for the program to see if you qualify. Amazon is looking at your number of followers, as well as some engagement metrics on your social media.

After you join the Amazon Influencer Program, you will be able to create your own storefront with a vanity URL to promote all sorts of products on your live streams. You will get compensated when your viewers purchase your recommended products via the shop. The commission rates are somewhere between $1 and $10, depending on the product type. Keeping that in mind — influencers can earn from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars a month.

👉 Tip: You don’t necessarily have to live stream directly to Amazon Live to earn money. You can simply place your vanity URL on your live stream on any other platform so your viewers can go shopping via your Amazon storefront.

Tips for successful live streaming on Amazon Live

Just like streaming on any other streaming platform, streaming on Amazon Live has its own set of unofficial rules and best practices. These are invaluable if you want to make the most out of your Amazon Live streams and stand out from the audience. Here are some tips you might find useful.

Amazon prime live chat

1. Stream with multiple people

This is a very important tip. Being in front of the camera and engaging the audience via chat at the same time is very difficult on Amazon Live. Luckily for you, you can have multiple people logged into the Amazon Live Creator app with your brand. They can handle chatting and switching between the products and the chat while you’re in front of the camera. Also, you can add even more people directly to your stream via Restream Studio and host live interviews and Q&As.

2. Add the most important product first

The first product you add to the product carousel will get the most attention. It makes perfect sense to use the position to showcase a product, be it a bestseller or one you’d like to see sell more.

3. Have at least 5 Mbps upload speed

When live streaming video content, it’s always a good idea to use the most stable internet connection you have. Usually, this means a physical connection to the modem. With Amazon Live, however, you’re stuck with your iPhone and Wi-Fi. Still, you can at least make sure you have enough bandwidth – an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps would be a good start.

4. Always use the practice mode

Practice mode lets you choose who can watch your live stream. It pretty much lets you be the only person who sees what you do. That can be great if you want to check the quality of the audio and video before going live to an audience. At the very least, it will show you how good your internet connection performs when live streaming.

5. Use stabilization

If you really want to use your iPhone instead of an external camera, the very least you should do is use a tripod. The rule of thumb is to always go for the best production value, even if the value is only in using a tripod instead of holding a phone in your hand.

6. Live stream pre-recorded content

Amazon Prime Live Tv Channel Lineup

Amazon Live allows you to live stream pre-recorded content only in the sense that it doesn’t prohibit it. You will have to use a third-party tool, such as the Restream Events, to do it. If you live stream pre-recorded content, you’ll be able to devote your time to answering chat messages, handling the products in the carousel, and toggling promotion messages yourself.

7. Think about boosting your stream

There is an option to pay for a boost in reach for your live stream. This is something you should consider, but only after you case out the platform and learn the lay of the land. Boosting might be a waste of your money. However, it might also help you stand out from your competitors. You need to figure out which it is for you and the products you sell.

8. Think about adding the stream to your amazon store

Your stream could appear on your Amazon Store, but that’s not something that happens by default. You need to contact Amazon at [email protected] and wait for them to get in touch with more details.

9. You can download your streams

Amazon Live will save your live streams after they’re done. You can download them whenever you want from the “streams” section of the Amazon Live Creator app. Remember that you can edit the stream for highlights and use them in a new video.

10. You can continue chatting after the stream has ended

No need to keep the stream going if you’re in the middle of a conversation with a customer. You can continue the chat even after you have closed the video stream. And if you were multistreaming via Restream Studio, you could chat with all your viewers from different platforms in one place thanks to the Restream Chat feature.


Amazon Live isn’t a live streaming platform like the others you can use to market your products. For one, you need to be an Amazon Seller to be able to use it, but that’s not the biggest difference at all.

Amazon Prime Live Tv

As opposed to other more general platforms, Amazon Live has a theme. The content you stream on the platform has a goal. Whether you stream how-to videos, product demonstrations, a Q&A session, or product-launch promotional content, what you stream should help you sell more products on Amazon.

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