Searching for the third-party app stores for ios? if yes, then in the next few minutes you are going to learn about the some of the best third-party app stores for iPhone you should try if you are apple user.

These app stores allow you to download almost any app you want and even some paid apps for free.

If you are an Apple user then you probably have heard of that iOS is the operating system which not let its users freedom and limits the users.

There are couple of ways other than Apple App Store. Usually places where you download mobile apps are called as Mobile Distribution Management (MDMs) Portals. Apple App store is Apple’s MDM. An app that comes up with the dark mode and offers a lot of apps to iOS and iPad users. Tweakbox is one of the best third party app stores for ios devices. Because this app doesn’t need jailbreak to run perfectly on your smartphone. And it offers a lot of apps for its users definitely for free. There’s pressure — both legal and otherwise — on Apple to open up iOS and iPadOS to third-party app stores, freeing both customers and developers from Apple’s iron grip. But would you buy apps from a third-party app store? As I see it, there are pros and cons, and when it comes to the end user, it’s mostly cons. Must read: This is what happens when you lose an Apple AirTag A lot of. New third-party store for iOS 12 – Hello everyone, today I’ve found an amazing new third-party store that gives you full power to download tweaked apps & games on your iOS 12 devices. Guys, 2 best things about it is that you can download free & without jailbreak too. Undoubtedly, it’s true that iOS jailbroke devices users enjoy more in terms of using tweaked apps & games, where non.

While on the other hand, Android users can do almost everything they want on their smartphone, third-party app stores is just a part of that.

An android user can customize it as he wants thanks to launchers, he got full control on his devices and he can even download & use almost every paid app for free.

Because of this flexibility people often choose Android over the IOS. however, we cannot deny the advantages of Using iOS but freedom is surely not one of them.

“Third Party App Store for iOS” that might have seen as a joke for Android users as Android users always used to mock iOS users for no freedom ecosystem of iOS.

But no more, As you can see now that Apple is now willing to give more freedom to their users.

An Example for that, as you know a few years ago you couldn’t customize your iPhone’s home screen but now you can do whatever you want.

But this freedom fairly tale is not only about that, now Third-party App stores are becoming more and more popular among the iOS users.

As they can experience the same freedom as android users. You don’t need to pay for any app if you are using a Third Party app store. And the best part is that you no need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Ok enough talking let’s get straight to the point, so these are the best third-party app stores for ios some of them comes with no jailbreak…

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one of the best third-party app stores you can have on your iPhone, it offers Tweaked, Hacked, paid apps for free that you won’t find on the App Store.

and just like I have mentioned that you would get the third party app store for iOS that you can run easily without jailbreaking your iPhone.

In Addition, to that, you no need to worry about safety because all the apps and games are safe to use and you can use them for free.

It also doesn’t ask you for your Apple ID and jailbreaks your iPhone, Undoublty Panda Helper is one of the best app stores you can find for iPhone.


IPA box is an awesome designed third party app store you can download on your iPhone and the best thing is that you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. So your first question should be what you can download using IPABox?

The good news is here is that like the panda helper you can also download paid apps for free, the mods or hacked version of popular games, the tweaked apps and etc.

The app is well designed and compatible with the latest versions of the iOS but you might have to check it by your self.


FND is not an app but a website where you can download the ios apps for free, it works fine if you want an App store alternative. The website allows you to get the hacked, tweaked, ++ versions of apps and paid apps & games for free.

Just like you do from your App store, all you have to do is visit the site and then just search for the app you want to download. The UI of the site is clean but I personally didn’t like it, it looks very outdated on search results.

But don’t worry if you would also not like the User interface of the site or it doesn’t meet to your needs, we are going to know about some other the most awesome app stores in just a moment.

IOS Ninja

If you really want a one-stop solution for all your App store needs, I think there is no other Third Party app store could be better than the iOS Ninja.

Why? Because no only you will get all of your favourites tweaked versions of iOS apps, hacked games or Mods of popular games & apps. But you will get all of that without any hassle and with so much ease.

Since there is no compatibility issue because iOS Ninja supports all the iOS versions including the latest one. The whole UI of the Third-Party App store is quite similar to what you get on the Official App Store.

so there should be no problem in navigating and searching for your favourite games and apps.

And top of that like almost every other third-party app store of this list, You no need to jailbreak you iPhone. To enjoy that Android like freedom of installing Mods or hacked version of popular apps and games.

The best part is that iOS Ninja offers all of that without charging you a penny, in short, it is totally free, it is safe, Fast & reliable and it is AD free.

You will get the tweaked versions of all the latest apps and games as soon as they release. I personally use iOS Ninja and it is Great.

Techyboss’s Picks For Your

Cryus APP

Cryus is another app store of this list which got amazing User Interface, you can download all kind of apps and games here, they got a huge collection of apps.

You should find all the apps you want here, the great thing is that you won’t face any compatibility issue with Cryus since it supports all the iOS versions from 7 to 13.

It could be a great source for you to download the apps that you cannot download from the App Store, such as Mods or Hacked games & Apps. The app is amazing and every iOS user must try this third party app store.


emus4U is one of the best third-party app stores for your iPhone and the good thing is that its a third-party app store with No jailbreak.

Yes, you can download and install any app on your iPhone for free, the third-party app-store helps you to get Android like flexibility on your iOS.

For example, you can download paid apps for free (like GTA SA), you can download popular gaming emulators on your iPhone (like PPSSPP).

you can also install custom ROMs and the plus versions of popular apps like Spotify, Instagram, Snapchat and many more.

if you don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone then you can go for this simple solution, the installation process of the app is simple just follow the instructions and easily download the app on your iPhone. They have even mentioned possible errors solution on the download page.

But even after that if you find it hard to run it on your iPhone you can search for tutorials on youtube, you would get the solution of your problem, I think you should try it, it totally worth it.


iTweak is not an app instead it is a website called “” that allows you to custom, jailbreak and download moded versions of the ios apps.

The best thing here is that it has a big collection of these kinds of free apps, you can basically search for any app you would find its moded version on this third-party ios app downloading site.

It is totally free and for most apps, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, you can download mods of popular ios apps & games such as Spotify, Instagram, GTA games, paid apps for free, free ROMs and anything you can ask.

The Unofficial Aptoide

“Aptoide” is one of the most popular third-party app stores for Android, People use it to download best-paid apps for free.

However, there is no official third-party app store for ios from developers but you can download the mod version of Aptoide for iOS by typing Aptoide on “iTwaek.VIP”, yes the one I have just mentioned earlier.

It is an almost similar copy of Aptoide’s Android version you would find almost everything here that you cannot get on the App store.

you can get paid apps for free, games, and even some moded version of apps and emulators. So even though it is not official but still it works fine with no jailbreak required and it is also easy to use.


Yes, I know you already have heard about this million of time but you cannot deny that “TweakBox” is one of the best and safest third party app store for iOS with no jailbreak required.

Just like other third-party app stores, you can download popular apps for free here something you can do on Android.

TweakBox helps you get some paid apps and games for free, the ++ version of apps in short words you can do everything you can not do with Apple’s own App store. It is reliable and safe to use since it does not force you to jailbreak your iPhone.


TutuApp is a well known and popular third party app store for both android and ios if you are looking for a safe and reliable third-party app store for your iPhone. Then TutuApp is one of the best options you have.

like other popular third-party app stores for ios of this list, it also allows you to download the free apps that you cannot get on App store or they are available at a cost.

Tutuapp doesn’t ask for any your Apple ID or any password you can just download the app and can use it as a third-party source for your favourite and desired apps.


Get millions of apps and games that you would not find on Apple’s official app store, it includes even some of the unofficial apps that Apple doesn’t want you to download.

After downloading the AppValley you would be able to download any third party app easily on your iPhone without jailbreaking your iPhone.


Want a third-party app store with No jailbreak for iPhone? iOSEmus is a great option for you, you can download any desired app for free on this app store.

it got a huge collection of apps for all Apple devices (iPhone/Pad/Mac) in fact, is a third-party app store for ios designed by the developers of Emus4U.


Since there are hundreds of new third-party app stores are coming out daily. I have listed some of the most trusted and secure options here because, in the end, it is privacy what matters. A


nd one of them is a Third-Party app store with No jailbreak required is the app store called “AppZule”.

The Third-party app store charge absolutely nothing as long as you are not willing to spend.

The third-party app store requires no jailbreak and You can download the Mod or Tweaked version of any app or games you want.

You can then download the customized “++” version of any app and game and can enjoy the things you couldn’t do on the regular app.

For example, you can have unlimited coins & gems in your “Clash of clans” game, or you can download any paid app or game for free through “AppZule”.

Like GTA games, it offers all of that for free of cost but comes with its own limitations. As on the free plan, you can only download some of the apps and gamesnot all what “AppZule” offers.

You would have to pay for there Silver, Gold and platinum plans to get the full accsess to the Third-party app store. But hey wait, don’t think that you would have to pay for getting free apps and games.

You might find the apps you need or wish for free. But if you want something which you cannot download under free plan then you would have to spend you money.

And if you don’t like the app and don’t want to use it, then don’t worry you are going to see a lot of 100% free option in next few minutes that provides you with the almost same.

3rd Party App Store Ios No Jailbreak

and even better features and experience than AppZuleand and they are 100% free with no subscription plans. So stay tuned and scroll down.


Xabis could easily be a great alternative of other app stores of this list but unfortunately, it is only available for the iOS 12 versions at the moment.

3rd party app store ios pokemon go

But there is a possibility they will update it for other versions in future, the app packs everything you can wish for.

Such as emulators, Mods of the apps & popular games, Jailbreaks apps, app stores, tweaks and even music, movies apps and many more. If you are still running the iOS 12 then you can give it a shot.

iOS Gods

iOSGods is a freemium third-party app store for ios, that means you can use the app store for free but you would have limited access to its features. I am not going to in detail for this app here.

since I already have created a separate post describing what iosgods is? how does it work?

what are its features? or even how to sign up for iosgods? You can check this detailed article about ios gods for more information.

3rd Party App Store Ios

But still, we will take a quick look at its biggest features, the first one is very obvious you won’t have to jailbreak your iPhone to download any app from the iOSGods.

the UI of the app is very similar to the native App store so you would not have any problem navigating or downloading apps from it. Next one which I liked most is that it comes with a daily updated library.

that feature will provide you with the latest tweaked or hacked version of apps and games for free.

but as a free user, you cannot download any app or game, your access to the apps will be limited, so keep that in mind.

The Only Third-Party App store for IOS that requires to Jailbreak Your iPhone


3rd Party App Store Ios 2020


Yes, I know a lot of you guys have heard of “Cydia” already since you are in search for third party app-store for your iPhone.

Third Party App Stores

But I cannot skip this amazing third-party app store for ios, you can download the mods, jailbreak apps and many paid apps for free here.

But the only thing which makes it hard for me to recommend it to anyone is that you would have to jailbreak your iPhone to download this third-party app store.

And that is something everyone cannot do because there are chances you can lose your iPhone for forever and the best part is you would be responsible for that.

Do you know? it would be your own doing Apple doesn’t cover that, but if you are able to jailbreak your iPhone then you can easily download the cydia and can do crazy stuff.

3rd Party App Store Ios 2021

Please Note-if you face any difficulties to download and install any of the above mentioned Third-Party App stores. You can always feel free to contact their developers to help you and troubleshoot with the problem. Second You can aways check Youtube for solutions.

I hope You guys have found it interesting and by now you should not get any problem downloading the mods paid apps for free on iPhone as Android users do.

3rd Party App Store Ios Hacked Games

The best thing which liked about these apps is that they all prioritize the safety and security of users and comes with great UI and tons of apps and games.

Have a Nice DAY!!!

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